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It was just Nick and Lance now, or it had been for a quite a while after Suna left town. It was kind of like before she had shown up. Just the two of them going about their life, the only difference was that before they didn't know the pyro from a state over. Now they did and the house seemed quieter without her.

Nick had developed a half nocturnal life style; he would spend the beginning of the night with Lance until he ran off to do whatever he did. Then he would sleep until he woke up the next day, going out every so often for supplies, but not as often as he use to. Months passed, then a year, almost two. Monsters would appear once in a while, but Nick and Lance had it covered and kept them out. Rations around town were growing small, Nick had started a garden but it wasn't doing so well.

He was making his way around town to find other things to try to grow. It was late afternoon, so he was probably going to be seeing Lance soon and… Nick paused in his step as someone darted in front of him.

"S-Suna…?" He blinked and she was gone, maybe his eyes were just playing tricks on him. And if they were that was a cruel trick to play…

Lance waited until it was dark enough out before heading out; he took the most roundabout way he could. Jumping onto buildings and climbing them as if he had been doing it his whole life, hard to believe he had only been a demon for close to five years.

At some point he jumped onto the roof of the gas station, thinking nothing of it as he jumped down and went in for a new pack of cigarettes. When he came back out, Lance saw a familiar yellow outfit between the gap of the back of the bench and the seat. His eyes grew wide as he moved closer.

"Hey…" He paused before stopping behind the bench and seeing no one was there. Lance just stared at the bench that started it all before finally moving on with his night. There was no reason to dwell on these things; it's been too long…

'She's probably dead…'

By the time of night that Lance and Nick finally met up, they had both seen what they thought was Suna multiple times. It was starting to weird them out a bit, more so because they both were seeing these illusions.

They were making their way through what use to be a park when they saw a familiar glow. Nick and Lance exchanged glances before moving a bit faster, the glow got closer and didn't move. Lance had to stop at some point as Nick continued on. The glow had a shape now.

"Suna!" Nick called out, the girl jumped and her light dimmed, but she could still be seen. Nick stopped, not sure if he should hug her or slap her.

Suna smiled a little at them both, her glasses were missing but they all knew she never needed them anyways. "Hey guys…. Sorry I've been gone so long. I... I got into some trouble." She motioned to her back and two stubs where her wings once were.

Lance had moved closer, he still had to be careful but they were a safe distance a part. "What happened? Where the hell have you been?"

Nick shook his head, "What happened to your wings, Kid?" He realized he was just happy to see her alive.

"I'm not a kid!" Suna frowned, "And I'd rather not talk about it right now." She sighed, her smile almost seemed hard to bring back. Suna took a deep breath and closed her eyes as the memories flooded past.

There was a pause before Lance finally turned around, "Well? Are you coming home or not?"

Suna's eyes shoot open before she grinned and went to step forward, only to have Nick throw her over his shoulder. "Not on my watch kid. We'll deal with you later, but for now just know the couch is still mine."

Suna groaned, but was still smiling. She didn't argue with him.

They were almost home when they saw something strange; the first sign of actual life growing from the ground was a bush of roses. They were each working hard on blooming, a few of them clearly dead. The ones that had actually made it were three of them. All three at full bloom.

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