Ryan Slays The Darkness

By PrennCooder

There are evil creatures in this world, and they crave power an attention. They're called demons. Monsters. Sociopaths. Some of the world's greatest evils. What happens when some of this evil is encased in a little boy? What will be his destiny? What choices will he make? His mother loves him, but will he ever be able to love anyone back? Will he ever get past what he really is: a monster. Find out!

Michelle Patch was strong. Michelle Patch had a heart like no other. She was much braver than most, and she was brave enough to march right up to Tanno Eris on the final day of their senior year and whisper, "I love you." And kiss him right as the senior class picture was being taken.

Michelle was definitely one for the book. If there was any record out there, she was going to break it. Tanno, the fit, muscular quiet guy would be smiling slightly at his one true love. That was the thing with them—they thought alike and agreed on nearly everything. They both sought out adventure and justice.

Tanno wasn't the kind of guy to just read a book—he'd read the binder, the cover, the footnotes, the endnotes and whatever else he could get his stubby fingers on. What always ruffled his feathers was when he was restricted to order. When people wouldn't let him (for example) go out into the world and seek the knowledge he desires.

That's why he loved Michelle so much. She may not have the means to find an adventure, but she's definitely going to bring the adventure to her. How? It's all very simple, really.

Several years ago, Michelle and Tanno got themselves involved with a certain girl who lived down the street. Her name was Morgan. Tanno and Michelle didn't know it yet, but someday, Morgan would bring along a very unique and exciting situation. Well, Morgan wouldn't exactly call it "exciting" per se.

Tanno just had this feeling that Morgan was going to get herself into trouble soon. When years passed, Michelle and Tanno's families moved to different neighborhoods. Michelle's contact with Morgan slowly faded away after Michelle and Tanno graduated high school.

Morgan Armstrong was such a humble child. Too bad childhood never lasts. She rarely argued with authority. Always tried her best. But her best was never good enough, the poor girl. She never thought she'd get a chance for redemption until she met Norman. The guy was charming, slender, and most importantly, he took notice of Morgan when very few other people did.

Morgan was midway through her freshman year, and Norman was already a junior. They started dating by the beginning of February. Time passed swiftly, and Morgan was, for the first time in her life, truly happy.

Although this happiness was something that older, wiser teens would refer to as the "youth's mentality", Morgan refused to listen. She thought she had her whole life in order. Her best friend and childhood neighbor, Michelle, was the person she told everything to.

True, Morgan looked up to Michelle back when Morgan was like, eight. But honestly, who doesn't try to keep their childhood friendships? Morgan tried. It was just…Michelle had far more interesting things to do. Like going on a honeymoon perhaps when she's supposed to be preparing for college.

Norman had only met Michelle once or twice, and he had developed a great distaste for her. A dry, burning, pungent taste. In other words, he hated her. Michelle was already in college by the time of Morgan's sophomore year of high school.

Morgan liked to ramble on about herself. Michelle would quietly listen, because she knew Morgan needed someone to talk to. Michelle had watched the younger girl grow up and cycle through the typical phases of life. Michelle herself never went through the normal phases a teenager has. All her life she maintained the same personality, her will being far too strong and determined not to let herself become subject to foolish teenage hormones.

One day, Morgan and Norman both agreed it was time to take their relationship to a more intimate level. Morgan later discovered she was pregnant, and she thought her life was over. Her parents kicked her out, and she had nowhere to go.

Norman kindly invited her to stay in his place. He was very well-off, and he said his parents were never around. That's why Morgan never met them. Norman showed her pictures of them, telling her they were very nice old people and they had retired early to travel the world with their money.

"Currently, they're in Venice." He stated.

Morgan, charmed, decided to call this place her new home. Later that same week, Norman surprised her with a proposal, and suggesting that they go to Vegas to get married.

Morgan immediately accepted. The man was chivalrous, perfect, and dazzling. He was every girl's dream—a true knight in shining armor as if he had come right out of a fairytale.

Inevitably, Norman had pulled Morgan into this so-called fairytale of his, sweeping her off his feet and into a very expensive white car.

On the drive to Vegas, Morgan decided this was big enough news to share with Michelle. "You'll never guess what happened to me, Michelle."

Michelle was driving home from work. It was raining where she was. "What is it?"

"Norman and I are getting married because we're going to have a baby!" Morgan's face lit up. She was trying so dearly to express in a few words how thankful she was that this baby was not a burden to her like with most teenage mothers—but the baby was a gift from heaven because it had been the trigger of something Morgan had always wanted. Marriage.

Michelle was struck by a wave of shock, and out of nowhere a car crashed into her. Her phone smashed into the windshield and went dead.

It took the now self-absorbed Morgan a very long time to realize that her friend hadn't answered back. "Michelle?" She didn't even hear the crash.

Michelle was allright. It was just a few scratches that she got.

That night at the fancy, light-up romantic suite in the Vegas hotel, Morgan asked Norman, "Do you want it to be a boy or a girl?"

"Whichever you want, my dear." He pulled her into bed with him and clapped his hands to turn out the lights.

"I hope he looks like you." Morgan said as she fell right to sleep.

"Me too," Norman said softly, "For your sake."

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