*Breaking news! There has been an incident involving a truck and a school bus on the North Kikazaru Highway. Over thirty kids are fatally injured along with the bus driver, while the truck driver seems to have disappeared, police suspecting that he ran for it. So far, the death toll is only one. Ahiru Kumakichi, age thirteen, died at the scene from huge blood loss and injury. The caretakers at the E.A.T Clinic have been informed and are deeply sorrowful for Ahiru's loss.*

*"Ahiru was a good girl." Says caretaker Akame. "It's a huge loss. Our clinic will never be the same again."*

The TV blared at a high volume. *The scene happened when a runaway truck accidentally crashed on the near-empty highway at 3:18. It happened to collide with the school bus as well, ramming it to the side and almost pushing it off the bridge where the highway intersects. Luckily, nobody else was harmed.*

Remote buttons were being incessantly pressed as the volume would go mute then would go raucous.

*Jim Kamikaze, age thirty-four, was the truck driver who police suspect fled the scene before help arrived. Police have checked the truck company Jim worked for and found that the unlucky driver had been fired recently, went on a furious rampage and stole a truck. It is unknown whether Jim was drinking while driving and accidentally crashed into the bus or had done it on purpo-*

The TV was switched off. A large, sweaty thumb rested on the edge of the on/off button as darkness enclosed the shabby apartment. The man panted briskly as he tilted his head towards the ceiling.

"Oh thy Lord, may you bless thy child who will walk on thy crossroads to heaven. May her soul be taketh under your protection. May you forgive the fatal err he committed. In Jesus' name, our Savior, Amen."