A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this one. Cuz, I mean, who doesn't hate spiders? *shivers*


Jay leant back, allowing the cool water to wash over him. He loved showers. They were so relaxing, and allowed him to think. And on some occasions, get rid of any 'problems' that he might have, when Eric was busy. Yeah, showers were nice. He washed all the soap off his body, and was just about to reach for the conditioner when he spotted something in a corner. Something black, and slightly shiny. Something more terrifying than any ghost or furby. It looked fuzzy and was huge. Or, by Jay's standards. He stared at it. It stared back. They stood there, staring at each other. Until the black thing moved.

Eric was in their living room, watching some television program, when he heard a scream. He was up in a flash, worried about his boyfriend, when Jay dashed into the living room and jumped straight into him, curling himself into Eric, whimpering softly. That was when Eric realised that Jay was very, very wet. And completely naked. Which was extremely arousing. He looked at the younger man, concerned. " Honey, are you alright? What happened?" he asked worriedly.

Jay looked up with huge, terrified eyes. "S…S…S…SPIDER!" Eric stared at him incredulously. " Spider?" he repeated. " Yes, it was huge, and was so scary I swear it was going to eat me or something!" Jay whined. Suddenly, Eric saw a little black shape scuttling across the floor towards them. It was about as big as his little finger. "Is that…is that…" Jay turned around, and buried his face back into his boyfriend's chest. "It's going to kill me," he groaned. " Stop exaggerating," Eric rolled his eyes and, somewhat reluctantly, dumped his boyfriend's bare body onto the ground. Said guy immediately curled up protectively. Eric then proceeded to pick up the spider and dangle it in front of Jay, who screamed and backed into a wall. "You bastard!" he whined. Eric laughed, and gently released the spider onto their balcony, before returning indoors. He wrapped his arms around Jay and pulled him into a standing position. " Go continue your shower," he said, stroking the damp locks. Jay looked around. " It will probably crawl back in," he mumbled. " Well, what do you want me to do then?" Eric raised an eyebrow. " Shower with me?" Jay replied, his voice hopeful and innocent, but Eric did not miss the wicked little glint in his eyes. "Come on, you big baby," he sighed and pushed Jay into the toilet.

Eventually, the spider did manage to crawl back into the humid warmth of the bathroom. However, after seeing what was happening, it crawled out as fast as it could, swearing to never, ever enter a human bathroom ever again.

Needless to say, it was a very enjoyable shower for both Jay and Eric.