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Chapter 4: Their Start

He ran, not seeing anything. The sound of twigs snapping, of peace being disturbed, echoed in his ears. He felt the bile in his throat working its way out, but he didn't stop to relieve himself. No. He won't. He was just too scared. Not scared-terrified. He saw it. What that damn virus did to everyone. Their screams were too raw, too loud, too painful.

He didn't want to believe it at first. When he heard the rumors, he just brushed it off. He was too arrogant. Of course he would be. He was at the height of his glory. He was at the time when people would hear his name, and they would be scared shitless. And he reveled in it.

And so, now, when caught with something he couldn't punch or shoot his way out, he was petrified. He didn't know what to do. No family, no friends, no stranger to talk to. He was hopeless.

Hours, Days, Years-he didn't know anymore-passed, and he stopped to catch his breath. He found shelter under the leaves of a huge mango tree and sat down, making fire from trash.

What would he do now? He didn't know where to turn to... Hell, he didn't have anyone to turn to. He was really just that horrible at everyone. And besides, why did that virus come out, anyway? Is this really how this deity called "God" is gonna end humanity? Painfully? Well, it looks like the people who worshiped Him was wrong. The Devil was so much nicer...

"Hey, can I warm myself, too?"

He jumped, startled out of his thoughts. He looked in front of him to see a girl smiling expectantly at him. She was a cute little thing. With raven-black hair and dark-as-midnight eyes, she looked like those China dolls his grandmother had in her house.

Without him realizing it, the girl was already on the ground in front of him, warming herself up in the fire. The boy was stunned. Had anyone from his neighborhood do that, he would've seen to it that she would suffer.

He was about to shout at her to go away when he thought better. No; it's no use trying to fight her. There's no use trying to fight at all. He could use this girl, if he pushed the right buttons. She was an innocent, the boy observed. Her actions were that of a child even though she looked to be of the boy's age. She was harmless. The boy could use her if he needs food or other necessities. He was a bit weak now with all his running before. He couldn't possibly take down two people. He needs this girl. For now.

"Where are you from?" a voice asked.

The boy blinked and saw that the girl was looking at him.

"None of your business," he replied sharply.

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk." The girl grinned. "Bitter, are we? Wanna talk about it?"

He whirled around to face the girl fully. "When I say none of your business, it means: It's none of your damn business!"

The girl laughed, unfazed by the boy's murderous glare. "Pretty boy's not used to seeing deaths, huh?"

The boy turned cold. Of all the things the girl could've said, she says this? He changed his mind. He was just gonna kill this girl. She was an annoyance he didn't need. "Listen, here, little girl," the boy snapped. "I've seen a lot of deaths that it'd cost me three lifetimes, so you'd be smart and just shut your mouth. Because if you don't, I will shut it for you."

The boy didn't see it until it was there. He didn't even hear any rustle. Her cold hands just softly wrapped around his neck; her sharp fingernails almost breaking skin; and there was a darkly sweet smile playing over her lips. The boy stared at the coldest eyes he ever saw in his life.

So much for innocent.

"Really?" the girl whispered, her breath hot in the boy's ears. "You don't feel a thing?" The boy's breath hitched. Somehow, the girl's voice was making his mind flash images he so desperately locked up. "You're used to blood? You're used to death? You're used to pain? You're used to suffering?"

"Y-Yes..." he lied, trembling, his whole body stiff. He didn't know what to do. This girl... Her words... Everything about her just makes the boy so...

"Yes?" The girl's hand tightened, not enough to cut off air, but enough to make one uncomfortable. "Are you really?"

Despite the cold fear trickling the boy's nerves, despite the irking curses his more reasonable part of mind was screaming, he lied.


The girl laughed, her voice sounding like bells in the summer. Such a stark contrast to her dark demeanor, the boy briefly thought. She let go of him and sat back, looking away from him. Now, the boy wasn't sure of it, he didn't want to believe it, but this girl, whoever she was (He didn't intend to find out), was downright... creepy.

And for him, that was saying something.

"Do you know?" the girl said after a few hours of silence, her voice soft that the boy had to strain just to hear. "I had a family once. They left me out on the streets and drove away. I didn't know why. But their-my mother's-last words were," the girl cleared her throat and in a woman's voice said,"'You're a beautiful person, my dear. We take a liking to you. But here you will have so much more than we can give. And so we have to leave you. I'm sorry.' And then she smiled so sweetly. She smiled... sweetly." The girl turned to look at him, her face unreadable. "And that was the day I realized how beautiful this world can be." She smiled.

The boy frowned, confused.