little talks


here is the list of things i love about you
which happens to be identical
to the list of things i want to forget:

your ocean eyes
your sleepy sighs
your teeth & mouth

your lip ring
the way you'd sing
along to the radio

how you spoke
how you stroked
the small of my back

your taste in books
those eyes closed looks
when i was kissing you

your hair, longer every day
because you listened to me say
don't ever cut it

your soft arm hair
that lusty stare
when i was in your bed

how you always had that
same old stupid hat
your dumb tattoo

how we shared a favorite band
how you always held my hand
even in front of your friends

how you wore a button down
on our first date downtown
your perfect, pink tongue

your cold toes
how you kissed my nose
and my neck

that thing you do
mostly, most of all,
i want to forget you