Civilized Zombies Tales 1

Eirika got out of her tent picked up her sword and shield and began to hit the straw dummy. After the plaque hit humans became savage and wild animals from the zoo broke out killing even more however all was not lost as some of the victims became zombies not like the ones you see in the movies they can think and speak they have their own minds. They are the civilized zombies and they are the only thing humanity has left while the human "savages" raided and killed the civilized zombies lived in close knit trailer areas and were slowly learning metal work since the greater minds (Zombie scientists) declared firearms were no longer need since the "savages" had no understanding of firearms and the greater minds declared the destruction of these items however like the world before them some zombie thugs tried to smuggle the firearms to gangs and others would go to the extent of trying to teach humans how to use them. Eirika struck swiftly she wasn't a warrior she was a Sheppard girl and was forcefully drafted by the local militia due to the rise of savage activity rumor had started that a horde was gathering. She then looked herself in the mirror she had blonde hair, with grayish skin and the cut on her left cheek was noticeable what you would consider gross scars and cuts on zombie maiden was a sign of suburb beauty to them. Suddenly a scout and her horse came back both frantic the horses eyes wide with fear and the scout breathing frantically. The scout then began to scream of thousands of the savages the civilized zombie generals ordered each division to get ready and with in an hour they were ready. Eirika took a deep breathe this is it she said to herself soon the sounds of war chants came across the side streets. Since this was still a city urban warfare is very common in this world. Then the savages came many carrying baseball bat with spikes on the tip others wore gas-masks (the officers according to the bestiary of human savages) carrying spiked brass knuckles. "Crossbow unit ready aim FIRE" shouted a female zombie crossbow leader a hiss of bolts sounded felling dozens another volley. "Rot Hounds and Masters ready" the rot hounds are similar to our German Sheppard's however their eyes are red and their fur rotten thus that how they were named were ordered to attack the kennel masters armed with riot gear with the shield however they carried swords similar to roman legionnaires and the same tactics to shields raised followed by a quick jab motion. They made quick work of the savages the hounds biting and the masters pushing back the savages with their riot shields. The battle was going better than the zombie generals could have anticipated with only a couple hundred wounded and dozen dead the Zombie EMS unit was quickly carrying the wounded to safety followed by the Local Zombie Police Department arresting deserters to be given a trial after the battle. Eirika herself had been away from the main fighting since she was a skirmisher unit and was dealing with the stragglers. Soon the horns of victory blared and the cheers of the triumphant civilized zombie could be heard thought the entire downtown districts. "Mommy Daddy" Eirika shouted as she ran to see her mother and father they both hugged her tightly since by Zombie law every child of the Empire must fight their first battle they looked at their seven year old daughter and smiled this is the way they live sometimes in peace other times fighting the savages but at the end of the day they still call this place home.