Final Installment: Bound Souls in Eternity


Sunlight stung the backs of my eyelids. I laid my hand across my eyes and groaned. I still didn't like sunlight but having to deal with human habits, I was growing accustomed to it. I stretched my arms out over my head, finding a satisfied soreness particularly in my lower back. My movement disturbed the figure next to me, him shifting completely off the pillow and onto my chest, his arm splaying across my stomach. His new position put him directly in the beam of sunlight, illuminating his golden curls like a halo. I curled my arm around him and nuzzled into his hair, taking in his scent. It always amazed me how this beautiful creature, who had adamantly wished for my extermination, who lost his rank, powers, and immortality because of me, and whose very existence was almost destroyed protecting me, could possibly exist by my side. I truly do not deserve such a miracle as living at all, let alone a life of love with Gabriel. I squeezed his shoulder and gently kissed his forehead.
"Alter?" Gabriel stirred, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.
"Morning, beautiful," I smiled.
"Morning," he replied sleepily, stretching across me.
"As always. You're the reason I'm terribly useless in the morning," he scoffed.
"As long as I'm always the reason. And I do recall, morning was the least of your concerns last night," I slid my arm down to caress his hip bone.
"Stop that you demon!" he swatted me with a pillow, a charming tinge of red in his cheeks. I caught his wrists before he hit me again.
"A morning kiss for you husband?" I grinned. He paused before smushing the pillow over my face.
"Hey!" I said, disoriented as he pressed his lips to mine. I wrapped my arm around his waist as he set the pillow down, pulling him into me. As we broke, our left hands found each other. On each hand, a golden ring inscribed with diamond-studded wings graced the ring finger, proof of our vow before God to always be together, in this life and the next. I kissed Gabriel's lovely fingers. "I love you Gabriel. Thank you for being with a horrid demon like me."
"Idiot, I could never love a horrid demon, only an annoying one." I laughed, rolling over on top of him and pulling the sheets over our heads.
"Then I'll be annoying forever."

BUT WAIT! Don't you want to know what happened to Mikey? And what about that newly opened position in heaven? We promised we had a replacement...


I shut the door behind me, dropping my school backpack on the couch. "Gabriel! Alter!" I called through the house without a response. I wasn't really concerned, those two liked to go off and be friendly with each other. As much as Gabriel says he hates Alter, I can tell he secretly likes him a lot. I went into the kitchen to grab a cookie when I noticed a bunch of white things scattered across the backyard. Feathers? I lifted one, finding it to be pure white, gleaming gold where the light hit it aside from where it hit the ground and the softest thing I'd ever felt. Happily rubbing it on my cheek, I saw a dark mark in the middle of the yard. Dark red stained the grass and the ground and there was a hole just off, like somebody had jammed a post or something in the ground. Just then, I felt a strong breeze rush past me and my shadow grew in front of me. I turned around to witness winged people dressed in robes and almost shining with a light of their own. It reminded me of when I first saw Gabriel. One had rich brown curly hair and an intelligent but annoyed expression, the other brilliant red orange locks down his back and a gentle concerned face.
"Well, this is where I could last sense Micheal. And there's no sign of him, or Gabriel and the demon," the brunette sighed in irritation.
"But there are feathers everywhere," the redhead bent to pick up a feather on the ground, "Definitely Micheal's. Judging by the looks of it, I'd say Micheal is gone for good," he said. The other huffed.
"As if this weren't trouble enough, Micheal had to get himself eradicated."
"Stop, Raphael, we shall mourn the loss of our brother properly."
"First Gabriel and now-"
"Are you friends of Gabriel's?" I asked, my interest piqued. The two angels looked at me, shocked, but I didn't break my gaze at the magnificent beings. "Just curious. You kind of look like him.."
"You must be Gabriel's ward," the one called Raphael said. The other smiled widely. "Yes, we are the brothers of Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel." I smiled brightly.
"I'm Micheal, or Mikey to my friends. You're archangels right?"
"Yes we are."
"I was pretty sure. Gabriel liked to talk about heaven and you guys."
"So you know about angels?"
"Being an angel was what Gabriel liked to talk about most, ever since I was very little," I almost laughed.
"And how old are you?"
"I'll be thirteen in two weeks." Ariel's face brightened, his strange yet fascinating golden-orange eyes sparkling as he tapped Raphael He lowered his voice but I could still make out their conversation.
"He's young and already knows about angels, in addition to being raised by Gabriel," Ariel whispered.
"Not having to educate from scratch would be helpful. Whatever you want, less work for me."
"Hey, how would you like to be an angel?"

To Be Continued in Havoc in Heaven