The evil queen, sure that her stepdaughter was losing her mind, powers, and body by now, confidently asked her magic mirror:

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall

"Who is most powerful of us all?"

The mirror's reply:

"You are the most powerful that I see

"But more powerful, Snowdrop will be."

"Who is this Snowdrop?" demanded the queen. "I will send her into the Woods!"

The mirror said,

"Young Snowdrop is the princess good.

"She has escaped your Wailing Wood."

"No!" shouted the queen. She turned and saw Snowdrop staring at her through the window. "It cannot be!"

Snowdrop passed through the glass as if it were not there. The queen send a cloud of dark magic at her, but she dodged it.

"I will destroy you, Snow White!" the queen shrieked. She sent another cloud of dark magic at the girl, but Snowdrop was using the mirror as a shield. The cloud went right back to the queen and hit her.

"My name is Snowdrop," said the princess as her stepmother vanished.

The Wailing Woods were bathed in light, and became ordinary woods as the imprisoned souls ascended to the heavens. The seven lights came to Snowdrop and assumed the shapes of the children they once were.

"Thank you, Princess Snowdrop," said the tallest girl, the first light. "We are free."

Snowdrop waved goodbye to the seven souls as her parents appeared at her side. Together again for the first time since Snowdrop was a baby, the Royal Family of the Witches lived happily ever after.