*Note: Before anyone reads this, I'd like to say a few things:

~ This is, in no way, was written to bash about any kind of religion. I repeat: I do not intend to bash on anyone's spiritual belief. So, if you cannot take it, I suggest you read it until I've finished this story before you start complaining.

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~ Enjoy! =)

Chapter 1: Alec

He walked, barely seeing anything. The stench of decay and burning flesh strong in his nostrils. He could not run away anymore. It was there. They were there. His ghosts were there, mocking him, laughing at him. They were waiting. Waiting for the time when he would finally break and lose himself. He could hear them. Their taunting, manipulations, temptations-everything. It was like they never left. They never gave him any rest.

And so, without anything, he wandered aimlessly. He trudged through slop, dirt and ash, and he didn't care. He was empty. A shell without a soul. No thoughts. No motivations. No life. An unnecessary existence.

Alec never wondered how the world would end. He was a spontaneous. He lived for the moment. He didn't think with his brain, he thought with his emotions. If he was pissed, he pulled a trigger. If he wanted a kind of escape, he smoked. If he wanted something fun, he beated someone bloody. It was just like that. No complications. Simple.

He never thought that he would be caught up in this struggle for life. He never thought that he would be dreading the day that his days would be counted. He could never guess that burning an innocent would be a huge blow to his conscience. He didn't even know he had a conscience.

In his mind, he laughed bitterly. Maybe this was it. This was the ultimate punishment. This was God's punishment to humanity. The world was carelessly wasting away the chances God had given them, so He got fed up.

Or maybe, Alec thought with a hint of dark amusement, this was God's punishment to him. Maybe, from the start, He never intended Alec to have a happy life. Maybe, he was just biding his time. Watching as Alec ran around the maze like a mouse, disposing the obstacles, looking for the ultimate reward-the cheese. Only, God never intended to let him have it. He never intended to give Alexander the rest. Maybe, He wanted, to the very end, for Alec to suffer. After all, Alec's family are all the scum of the world.

This time, Alec couldn't help it. He burst out laughing. Many of the other miserable wastes around looked at him as if he were crazy and hurried away, afraid that the man had caught the feared virus. Alec didn't care, though, so he continued laughing. That's right, he thought. Yes, that's right. God, the Almighty, the Forgiving One, hates me. It was an ironic thought.