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The clouds energetically shifted across the skies as the globe revolved hundreds and hundreds of times until the day came when young Ryan would turn sixteen. He owns several cars including a BMW i8, which is his favorite. He also owns a BMW z4 and a BMW m3. The BMW i8 was an early birthday present he got around July or so, and now a cool August afternoon breeze lingers in the air.

Ryan's house is glittering with heaps of his posh friends. That's right, Ryan made friends with the more affluent crowd. Dozens of boys were chattering behind each other's back, spreading gossip around like a virus.

Once Jhon and Morgan left for work at the bank around nine o'clock, then the day could truly begin. Although, talking to friends could only keep Ryan occupied for so long. The minute hand on the clock was inching toward the two at an unnatural pace and Ryan checked his watch to double check that the clock was not fast.

So where was Bilia? She had never failed to appear at one of his parties—because through every storm in his life, she was his friend. Sometimes it may seem like he doesn't appreciate her or isn't returning the favor, but that's only because he feels so indebted to her. He knows in his dark heart that he doesn't deserve her. With no idea why, he simply ducks out because he doesn't even have the strength to look her in the eye. There's just something about her, so good, so innocent, so pure, that he wants to run a thousand miles in the opposite direction.

And here she is, pulling up in her bright blue Porsche with her parents in the back seat. Yes, the Eris family was well-off, so they could afford to give their daughter her first car when she turned fifteen and still have her be content with it all throughout high school.

Michelle and Tanno emerged from the back seat with brooding expressions on their faces. Ryan could tell (even from afar off) that they had something to hide.

Michelle was good at being elusive an unsuspecting. It was her husband that usually raised eyebrows since he was so tall and muscular and quiet. Ryan used to assume it was because of Tanno's deep, hideous voice that he didn't talk. Today would there be any reasons to suspect something new? Ryan would be double checking for that.

Bilia skipped over to Ryan and in the twinkling of an eye, their gazes collided but then he looked away, as if he was pretending to look for someone else. "Ryan!" She hugged him lightheartedly.

"Ah, Bilia! I didn't see you there! And hey, you brought your parents!"

Michelle forced a smile as she waved to Ryan from a few meters away. Tanno nodded appropriately. But that's all it was, a nod.

"Yes, I'm afraid they insisted on coming." Bilia said, smiling through her nerves. "Is your mother here?"

"No. She's at work."

"Right. I should have known."

"That's okay. You just follow me." He opened the big front door and the two of them left the sunny exterior and entered the dark halls of the mansion-like home.

"Ryan?" Bilia asked as they were walking. "Why don't you ever smile?"

Ryan turned around all of a sudden. "Bilia, I…I smile." He lied, knowing her observation was correct and so he forced the corner of his mouth to curl upwards.

"The last time I've seen you smile was when we were kids."

"We still are kids."

"No—I mean, really little kids. Back before, when my hair was golden blond. Don't you remember? I used to have these long curly locks until…"

"Oh I remember, Bilia."

"And you still don't know why it happened?"


Bilia could sense the earnesty in his voice. That he really had no idea about the truth. She knew less than him. Perhaps that was a good thing.

"There was something odd about that one afternoon. The one I believe you're recalling."

"My mother told me it was the day that Norman—your father—left."

"Norman. The name's spoken so often but I can't even remember…"

"…His face?"


"You say that a lot."

"I do?"

"Maybe it's like in psychology. You miss him so much, but you can't remember him at all."

"What's that gotta do with psychology?"

Bilia laughed, feeling embarrassed. She thought she saw a connection but didn't end up explaining it well enough, so she just laughed it out. Ryan wanted to smile and laugh as well.

Contrarily he ended up frowning and walking away, too afraid to interrupt the beautiful melody of her laugh. He'd never forget that gentle sound.

That's the thing about him—he always spoke as if he was going to leave suddenly. As if he was waiting for something to abruptly separate him from going about his normal way of life. He's like to pretend it's just his imagination, but he's too smart for that.

Bilia followed Ryan into the parlor. He insisted she try the punch, which was a personal favorite of his. She took a sip of the sweet, thick, rich juice. It was a light blend of raspberry, blueberry, pomegranate, blackberry and acai berries. "I love it!" Bilia chorused gladly.

"What would you say if you didn't like it?"

She shrugged. "Hmm. I never really thought of that."

Ryan leaned against the table casually. He had excellent balance, so he never looked awkward. "Do you ever feel restless, Bilia?"


"Like, completely and unquenchably restless?"

"Not really?" She brushed a strip of shorter hair away from her eyes and took another sip of that punch.

"Ryan! Hey buddy! What's up?" Saul trotted over, in the typical attire he wore nowadays. A red and yellow plaid shirt and light brown corduroy pants. "Your house is really cool, Ryan."

"Thanks. I know." Ryan pulled his hands out of his pockets. "Bilia, you know Saul, right?"

"I believe I do." She shook his hand. "We've never been formally introduced, but I've seen him around town." She extended a hand for him to shake.

"Well gee, I like her." Saul smiled. "She's quite polite." He and Bilia laughed.

Ryan tried to smile, but it faded. Time was ticking. Ryan could hear that clock loud and clear even though he wasn't supposed to because the chatter was so loud. Eventually, if he wasn't prepared, something was just going to hit him and he'd be caught off guard and fall down. The solution was that he had to be prepared.

As he and his friends moved to the bench outside to chill, Ryan felt the crisp wind blowing against his hair. It was cold but he didn't shiver. Saul put on his scarf and Bilia put on chapstick.

"I'm gonna go for a jog. Anyone care to come?" Ryan said impulsively.

"Sure. I'm always looking for new ways to keep up my cardio." Saul agreed.

"I'll just see you guys when you get back then. I'd come with you, but first of all I'm in a dress, secondly my parents would worry, and thirdly I'm a slow jogger to be truthful."

"And look at that!" Saul smiled. "She's honest too!" He elbowed Ryan. "Y'ain't never gonna find anyone like her." They jogged down Ryan's driveway and down the street.

"What are you going on about?"

"I'm approving of your first relationship before it happens."

"I don't think I'm the kind of guy that wants a relationship right now. I've never much been into that."

"Ohh, you? I find it hard to believe you don't flirt with all the pretty girls at our school! Gee, if I was you, I'd have myself a new girlfriend every month and still have a harem leftover by the end of senior year."

"You're exaggerating just a teensy bit."

"Perhaps. But you never know until you try."

"Feri Lancaster."

Saul's eyes widened and he froze, as if his heart had stopped beating. "You're kidding. Don't tell me you fancy her…"

"No! Goodness no! Not in a million years. I was just saying that to scare you. Did it work?"

They picked up the pace. Saul scoffed. "I almost peed my pants, man. Feri's scary!"

"Look at that."

"What?" Saul looked up at the gray sky.

"I think it's gonna rain down on us. We'd better get back." And they ran the rest of the way home.

"Ryan, if you lose your breath from just a fifteen minute jog than you're not cut out to be an athlete. You ain't cut out for anything physical at all."

Ryan was still panting, and he crashed on the couch. Luckily there was nobody sitting there at the time. Even if there was, he might not have cared. "I don't want to be an athlete."

"Well what are you gonna do then? Women like men who are strong. And by women, I mean Bilia…" Saul joked.

"Stop." Ryan frowned. When he frowned, things got serious. Ryan always hated being teased or joked with. Even if it was in a friendly manner. He had learned to tolerate it more as he got older, but, when he was younger he devised some very clever ways of extracting his revenge.

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