Another Cliched Story

At Ruby's new school there was a boy called Michael Joy Division Temple Run Jones. Michael or Mikey as his friends called him was sooooo handsome. He had tousled blond hair and golden coloured eyes. He was brilliant at every sport imaginable and he had a sixpack! He was extremly smart and all the girls fell in love with him instantly. But Mikey wasn't interested in those girls. He needed someone perfect.

Mikey sat talking to some girls and boys all of whom were his best friends. But suddenly, they all left him. Mikey was shocked. Where had they all gone. But then he saw a new girl he didn't recognise. Mikey decided to go over to her. " Hello" he said, in a seductive voice. "My names Michael Joy Division Temple Run Jones, but you can call me Mikey." " Hi" The new girl replied, "My names Ruby Diamond Emerald Jewel, but you can call me Ruby." And then Mikey and Ruby fell in love with each other