Another Cliched Story

Ruby Diamond Emerald Jewel, got up out of her bed one morning. She went to the mirror and looked at her reflection. Ruby was the most beautiful girl you've ever seen (or not seen). She had clear, pale skin, beautiful violet eyes and flowing black hair. She had a perfect figure that made all the boys love her. Her legs were long, slender and smooth and she never had to shave them. She never needed to brush her hair because it was always perfect. The outfit she had put on was perfect. It was a deep sky blue blouse that should of her perfect chest and black skinny jeans that hugged her perfect legs.

Ruby Diamond Emerald Jewel had a perfect personality. She was extremly kind and caring so everyone liked her. She was extremly smart but she wasn't a nerd or a teachers pet. She was brilliant at every sport such as: tennis, rugby, swimming, diving, wrestling, dancing, hocky, running, equestrian sports, football, American football, Australian football, any other type of football and many more sports that I can't be bothered to write. She never got sweaty after playing a sport because she was perfect.