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Sitting in an uncomfortable, cold seat behind an awkward table top bench that your knees don't even fit under is drastic. First day of high school was always the same. Every one of them always treated you with the same disrespect, acting like you're a child. Sometimes I wished that I didn't look this age at all. Sometimes I wished that stupid Vampire would've turned me when I was at least nineteen or so, maybe twenty one?

"Miss Osborne, Please pay attention." I heard a gruff voice order me. I looked up from my little darkened face pillow that were my arms and sleepily looked at the teacher. Mr Watson I think it was.

"Sorry Sir." I huskily apologised and reached out for my pen before it fell to the ground. My page had drool all over it now, so much for trying to keep awake. It was hard to do so when you're a night crawler trying to adjust to human life. It hadn't been long since that creepy Gunter guy had bitten me, told me this would be a better life. Ha! Better in what way? Being stuck looking the age of sixteen nearly seventeen for the rest of your life was a gift? It would be better this way so I wouldn't get wrinkles?

My lips curled slightly in a smirk. Yeah, that was the reason.

Whatever the teacher was saying was boring me to hell, into the deep, dark, bored to death hell. He was lecturing the class on how to write in first, second and third person view. Something that I didn't need to know. Again.

A yawn escaped me and my attention was brought to the window that was pouring in deadly sun rays. Unlike normal people, I had to slap on sunscreen every morning before I headed out. My Aunt wouldn't be happy if I shrivelled up and turned to dust on her front doorstep. It would be just another mess to clean up. No, my Aunt isn't that bad. She's actually the best person I know, for a human. Sure we moved a lot for her job, but mostly we moved because people started to question my age wherever we went.

"Miss Osborne! I will not ask you again. Please pay attention to the lesson!" Mr Watson bellowed. I nearly snickered at how his face turned red.

"But I was sir." I objected innocently. I watched as his eyes slowly made their ways into slits. If looks could kill, his would've mass murdered the whole class. Mr Watson immediately took in a breath; he had these anger problems you see. That's what happens when you're a teacher for as long as he has.

"Then please tell me what I had just said." He said, desperately trying to keep his cool.

I let half my mouth rise in a half smirk. "Certainly." I said, sounding as polite as I could. The entire class swivelled in their seats to face me. I took in all their curious expressions before I concentrated on dear old Mr Watson.

This girl may be dumber than she looks. It would be impossible for her to know that I was talking about writing in past tense; she was focused on the damn birds outside. Now, where did I put those notes on paragraphing? These little Neanderthals should know that a paragraph is where you start a new line at the start of a new topic for crying out…

I cleared my throat at what I had heard inside his frail mind. How dare he call me dumb!

"You were talking about how to write in past tense sir. And that paragraphing is where you start a new line after every sentence or at the start of a new topic." As I said that I tried to keep my face straight. Determined to prove him wrong.

Mr Watson cleared his throat and adjusted his dangerously bright tie. "Thank you Alexandra. Now class, Paragraphing…"

My classmates turned back to face the front of the class while my lips parted in a private grin. Oh how I love having special abilities.