Unrequited Love

Right now, she knows that this phase is not eternal, even though she always wanted to look it that way…

To smile, to laugh, and to love that cannot be returned. She sometimes wish that she could be one of those paper cranes that they fold together; to fly away and find the one she loves. However, she'll still be admiring him even though there was a distance between them, it'll all be fine.

"I don't know", he said. Blowing bubbles as he sat against her back. He wasn't looking at her, but she was looking at him. Smiling at his reflection from the round mirror in her hands. She sometimes wonders what would have become if he did fall in love with her.

"I would probably miss you", he said some more. Blowing more bubbles as her heart started to beat faster. She knows that he doesn't mean in it in a romantic way, but she was happy to hear those words while she looks up towards the bubbles within her mirror. To see them burst when it hits the ceiling, she compared them to her feelings when she would leave him for someone else.

As the two of them carried on the day of blowing bubbles, comparing feet size on the wall and folding some more paper cranes. He went to kitchen to get a glass of water.

Seeing his image disappearing from the translucent white divider that separates the kitchen from the living room. She stood up and made her way to the divider. Lying against it and feeling the cool sensation touch her skin, she saw an image of a hand appeared from the other side, it was his hand she was seeing, it made her happy some more.

Placing her hand against his, she led their hands in an upward motion. Their movements were synchronized with each other as they moved it against the translucent surface. Disappearing at the same as they removed it from the surface. She gently placed her back where it was, however she didn't see his.

Placing her weight more on the translucent surface. She could see his hands some more. This time, he was gently stroking her hair down. Even though she can't feel it. The gesture still made her heart beat raced even more.

Sitting under the table, water began to drip underneath the table. The pet cat accidentally hit the glass and spilled all of its contents. However, both of them were neither mad as they were completely captivated by it's beauty.

Hearing the gentle drip-drops being made. She compared them to the tears that haven't been cried yet. She would like to cry as she was going to leave him soon. However, she knows this love cannot be returned, so she doesn't want to think it as eternal.

Later after disappearing from somewhere. She spotted him at his usual spot…

This time he was sleeping, tired out as the sun was beginning to set. She could feel a cool breeze blowing from the open window.

Closing the window and admiring how the sun was going to disappear. She gently turned on a light to prevent him from being afraid from the dark.

Slowly walking towards him and pulling a nearby blanket over his body, she was sitting close right next to him. Placing her hand on his gently and stroking it; she felt his soft hair and warm body against her cold hand. Smiling as she slowly removed it. In his hand was a paper crane.

Removing it gently and saw what was written on it. It said 'I Love You' with a small black heart being drawn at the end.

Smiling some more. She placed the small crane right next to him and gentle leaned towards him.

Pecking his forehead with a gentle kiss as he began to move a bit. She stood up and walks towards the door, opening it and seeing that both their parents were back.

She turns around and look back at him for one more time. Seeing him sleeping peacefully as she stood outside and put on her shoes, she slowly turned around for one last time. Putting on a sad smile, she knew that he wouldn't see him anymore. She wish that this moment could linger a little longer, he would probably returned his lover towards her.

Seeing the love that nearly blossomed between the two. She smiled to the fact that this love wasn't that unrequited as she expected for a long time…

A/N: The inspiration came from a japanese song called Kataomoi (片想い) by Chara. It's a really nice sing that makes you happy and at the same time sad... Well please review, thanks.