The camera pans to a passed out girl. Her hair is in her face; she is laying on a table in the attic. It is Alice. The other dolls crowd around her, but stay off the table.

"Shut up!" The doll behind the camera says, "Alice in Wonderland is waking up."

Alice groans and sits up. She jumps when she sees the dolls, and almost screams. She opens her mouth again to do so, and finally feels the duck tape.

"Did I ever mention we just adore duck tape? We didn't mean to hurt you, but you tried to get rid of us. Your daddy went through surgery because of us, you know."

A doll approached Alice. She tries to squirm away from its cold touch. It still grabs hold of her face, squeezing until she is forced to stop moving or the fingers will cut skin.

Betsy laughs. "You humans. The only interaction we've had with your kind is when those ghost hunters come in here. I just love the fact that they keep coming."

She approaches Alice.

"Love it," She hisses.

Alice whimpers.

The camera is handed to another doll. Betsy goes up to the face.

"We don't want you to be scared, Alice."

She whimpers again, trying to speak.

"No. Do not speak . . . did you know one of those ghost hunters screamed when he saw the Siamese twins?"

They appear out of the corner of the screen (or—one of them).

"All they had to do was sit there, and he screamed. Like a little girl, too." She giggles. "All I have to do to scare you is sit here and talk. Heh. Your parents sent you to a shrink because of me. And now look where it's gotten them."

Alice starts breathing heavily as Jackie squeezes even harder.

"Point being: we like you, Alice. We've decided to allow you to live here. Of course, with a few exceptions. We don't want the cat here anymore."

Jackie lets go of her face. She rips off the tape.

"And then Bobby and Elli."

Alice takes in a deep breath and growls, "Her name is ELPHIE!"

"Whatever you wish. They still can't stay here. At least their life forms, they can't live here anymore. They annoy me, always trying to protect you. However, since they did kill Martin . . ."

She starts to pace, chuckling.

"Alrighty then. They can stay, I owe them a favor. But you must control them. Nobody goes into the attic anymore except for us!"

"Then don't come out of the attic either. All of you. Don't hurt anybody."

All of the dolls laugh.

After they stop, Betsy grins. Wickedly. "We promise, Alice dear. Time to say goodbye . . ." She sings the last sentence as the camera shuts off.