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The Weekend

Chapter 1

Shyla thought it was amazing how fast life could change… Sometimes when it often stayed the same you would wondered if anything would ever be different. Then one day something would change. Sometimes something big or even something small would somehow affect everything. Almost like dominos… at least it felt that way for Shyla…

She leaned her head up against the cold glass of the car window Shyla thinking surely her life had taken nearly a u-turn especially when it came to her weekends. She smiled watching as the snow fell onto the trees covering them in a wintry blanket.

Shyla listen to the radio reading off sports stats and turned to look over at her boyfriend… She was sitting in the passenger seat of his car as he focused on the road ahead trying to get bits of pretzels out of his teeth. Shyla could tell he was nervous to the point where it was almost cute.

After nearly four months of dating Liam was taking her to spend the weekend with his family. They had wanted to meet her since they learned the two were dating but Liam had been dragging his feet. At first Shyla wondered if it was her but Liam told her it was defiantly them…

Liam told Shyla if he had his way she wouldn't meet his family for years. Maybe after they were married and their kids were in college he'd introduce them. He was afraid they might scare Shyla off or offend them. Shyla wasn't to excited to know that in the past his parents had scared his other girlfriends off but Shyla assured Liam she didn't spook so easily.
When Liam's parents asked him to come skiing for the weekend he asked Shyla if she'd ever been. When he learned she hadn't he decided to finally let her meet his parents. He told Shyla at least she'd get to do something fun and new. If his parents got too scary they could always hit the hills for a few hours and say they got lost.

As they took several more turns on the mountain roads Liam told them they were getting close. Shyla found herself beginning to get nervous but she tried not to let it show. She didn't let Liam know that skiing wouldn't be the only knew thing this weekend… She had never met parents before.

All of the boyfriends she'd ever had were either distant for their parents or the relationship never last that long and surely Shyla had never met any of the parents of her clients….

Up until a few months ago just before Shyla had met Liam she had spent most of her weekends as an escort trying to pay for college… It wasn't something Shyla really talked about… Most people found it taboo and she wasn't really sure how Liam would take it. Some people were open minded while others not so much…

In the beginning Shyla herself had been very weary of it. In her first year of college there had a nude model that came in at one point to pose for the class. When they were finished drawing her Shyla had got to talking to her. Asking how she could sit in front of a room and be so bold.

The model laughed saying that she was comfortable with herself and didn't mind helping others with their artistic abilities. She told Shyla the school also paid for her to model but she made her real money as an escort. She told Shyla as a college student if she ever needed money she should try it….

Shyla hadn't said anything then even pushing it to the back of her mind. Yet when Shyla was nearly two years into college and her roommate split on her to go traveling she needed money badly. For food, rent, books and tuition as the money she had saved was running low…

Shyla got some jobs on campus at first. She even worked at the movies, and in fast food but none of it paid the bills and left her enough time to study for her classes or do her art. How was she supposed to graduate from college…when in order to pay for it she had to spend all her time working? She began to get so tired she started to fail some of her classes.

One of her teachers suggested maybe she take a year off and work but the idea of it didn't sound so great to Shyla. She had a filling if she quit and started working she might never be able to come back… The program she had gotten into only chose twenty five students every year…

The most stressed she got the more she began to get desperate. She would look over the boards at school and one day she saw that model again. She was shopping at one of the places Shyla was applying to work… Awkwardly she approached her asking if she still escorted.

The model said yes and even treated Shyla to lunch. She told Shyla tons of student now a days stripped, modeled for adult magazines or even became escorts to pay for their courses. She told Shyla just because she was an escort didn't mean she had to sleep with her client.

She told Shyla to think about it like going on a normal date. If the client needed someone pretty on their arm at an art show, or a speech, in some cases someone to travel with them on long trips and keep them company. All you had to do was just hang out and if at some point the client wanted more you could always say no and had a right to even end the date…However if you wanted a tip….than maybe you could do more but you decided because you were in control…

She made it sound easy and even good. Like Shyla could just go to an art show and make a few hundred dollars. The model gave her a card and told her to at least give it a shot. After Shyla nearly failed one of her math exams she finally broke down and stopped by the company head quarters.

It felt like a normal job interview. They asked her question how she felt about things, where she had worked if she had any talent or abilities. When they decided to hire her they gave her a complete makeover. She got nails, clothes and hair. To pay for it all they would take an extra ten percent out of her paycheck but otherwise for each date they only took fifteen and she got to keep all of her tips.

She was given a special cell phone, and a paycheck for taking weekend classes on conversations, the do's and don'ts. How to let a date down or determine if a date had become dangerous… Shyla was a little weary after that but the other girls assured her if she ever got a clinger. As they call it a date who didn't want to end a date the company would black list them and take care of the whole thing.

She made friends fast and when she got her first call she was soo nervous. She thought she was going to die. They told her it was something simple. A man needed an escort to a wedding party. Shyla dressed up according to what it was and when she was picked up she met man his name was Hank. He looked to be in his forties maybe older he seemed almost as nervous as she was.

He apologized a lot and didn't want Shyla to think he was strange or anything. He told her his brother was getting married. That he was always more successful to him and whenever he showed up to any family get together alone they always put him down or tried to set him up. He told Shyla he just wanted to be left alone that it would be nice if she could say they had been dating for a few weeks maybe a month and her name was Opal…

Shyla didn't know if she could do it but when she got to the party and she met his family it was almost like a game or being a spy. At first things seemed fast but as the night went on Hank just wanted to sit and eat. He wasn't a very good dancer and spent most the time talking about work. He made shoes and had his own company. As they talked Shyla could tell he was lonely and happy for the company.

When they left Shyla was a little nervous on how it would go but Hank kissed her hand and thanked her for helping him through the wedding. After that she got nearly three hundred dollars. Shyla couldn't believe it. She must have only spent three of four hours with him.

A few more times when her phone rang she was nervous but after a while she found it fun. She got to go places she'd never been. Baseball games, picnics, hiking, golf tournaments, she went to speech after speech. One of two jobs a weekend for a few hours paid for everything. Shyla was able to buy real food, pay the rent, and get some books.

A few times she was offered more though she turned them down every time. One or two guys however were rather handsome and even invited her on more than one day. Hank became a regular even having coffee or seeing a show. One afternoon he just took her to his shoe shop and showed her how they were made…

One of the girls suggested if she wanted to do more she could make enough to start paying off her school loans or saving up big… Shyla wasn't sure though she didn't know if she could really go that far. One girl told her to just give one of her clients a blow job or even a hand job. A tip for a tip…

Shyla…was so nervous the first time she tried… The guy was handsome he worked in business and when she went to put her hands on him he made a lot of nose. She found it really embarrassing. When she went down on him it wasn't even that bad… When it was over he paid her twice the amount of the date…

After that if Shyla found a client charming or sexy she might give him a blowjob. It became almost mechanical at one point… The first time she had sex with a client was out of pity. A few times she had gone out with a client who had recently lot his wife in childbirth. He was sad and at first he just wanted someone to talk to and spend time with as everything felt lonely.

The man said Shyla's picture on the escort website had reminded him of his wife in the eyes. Shyla tried to comfort him and at one point she kissed him and they had sex. Afterwards she had enough money to make a sizable payment on her loan… She didn't sleep with everyone or do sexual favors for everyone. Some people were creepy or dull but some she could almost imagine dating….

Shyla was able to pick up her grades get her classes in gear and even had enough to pay off most of her loans in little over at year. The plan had been for her to make her bills and once she was done she'd quit.

She worked hard not to get too used to the money. She learned from some girls who had bought themselves apartments and started living a way of life that it was hard to stop once you had the money. A lot of the women escorts were hoping to get picked up by one of their richer clients. Weather to become wives, mistresses or just kept as they called it with a nice place and nice thing.

At one point Phillip ended up marrying one of the girls and they all had a celebration. Shyla knew she didn't want to become kept. Her mother had always been dependent on her father and she tried not to let a man rule he life. She swore she'd quit long before then.

One of her last jobs….she'd come dangerously close to having that happen… It had been her best paying job a full weekend. He'd been rather handsome charming even but when after having sex all weekend he wanted her to give her an apartment and a spending account…. It was all just too much to fast.

She ended up sneaking out. The client kept calling for weeks even months trying to set up another date but Shyla didn't feel comfortable they ended up blacklisting him after he kept trying to send flowers and presents for her with little notes asking if they could just talk….

She did a few jobs after that but her student loans were paid and she had some savings now… She was nearly done with college and trying to decide what she wanted to do or where she wanted to go. She spent most her afternoons in a coffee shop and that is where she met Liam…

He was sweet and funny…She noticed him a few times in the coffee shop banging his laptop of losing his pencils. One day Shyla looked over and the sun was shining on him and he smiled…It still made her heart leap when she thought about it.

They started talking and one thing led to another… He asked her out to a movie and she accepted. They went to dinners and games and it was beyond what she did with her clients. Shyla fell hard and fast as did Liam.

When they started having sex Shyla turned in her resignation. The escort service was sad to see her go but offered her a job if she ever needed it. The main boss was a bit happy she was going because the clients they had blacklisted was now offering the escort service money for any information.

Each girl used a fake name. Shyla's was Starlight. The client wanted her real name and last time the money had almost been ridiculous. They hadn't told Shyla about it knowing she was already uncomfortable but now they were happy to be able to say she no longer worked here before hanging up.

Shyla stretched in the car thinking these last few months had been great with Liam. He smiled at her as they pulled into a long driveway. Shyla saw what looked like a large lodge. She felt bad now for thinking about her past as they were driving. She wanted this weekend to be great and wasn't going to let her past spoil it.

Liam pulled the car up in front of the doors and again squeezed Shyla's hand saying. "I just wanted to know I did warn you if after meeting my family you never want to see them again I understand,"

Shyla laughed shaking her head and gave him a quick kiss. "It will be fine love I'm sure they'll like me and even if they don't you do,"

"That I do," said Liam getting out of the car. Some men that worked at the lodge came out getting their luggage and the car keys.

It was rather cold out as the two walked up the stairs the lodge was lit rather well and as they entered someone opened the door. A man stepped up taking Liam's coat and scarf. Liam stepped up and took of Shyla's scarf he looked all the more nervous…

Shyla tried to calm him down as they're coat were taken, "Where do you think the front desk is…I hope our room is nice. I've never stayed in a lodge before this place looks fantastic there must be dozens of rooms I bet they do well every winter,"

"Uh…yeah…this...isn't a lodge," said Liam sighing thinking now would be a better time than any to tell her at least before she found out on her own. "This is there home,"

Shyla laughed for a second, "Ha…right…your so silly,"

"No…"said Liam a bit nervously he kicked his foot into the carpet as the men carried their bags in and up some stairs, "See… I don't like to talk about it very much but my family has a lot of money…. "

"Oh…" said Shyla realizing he was serious…

"Yeah…I don't like how it effects people when they find out. It can make some people fake close or uhh pull away. It also effects my family's opinion on people…They can be rather judgmental…They think everyone's out to get our…money…."

"Right…"said Shyla getting the idea why some people might have been intimidated. She stood there for a few minutes thinking Liam was pretty much telling her that his family was going to think she was after his money…She could see what Liam meant about offending…. She tried not to let it bother her but as he took her hand she wondered how she was going to get through the weekend.

Shyla knew she wasn't exactly an impressive person…She let out a sigh and Liam let out another one with her. Together they mad there way through this mansion. It was well decorated and from having worked as an escort and attending several auctions Shyla knew high priced.

This was not at all how Shyla pictured Liam's family. She figured maybe they rented a room or a cabin for the weekend to go skiing. She figured they were middle class maybe a best. Liam was an artist like Shyla….

He lived simple apartment which she practically lived in with all the time they spent together. His furniture was all hand made and the bed was just a mattress on the floor. To Liam his art was all about the passion. He painted, he sculpted and he study architecture. He also took business classes. Shyla had always thought it was because…he wanted a back up but no she wondered…if maybe it was more…

Liam squeezed her hand as they slowly walked on and said, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier….

"You'll pay for this later," said Shyla with a scowl. Liam smiled at her.

They found his mother Claire in one the sitting rooms. She had short styled blonde hair a tanned sweater and white dress slacks with designer high-heels. Her earring sparkling as she was reading a book. When she saw them enter she got up and went to Liam hugging him "Oh good Leigh you made it….Rotham called said the roads are getting really bad out there. The kids and him are going to be a bit late…

" Ah…so Rotham is coming…" said Liam pulling back, "I thought he was too busy and couldn't make it…"

"That was before your father insisted…" said Liam's mother… "We're only going to get to do so many more of these family get together….and I for one would like to spend some time with my grandkids…"

Then like a hawk finishing her polite greeting to her son Claries eyes turned to Shyla. She smiled trying to think positive….like Claire had some radar that could sense fear…didn't all mothers… when it came to women dating their sons…

"You must be Shyla…." said Claire

"Yes…" I said bowing my head a bit "It's very nice to meet you mam…"

"Call me Claire darling," said Claire as she reached out and took Shyla's hand pulling her along "Why don't I talk you on a tour while Liam goes and catches up with his father. He's waiting for you in the study dear,"

Liam sighed and Shyla could sense something more was going on there but she didn't have the time to ask him about it. Within second Shyla was whisked away through the amazing mansion. She learned a great many things on that tour. Shyla was surprised when Clair said she had heard so much about her when Shyla had heard so little. Well she had heard she liked to travel…

As Clair took Shyla through the downstairs she showed her a long table that was being set by several maids for dinner. Shyla saw a large kitchen with roasts and chickens their wasn't much time to dawdle as Claire called it. She showed Shyla two sitting rooms too many fire places to count and an indoor pool and sauna and outdoor hot tubes with a ski lift behind their house…As Shyla stared at it all she could think was 'Who had their own ski lift!"

Upstairs Claire showed Shyla some master sweats and told her the house had been in the family for years… When she was finished she showed Shyla the room she would be staying. Her things were already unpacked and put in the closet. She guess they did that here… Shyla had never seen it done before but had heard about it. She didn't like the idea of someone going through her stuff but tried not to think about it. Instead she asked "I noticed only my things are in the closet where are Liam's"

Claire looked at Shyla a bit taken aback, "In his room of course…you've only been dating what three months…two…"

"Right," said Shyla realizing she was offended to think the two were sleeping together. She smiled and tried to dig herself out of the hole she was making, "What I meant was….where are his things… because where is his room"

Clair scowled at her and said, "Elsewhere it isn't proper for a lady to know where he gentleman slumbers,"

"Right" said Shyla feeling these people were beyond old school. Yet she held her tongue and bit her lip.

"Oh don't do that dear its such bad habit ,"said Claire and the awkwardness grew…"Anyway…if you'll freshen up and come down to the first sitting room we were in we'll all get seated for dinner…"

Shyla politely nodded and when Claire left she sat on the bed rolling her eyes…Liam and her wouldn't even be getting to sleep together here. How was she going to talk to him about any of what was going on. Shyla looked around the room and thought at least she got my own bathroom. Then she looked in the closet it was one of the times they being an escort came in handy.

Back in the day she would have only packed a sweater and jeans. Now Shyla knew to be up for any event… She dresses in one of her simple dresses that went to just above her knees. When she looked in the mirror she realized it did show off her breast quit a bit. She put on a sweater

Slowly she did up her hair and put on some new earrings and makeup. When she was done she thought she looked nice nothing to fancy or trashy. As Shyla slowly left the room she hoped this wouldn't be a total disaster. She got lost on her way down and when she found the sitting room Liam was sitting on a couch drinking some scotch. His mood seemed down.

"Is everything alright," Shyla asked stepping up

Liam turned to look at her and smiled. Shyla was happy she could brighten his mood. "Now t is" said and Liam and the two kissed.

They sat on the couch for a while and Shyla asked, "So what do I do…I mean…here…"

"Just be yourself…" said Liam finishing his drink, "Don't let them get to you… especially my brother his wife,"

"I take it you don't like your brother," asked Shyla

"We have our moments" said Liam, "Everything always seemed to be a competition between me and Rotham. We used to fight over our parents affection, Sports, grades, money. I used to idolize him when I was younger. He was a genius had his own company before middle school. Sometimes he'd help me out but mostly he loved showing how much better than he is to me… When he got married and one of his companies became a big success I didn't hear the end of it for years. I heard he might come but he canceled last week saying he had too much on his plate… Looks like this weekend is just getting better and better,"

"Hey," said Shyla, "You already won out on the name…What kind of name s Rotham…is than that spelt Rot Ham,"

Liam laughed had at that, "Oh…it's a family name belonged to my grandfather. Might not want to mock but Rot Ham is a good one,"

Shyla laughed and a man walked into the room saying dinner was ready. Together Liam and Shyla walked into the dinning room. Liam's father Richard sat at the end with his Claire on the right. Claire called for Shyla to sit next to her while Liam father called Liam to sit on his left.

Shyla wasn't next to Liam or even across form him she was beginning to feel like she was going to be separated from Liam all weekend at this rate.

"We don't know how long Rotham will be so we decided to get started…" said Clair as she sat at the table "No use in letting this good food go cold…"

Hmmm…said Lima's father. His father looked at me briefly through his small glasses but dint seem too impressed.

"Shyla this is Lima's father… Richard…Richard…this is Shy,"

"What do you do for a living?" asked Richard right off the bat.

"Dad," said Liam under his teeth.

"What …I have a right to ask if she's another one after your money…or not…."

"She had no idea about our family money before tonight…I never told her…" said Liam

"I'm sure," said Richard "I bet she's an artist too and you both just spend all day making art in that Apartment I pay for"

Liam tried hard to keep his temper down holding onto his fork and spoon. "I know your mad at me because I turned you down for an interning this summer but please don't take it out on my girlfriend,"

Richard looked to his son "That is our business do not discuss it at the table,"

Shyla cleared her throat, "I am an artist"

"Do you make any money from it?" asked Richard.

"I'm currently attending college," said Shyla, "But I hope too,"

Richard scoffed and Claire quickly changed the subject, "Oh look the soup is here,"

The room was silent as the soup was served. Shyla looked down at the soup and it was something she'd never had before…It tasted like salted dust to her but she slowly sipped it finding it better than the room itself.

The next dish was steamed vegetables and lettuce styled in a tower… Just as Shyla started one of the servants entered and said, "Rotham and Petra have arrived with the kids…"

Shyla was grateful because the silence was really getting to her it made hr focus on the food. Shyla could really really go for a hamburger right now. Liam looked at her and Shyla mouthed "So going to pay…"

Liam smiled and laughed a bit and his mother picked up her whine glass saying, "We do not whisper at the table dear…."

Shyla wanted to point out she hadn't whispered but in fact mouthed what she said. Yet she didn't want to make things any worse for herself. Shyla wondered how Liam could have survived in the environment and turned out so easy going and nice as he was.

The double doors to the dining room opened and Shyla heard a baby screaming. A man came in carrying in a two year old toddler. Next to him was a woman dressed in a beautiful black dress her hair done up. An adorable little girl was holding her hands she had her hair done up like her mothers and was wearing a white long button up coat.

Within second a woman came in and took the toddler from the man. Shyla looked at him for the first time. He had short styled black hair; his eyes were covered by sophisticated black rimmed glasses. He wore a fancy black tailored suit. Something about him was really familiar…

Shyla tried to place it as he stepped up to the woman who took his son he handed her a bottle saying, "Two drops every two hours,"

The woman nodded saying "Yes sir," She took the hand of the little girl and carried left with both the children. The small boy could be heard crying for several minutes after. Shyla felt bad for him thinking he must have been sick.

Richard stood up as the man walked over to the table with his wife. Shyla assumed this was Rotham and Petra. Claire stood up as did Liam so Shyla stood up to.

"Claire…" said Petra walking from her husbands side she didn't even look at Shyla as she light hug and kiss on each other. Then she came over and kissed Richard on the cheek.

While Petra went to Claire Rotham went to Richard shaking his hand, "Sorry for our lateness"

The two men stopped shaking hands and Petra went to sit with her husband as Rotham sat next to his Liam across from Shyla.

"Oh we're just glade you made it safe and sound… said Claire going to sit

"Yes it looks like well be snowed in at this point…" joked Rotham. As everyone sat Shyla looked at him head on for the first time as both of them when to sit they froze for a second before sitting down.

Shyla looked away at once recognizing him. He was one of her last few clients as an escort. He was her best paying job and the one that made her realize she couldn't continue doing this… She'd spent the weekend with him never knowing his name until now… She hoped more than anything he wouldn't recognize her as she felt her skin crawl and her face turn red from the sheer utter horror of embarrassment.

How was she ever going to escape her past with Liam when part of her past was sitting right across from her… Rotham stared for a bit but looked away drinking his wine rather quickly.

Claire realized she hadn't introduced Shyla to them, "Oh forgive my rudeness Rotham, Petra, this is Shyla Liam's….friend…"

Shyla sighed a bit his mother having left out girl in girlfriend. Rotham pressed his lips together for a second before clearing his throat and saying, "Ever so nice to meet you,"

Shyla had no choice but to look at him and smile before turning to his wife who had her eyebrow raised. While no one else in the room seemed to recognize that Shyla and Rotham had indeed met before Petra caught onto the subtle hints now wondering just who she was…

"Tell me what's wrong with baby Ian," asked Claire as she drank some wine…

"He has an ear ach," said Petra

"Oh how awful I remember when Rotham and Liam used to get those they can be horrid especially at that age used to keep their nannies up all night,"

"Yes, well ours is sick as well that's why we didn't bring her," said Petra.

"Oh, my" said Clair covering her mouth now as if she could get sick, "Let hope none us get sick this weekend it would just ruin all our plans,"

"Yes," said Richard.

The next meal was served and Shyla looked up for a second to Rotham really hoping that he just thought he recognized her like when she first saw him. She really hoped even if he did remember her that he would say nothing. That if anything they could both go about this weekend as if nothing had ever happened between the two….

Liam smiled to Shyla raining his glass a bit and smiled back thinking this was going to be the longest weekend ever…

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