Music carries throughout the building,
The ever beautiful tune both making us smile, and making us cry
The large doors open before us, right on cue And we walk down the aisle

I follow the other girls, one by one
Each step seeming to mimic each other's
My eyes dart in a glance over my shoulder,

To get a quick glimpse at the bride behind us

Her arm and our father's locked around each other's,
As he leads her down the middle of the room,
Escorting her to her future, her new life
With a man who we knows she loves deeply

I look back in front of myself
My lithe fingers curl tighter around my boquet
And I begin to smile,

Ever so happy for her

She looks absolutely gorgeous
Everyone of us who have attended
Even ones who could be completely oblivious
Can see that for a true fact.

Us bridesmaids each make it up to the alter,
Standing by the side, looking so poised
And with our eyes locked on my father and the bride,

As they make it up to the alter

He gives her a kiss on the cheek,
Gives a nod of his head to her groom,
And goes to sit down with our mother,
With that, the wedding begins

Beautiful vows are exchanged,
You could tell they truly meant them,
Every single word was said in truthful love And by the time the rings are exchanged,
Half of us girls are crying tears of happiness out of this ceremony

My mother and grandmother both dab their eyes,
Dad watches intently, but I can see the smile on his lips,
My cousin looks like she could start crying at any second,
And I simply bite down on my bottom lip, to keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks

With the vows said, the rings exchanged,
Only one thing remained, and that was the kiss
Their lips met as soon as the cue was given,

And everyone began crying, cheering, and clapping for them

The reception was wonderful,
Everyone dancing, eating, laughing and catching up,
And, of course, when the bride's boquet was thrown,
Wolf whistles and cheers could be heard for the lucky girl to catch the flowers

Yet, the fun cannot last forever
The reception ends with the last guest leaving,

And the bride, groom, our eldest sister, our parents and I
Being the last people to stay

I give my new brother a hug,
Telling him to take care of his new wife,
And he hugs back,
Promising me he will

I'm the last to hug the bride,
"Love ya, sis," she says to me, pulling me into a hug,
I hug back, returning the sentiment,
And tell her, "I love you too."

Hugs, kisses, and goodbyes are exchanged
Before my sister and my brother get into their chariot of sorts,

Driving away, with us smiling in knowing,
They'd be okay.




Behind the poem:

My older sister is getting married next month. I had been thinking about how the wedding would go, and this idea popped into my head. This is something I'd expect for my sister's wedding - well, somewhat. Her wedding is going to be really...well, typical for my older sister XD. Either way, when the idea came into my head, I figured I might as well put it down on here, eh?

Hope you enjoyed this little poem!