I stare at the ground helplessly, fighting off the advancing tears. I take a deep breath, the air filling my chest with uncertain relief.

I blink slowly and my hand twitches at my side. I ignore the urge to wipe away the water droplets building up in the corner of my eye.

"Are you okay?" he asks from behind me.

My cheek flinches to the sound of his voice and I firmly plant my feet to the ground. He takes a step forward and my muscles tense, waiting for his next move.

I can feel his breath on the back of my neck as he whispers for me to turn around. Goose bumps race down my spine and I shiver internally.

I clench my jaw as salty tears stream down to my chin. He places a hand on my shoulder, causing me to jerk.

He makes a noise and lets his arm fall. My heart skips a beat and the wind picks up.

Sighing quietly, I slowly start to shift my weight onto my heels. Pebbles rustle together as I push off with one foot and turn to face him.

He gapes at my wet face and lifts a hand automatically and brings it to my cheek. "What?" he asks.

I move my head away from his hand and gaze down at the ground. His light, murky green eyes study me as I try to sniffle silently.

He goes to take a step forward when I blurt out, "How can you be so blind?"

He stops and looks at me confused when I bring my sharp, piercing eyes to him. He looks taken aback as he grapples for words, his eyes never leaving my face.

I cross my arms and wait patiently, "How could you not know?"