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They have won. It is now official. They have gotten into my dreams, overwhelmed my lust for justice. Dad wasn't fine. Mom told me everything. Betsy bit into the bone, infecting him from there.

They went through surgery because of that.

School is still fine. Mr. Pharynx is dull but funny ("My wife says I should quit my job since I hate all of you. But I love teaching, so I can't. Next year I'm supposed to switch over to Kindergarten. Maybe I'll enjoy that more than you,"). Cathy came over for a sleepover, our moms arranged it. I had no idea they were until Cathy arrived in my driveway.

If I had KNOWN Cathy wanted to spend the night, I would've gone over to HER house. Instead, this happened. And it was caught ON TAPE:



A girl with short-cut hazel hair, down to her neck, was wearing a light pink shirt, and a pants a darker shade of pink. She is laughing.

"C'mon! Tasha agrees with me!"

Alice has on the same pajamas, only blue. She has her darker brown hair tied back into a ponytail. She chuckles.

"Yeah—I really don't see what others see in One Direction. They're totally gay."

"They are not!" She starts laughing, "They have a "special" relationship!"

They both laugh until something falls in the closet.

Both girls scream, then laugh.

Alice gets up and goes over. She opens the door.

Falicia and Wilma jump out, screeching.

They start laughing as the girls start screaming. Cathy grabs Alice's hand and runs out of the room. Alice is calling for her parents.

Both dolls are roaring with laughter, until Wilma budges Falicia and points to this camera.

They disappear under the screen for a few seconds.

The camera starts to wobble as a hand is seen clinging to the lens. The camera falls off the wall, shattering on the floor.

The screen goes blank.