It will be ok.

Nobody else matters.

I love you.

We can do it together.

I'll never leave you.

I love you.

Your being paranoid.

There's nobody else.

I love you.

I'm at work.

We'er just friends.

I love you.

This isn't working.

It's over.

I still love you.

A revolver with a single round is raised to the head of one more broken soul.

You said it would be ok.

You said nobody else mattered.


You said we could do this together.

You said you would never leave me.


You said I was paranoid.

You said there was nobody else.


You said you were at work.

You said you were just friends.


You said this wasn't working.

You said it was over.

I love you.

A single gunshot rent the air.