"Hey Alex! Long time no see huh?" Vanessa happily greeted me. I responded with an untranslatable grunt. How could she be so chirpy after hearing all that stuff last night? Why was she meeting up with me before school started anyway, wasn't she meant to be hanging out with the popular crowd?

I reached into her security lacking mind and heard all her happy thoughts and her planning her schedule for the day. I quickly retracted from her mind, any happier and she'd be off to Neverland.

"Where are your mates?" I asked her hoisted my bag higher to relieve the weight from my back.

"Oh they're hanging out in the bathroom. Making themselves look like clowns for the boys." She said with a dismissive wave. That made me laugh. She looked at me weirdly then accompanied me in my hysterical fit.

"You're such a meaner." I said wiping my eye.

"It's not like they do it to me. That's the life of a popular girl." She said flicking her long brunette hair as we past a pack of rugby boys. They began to wolf whistle and she flipped them off. I couldn't understand this girl. She was popular, had all the good things in life. But she wanted none of it.

I stopped suddenly at my locker which didn't end well with Vanessa. She began talking to thin air as she kept walking. I had to giggle. I tossed my heavy bag –well, it wasn't heavy to me. But Rose complained when she packed my lunch- and retrieved the books I needed for first period. Vanessa returned when she figured out I wasn't making agreeing noises anymore.

"What gives man? You could warn a girl first." Planting her hands on her hips and wobbling her head from side to side didn't suit her. I giggled again.

"What's so funny?" She demanded. When I didn't answer and kept laughing she just got more irritable. We headed to our first class; I was pretty sure our only class together, English. Could my day have started any more thrilling?

They were early to class, but that didn't faze me. Vanessa sat in the desk beside me already scribbling notes to random people. The empty desk to my other side was empty. I was glad about that. But my happiness was soon shredded into unrecognizable pieces when a girl sat there just before the bell rang. I sighed and slumped in my seat. Mr. What's-his-face came in hurriedly. He had papers in his hand. Through boredom I closed my eyes and a twisted thought came to my mind. I reached into Watson's mind before he could put the pile of papers down. I have this technique that I found out I had a month ago where I can influence people's actions and behaviour. Just a click this way and a nudge that way and I can have them bowing down to me and feeding me grapes.

I thought of Mr. Watson's fingers slipping and all his papers flying across the desk and falling onto the floor. His hushed growl of annoyance sounded and I knew my work there was done. A few kids giggled and whispered rude comments around the room. I had a chilling feeling that someone was staring at me. I opened my eyes hoping it wasn't Mr. Watson. It wasn't, it was someone worse. Vanessa was eyeing me with a look that said, that wasn't very nice and I know where you live so I can question you to death. I gave her an innocent smile and returned my attention to Mr Watson.

"What a klutz." A whispered voice said to me. I turned to see that it was the girl on the other side of me. She had attempted to die her hair red, but it looked like it didn't work through her already died brown hair. She had green eyes, probably a natural blonde, and a weird nose. I listened to her mind; yep she was a natural blonde. Her name was Samantha Strassman. I hid a smirk. What a name to have. I searched deeper, being the nosy girl that I was. But I found that there was information in there that she wasn't letting me see. I concentrated harder but to no avail.

"Yeah, butterfingers much." I replied seeing that she was waiting for one. She seemed happy with what I had said and returned to sorting out her stationary. I furrowed my brow slightly. Why would she be hiding information? She was a normal teen; she shouldn't be worrying about her thoughts being over heard. I let the thought go and tried to pay attention to Mr. Sherlock's buddy as he carried on with the lesson.

My wondering eye led me to the birds outside. Even though the sky was over cast, the little sparrows frolicked happily. If I hadn't been thinking about the strange feeling last night I would have actually thought the activity was cute. I couldn't shake that twig snapping. Whoever it was was an expert at sneaking up on people. I glanced over to Vanessa's direction. No it couldn't be her; She'd be talking all the way over to me. It couldn't be another vampire because I didn't pick on the familiar scent. The area had stunk of human, not that I have anything against humans. I sighed my frustration and looked to the board that Mr. Watson was gesturing to. He was talking about similes and description. My attention was running wild like a lone wolf under the full moon's radiant light…

If only he could read minds, I'd be an A+ student.