Author's note: Hey! Well, after having a terrible author's block, I finally wrote something! I hope you like it, it's kinda based on my own love story, though the names are changed. Sorry if it's short, my inspiration wasn't so great. See ya!


Caleb wasn't sure of anything but one thing: he was not perfect.

He wasn't too tall, his face wasn't handsome, and modesty wasn't one of his virtues.

He was charismatic and intelligent, though those attributes never got him the girl of his dreams.

He had wonderful ideas, but his patience wasn't enough to help him fulfill them.

He knew what to say, however the words always slipped from his tongue.

He was completely flawed, and was entirely sure that no one could ever love him.

Nevertheless, Desiree came along.

Yes, he wasn't too tall, but it wasn't his height what she cared about, it was his strong and warm arms what made her feel safe.

Although he wasn't handsome, his personality was rich and interesting. She enjoyed their long and deep conversations about anything and everything at the same time.

He wasn't modest, but he was kind with everyone around him, and passionate about the things he loved the most; that was what she admired the most about him.

His attributes were enough to get him any girl he wanted, and if his "dream girl" never saw the amazing person he was, it was her loss.

He did need patience, however his perseverance had no limits; she was sure one day he would fulfill all of his dreams.

It was true he never said the right thing at the right moment, yet his actions spoke for themselves. Just one look into his eyes was needed to know his true feelings.

He was not perfect, but it was his imperfectness what she loved the most, because she was not perfect either.

In the end, he figured out that it didn't matter that they were flawed, as long as they were together.