If I entered the 2-D anime world one day, what would I do?... Hmm… (Try this out, it's fun)

Wow anime world. Must be dreaming. SO 2-D SIAH! OH LOOK! A HUMAN SIAH! 2-D SOMEMORE!

So I'll go up as any ordinary human, take some radom knife I found in my pocket, place it against that person's neck. OMG! NO BLOOD! AWESOME! (didn't cut lah) Then I take the person money but wa liao... $2 ONLY?! How they live lah?! You cant even buy one full cosplay! Then I rob more people until I see myself on TV. I'M FAMOUS SIAH! Then I buy a house and live a happy life until this random man in a uniform and badge came to my house.

He asked me for my identity and stuff, is this a 2-D policeman?! NUUUUUUUU! MY LIFE! jkjk it was an average businessman. He has hair. Nice black hair. Very nice. I gave him a cake- threw it in his face.

Now I go try out stuff I can't do in the 3-D world.

First of all, I go jump from roofs to roofs like a cat or ninja. Wow! That was something. I FEEL REFREASHED!

Next, I go have a nice nice normal day... And lift up a vending machine! WHEEEE!

Then I go fishing and catch some random stuff. Sharks, birds, monsters, pokemons, pedobear, boots, ice cream...

ICE CREAM! Now I go find Vocaloid, hear Miku singing yay!

Fine, enough of songs now I go spy on people. I wonder if I will see... *GASP* YAOI! *nosebleed* XDDDD

Next, I check to see if I can get some awesome powers or something and train up. I want the force stuff power, it's still cool. I also want lightning, for some reasons. It's sudden but I can stand in the field during thunderstorms and wont die. SEE? It's useful.

I want to be a short guy in the 2-D world. Then I can cry over how short I am and eat unless amount of edible objects. And smacking the faces of people who call you short seems fun XDDDD

I will then do something I may regret and join in a Japanese school and sit in the back row corner and stare out of the window everyday. Later I find someone who has powers too and start an anime story plot. Eyes sparkling.

I cannot be the main character but who cares.

I shall find out more of the power stuffs and learn to control people's mind then I become a mangaka or something and start a good life, then buy a plot of land and build an orphanage there, giving children a better life.

I continue to live in my house but return money to those I robbed.

Next I go eat McDonalds.

After that I tell someone I like yaoi, only to rmb Im a guy there then OTL rumors start and I avoid people purposely for a few years until I'm 21+ and then I find a discipline or smth.

The end.

The SUMMARISED version of my wish for a 2-D life. There's probably longer details in between etc (para 1) "I woke up and yawned, stretching my arms and opening my eyes wide, only to find myself in the middle of the street. Everything looked animated, 2-D to be exact. The feeling of excitement rumbling in my stomach, I couldn't help feeling that I was on cloud nine. I had so much I wanted to know about now, but so much I had to do as well. First of all, I'm broke". Yup. Happy life people.

I would loved it if others answer the question :D

"What I Would Do If I Entered The Anime World"