This is a story about two people of two different sides. They once were human, but after mass chaos everything changed. THEY changed.

Something just weren't the same anymore, everything was broken or being ripped apart. Yes, it takes more than one person to ruin something, but this time around Suna knew it was her fault.

It was time for her to go, or that what she felt anyways. Where? Who knew, but she wasn't going to stick around just to keep hurting her friends. It was better that she should be forgotten anyways.

'Why did I have to get so attached? Stupid feelings... lashing out on Nick just because I-' She stopped suddenly, it felt like something was following her. Suna shook her head, maybe it was just all in her mind, though after the world going to hell in a hand basket who really knew anymore. She moved towards the edge of town faster, yeah it was a bad idea for her (or anyone for that matter) to travel at night, but she really didn't care anymore.

That feeling washed over her again. 'Is someone following me?' She stopped, turning around quickly… but no one was there.

"Hey! Nick, Lance? Is someone following me?" She paused, but no response. "Okay…" Suna turned back around to continue on, only to let out a scream and fall back. Lance was a few feet away and was standing in her path.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" He looked pissed, and kind of tired but mostly pissed.

She scrambled back to her feet, "I-I'm leaving… I might come back eventually, I just think it might be better if we sort of separated…." While talking she didn't look up, not even once.

Lance clicked his tongue, "That's stupid, so you are just going to run away then?" He noticed that she wasn't looking at him, but that was understandable considering the last time they had encountered one another… it wasn't exactly pleasant. "You're not leaving."

"That's not up to you! I- I just need to clear my head." She clenched her fists, it was thanks to him that she couldn't just fly away or else she could have easily avoided this completely. Suna shook her head, making sure to keep her vision towards the ground.

"Clear your head of what? What could you possibly need to- GODDAMMIT WILL YOU FUCKING LOOK AT ME!" He growled, his temper and his demonic side starting to take over.

Suna jumped, her head shot up and a mixture of fear, panic, and some anger. "I fucking like you okay! I need to get out and think, I need to get away from you and Nick! So just... just back off!" She snapped at him, she didn't want to tell him, but now she clearly couldn't take it back. Suna turned around and took off running, making herself glow bright to keep him away.

Not that Lance could do anything anyway, he had no idea how to react to that. Nor could he go after her given that the light she was emitting was making him ill.

She hid herself in the abandoned gas station, deciding to wait until morning to leave. If Nick came after her... no he wouldn't do that, not when Lance needed him. Suna curled up into a ball and focused her energy on emitting her rays of light as the night slowly passed.

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