Those lips i once kissed
They were once warm
Once soft
Once full of love
But now
They are hard and cold

There he is lying on the ground


He promised me he would be back
But that promise was never kept


That's all i have been doing since than
I wonder...what if it that was me?
He loved me enough to give his life for mine
If only i could have stop that bullet
If only i didn't want to go shopping that day
If only i didn't meet him
If only i wasn't born...

If only...if only...
Like a chant in my head
Like a broken recorded player
Like an alarm ringing over and over

My life its no longer worth living
I must join him...
Because our love is forever
Its not a moment of time
Its real...its for eternal

I'm ready to give my life
For our love
For my sake
For him...