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Chapter 19

The road to the cabin was a long one a few hours out of the city Liam stopped a few more places along the way getting everything they needed. Shyla got out at each stop and walked around making sure her face could be seen. It was important for Rotham to see clearly Liam and her were together.

Liam bought some extra gas while Shyla picked up some snacks for the road. Unlike at the sporting good store he paid with his personal card. He wanted to make sure he could be tracked so Rotham would have a trail. For an hour or two Liam and Shyla got onto the road as it was getting dark.

They stopped at a large grocery store about half way to the cabin buying lots of food and water anything that would make it look like Liam was trying to set Shyla up to stay in the cabin without him for a few weeks. Liam brought some extra blankets and some things for entertainment.

At one point while they were shopping Shyla almost forgot about what they were doing. It had been so long since she'd been in a big store and she played with Liam showing him various things and laughing at some of the things they saw that were suppose to be life changing deceives.

A pancake flipping bacon fork or slippers that were suppose to feel like you were walking on clouds. Liam laughed at a few of the things and they picked themselves out some ice cream. He too was reminded of the old days. However when it was time to check out and their cart was full Shyla and Liam grew quiet.

Liam paid again with his card and they slowly packed it into the car that was now heaping with everything they needed. The next two hours passed with the radio playing songs as both Shyla and Liam had a lot on their mind.

It had been years since either of them had driven anywhere together and for both of them it brought back a lot of memories. Liam wondered if that was how things would always be. Would they always just have memories…or could they make new ones with everything that had happened between them.

Shyla was thinking about how she missed when they used to travel. She missed how some days they would spend hours in the car moving one place to the next. The games they would come up with, who had more bug splats on their side of the car…or how many red cars do you see. Shyla sighed…thinking she missed that simple life… She still didn't know what she was going to do after Rotham was dead. She wondered would she have a simple life…could she ever….

Shyla and Liam pulled up to the cabin with the stars shining brightly. Liam left the car lights on as they couldn't see a thing. The air was chilled and they could see their breath when they stepped out of the car. Liam took out a lantern he'd bought at the sporting goods store lighting it. He gave Shyla two to hold with her good arm while he held two of his own.

Together they walked up to the cabin and went inside. No one had been there for years it seemed. There was dust everywhere and the furniture was covered. Liam wondered if anything would still work inside. They placed the lanterns all around the cabin trying to make it bright. Then together they unpacked the car.

Once everything was in the cabin Shyla was able to look around. It was a rather large cabin. It had wooden floors and a stone fire place. There was a kitchen and a dinning table. The bedroom was a loft with a latter leading up to it. All together it looked like a romantic place to get away thought Shyla. She might have even liked it if this wasn't where they were planning to do such horrific things.

Liam pulled all of the clothes off showing there was a couch he opened the door and two of the window trying to air the place out. Shyla started to put everything away as Liam grabbed an old axe by the fire place and took one of the lanterns outside.

She wondered what he was going to do with it. He left for what felt like forever. Shyla began to worry when she had most everything set up. She made the bed put a few things away in the cabinets and laid out all of the stuff for the plan so they could set it up. She wondered if she should take a lantern and go look for him.

The door was open and she could see the moonlight outside as it sighed full. She rubbed her broken arm up and down feeling so cold when Liam finally came back. He smiled at her his nose and cheeks red from the cold. He had a stack of fire wood under his arms. Shyla realized what he'd been doing and helped him set it down. For several long minutes he brought in stack after stack. Shyla tried to make a pile.

When they were all inside Liam took out a long stick with bristle and put it up the chimney. Shyla wondered what he was doing. When she saw the remains of birds nests and bits of things fall down in the fire place she realized he was clearing out. Shyla got a broom and quickly swept it up. Then Liam set up the wood and started a fire.

Once it was blazing high he showed Shyla how to put another one on the fireplace just in case it needed one while he was working his way back. Then Liam and Shyla got to work they slowly set up several things within the house. Knives in case Liam wasn't able to shoot Rotham. Gasoline to burn the body and various other back ups.

When it was all set up Liam looked at his watch and knew it was rather late. Shyla knew he had to pretend to get going so he could get back. He told her he was only going to drive around the corner hide the car and come back… Shyla nodded and held one of the knives just in case.

Liam looked cold and she asked if he should maybe warm up a bit but he told her it was better to get it done fast, just in case Rotham was already out there. Shyla nodded and knew if he got there before Liam got back she was suppose to stall…

Liam grabbed Shyla by the arms and pulled her in kissing her without even thinking about it. Once their lips touched though he realized what he'd done and Shyla stood still. Liam also didn't want to move. It had only meant to be a peck a simple goodbye but it turned into more like a flicker of a flame turning into an explosion. Together they kissed each other over and over again until Liam pulled away, "Becka,"

"I know," said Shyla…

Liam didn't say a word he left. Shyla sighed once he was gone looking to the fireplace the axe back in its dust spot. She stared at the fire for a second wondering why everything had to be so complicated. Why did Shyla have to still love Liam when she knew she could never have him. Not back then and not now.

Shyla grabbed a tea pot they had bought and filled it with water before putting it on the flame. She thought it would be nice for Liam to have something hot to drink when he got back. It was hard making the tea as every time she picked something up she had to put her knife down for a second. She really wondered if Rotham burst through that door could she kill him on her own without Liam…

Shyla felt like such a coward…She though Liam was amazing….and she also thought of how hard this must be on him. She sat down on the couch once the tea was mad thinking he was going to kill his own brother. That had to do something to a person. Shyla didn't have a brother or sister but she had a mother and a father….Though not terrible close to them she couldn't picture harming them…Yet she knew she could stab someone…She had after all stabbed that guard…So maybe killing someone was like that…Doing it to survive to get away…She hadn't killed that guard luckily but she wondered now how would she have felt if she did. It chilled her…

The door opened so fast that Shyla jumped up from the couch when it did. She saw Liam and sighed. He panted winded like he'd run back to the cabin. He quickly shut the door. He came over to Shyla and said, "I didn't use my light coming back I can clearly see the cabin I'm hoping I wasn't seen. I didn't see any cars…or lights. So I don't think Rotham's here yet."

"That's good," said Shyla

"What's this," asked Liam pointing to the cups on the coffee table.

"Tea I thought you might be cold," said Shyla

"Thank you," said Liam he sat down on the couch and together they drank for a while.

When Liam was warmed up he said, "I'm sorry I scared you I didn't mean to,"

"That's alright," said Shyla… "You saved me from my thoughts,"

"What were they about," said Liam.

"Nothing…it was morbid," said Shyla

"Tell me," said Liam leaning forward.

"I was just thinking you must be so brave and amazing…its got to be hard to know your going to kill your own brother,"

Liam sighed, "I try not to think of it like that…I try to think he's not my brother…because my brother wouldn't do this…I think of him as a stranger or some twisted monster that needs to be stopped."

"Hmm," said Shyla, "But do you have to be the one to do it,"

"I do," said Liam "That reminds me,"

"Yes," said Shyla feeling sleepy. She didn't get how she could feel sleepy when everything could explode at any moment.

"I need to load the gun," said Liam standing up.

"Oh…right," said Shyla. "We forgot that,"

Shyla watched as Liam loaded the gun and didn't feel so tired any more. Once it was loaded he set it on the coffee table and they both stared at it… Everything was so quiet they could hear the noise the fire made.

After a while Liam decided maybe they should eat. They opened up some boxes of food but neither of them felt too hungry picking at it as they sat together on the couch. Liam put another log on the fire and turned to Shyla saying…"Listen I've been thinking…Do you like Marrel and Bill…because maybe after all this is over you could stay at the safe house for a while…until we get everything sorted out,"

Shyla knew this moment was going to come sooner or later. Where they would have to discuss what was going to happen after Rotham was dead. She was just hoping it would be later on…However Shyla knew it was better to get it over with for him to know where she stood.

"Liam," said Shyla calmly and slowly, "I…I should go once this is done…"

"No…"said Liam looking upset, "We decided were going to stay together, remember…last night,"

"Last night we…we didn't discuss anything. We just shared a moment I think we needed to but Liam you have a wife and kids…I can't take you from them…"

"I know…" said Liam "But I love you. I do love my wife and my girls…but its different…I just know that I need you in my life…whatever it may be"

Shyla looked at Liam her eyes pained. She sighed saying, "What do people do in this situation,"

"What do you mean?" asked Liam

"When two people like you and I were together and fall apart only to come together again but well have… different lives…"

"I guess…I guess they try to make it work…."said Liam "We we could try being friends,"

"We could…" said Shyla "but we'd be kidding ourselves…"

"Yeah," said Liam gloomily.

"Well you …you ah could stay at the safe house and I could set you up with some money and maybe ever day I could find a way to stop by…"

"No…" said Shyla…..that…that is like what Rotham wanted me to do. I won't be your mistress. I won't be your whore and I won't make you the kind of man that cheats on your wife…"

"Then I'll leave her…"said Liam. It just came out of his mouth.

"You can't leave her," said Shyla standing up "You have two daughters,"

"They're young," said Liam, "It would be better if I did this now then later…I mean if it's going to happen,"

"But what about Becka you said you love her."

"I do…" said Liam "I do… It's not the same way I love you though. I …I know I can't have you both but I love her in one way and you in another. Becka is the mother of my children I think that is when I fell in love with her that before I liked her but after Halle was born I loved her. With you I've always loved you…and I know I always will love you now Shyla. You were the love of my life. You are the person I wanted to spend forever with…"

Tears welled up in Shyla's eyes, "Great so you love me more then anything and are willing to give up everything for me…"

"Didn't you," said Liam brushing his fingers on Shyla's cheek. "Didn't you give up everything to save me,"

"That's different he was forcing me… I don't want to force you…I don't want your daughters to grow up with split families….Don't you see Liam…The best thing for everyone and everything is if I just cut all ties after this. Maybe someday our cards will fall together again and we'll work out. After the girls are grown and maybe after Becka has died of old age after living a happy life with you. Maybe then we can meet in a nursing home and live out what time we have left together."

"Shyla," said Liam looking at intently at her.

"What," said Shyla as tears fell down her cheek.

"I love you," said Liam

"I love you too," said Shyla "but I don't know what were going to do"

Shyla fell into Liam's open arms then burying her head into his chest. Liam held Shyla tighter and closer then he had every held anyone. He gently kissed the top of her head and ran his hands through her hair saying, "All we can do is wait and I guess figure things out as they happen…"

Shyla pulled back from Liam looking up at Liam. The two looked into each others eyes and without saying anything leaned in kissing each other. It again sparked a flame between the two except this time there was no stopping it…

Liam kissed Shyla deeply and passionately thinking how many times had he longed to…how many times had he tried to banish her from his mind in the years they were apart…All the nights he had swore and cursed her name for using him only to have her pop into his head while he made love to his wife.

Liam lifted Shyla and she looked into his eyes as he carried her over to the latter to the loft. Once they were there he set her down and helped her climb up slowly. The bed was old and dusty even with the new blankets but it didn't stop them. It didn't hold them back for embracing each other and sharing the love they had for one another.

Liam slowly unzipped Shyla's coat and she unzipped his both never taking their eyes off each other. Shyla lightly kissed Liam's lips and dragged her fingers through his hair as he unbuttoned his pants. Shyla move her hands from him only to undress. She removed her pants and then her shirt before reaching for Liam's shirt as he kicked off his shoes and slid off his pants. Together they pulled off each others clothe in the flicker of lantern and fire lights. Their shadows dancing across the walls as Liam kissed Shyla's neck not looking at the scars or the teeth marks his brother had made.

Shyla threw her head back knowing this was wrong so wrong but it felt so right as Liam kissed her breast sucking each one of them gently. Shyla wanted to cry it was so amazing. She didn't think she could ever feel this way after Rotham had forced himself inside her so many times. Shyla tried to push Rotham from her mind and looked to Liam.

Liam looked at her like she was he only woman ever in the world and in turn she looked at him as if there was no other. So long it had been since Liam and Shyla had shared such a physical love. Liam was gentle when he placed himself at her entrance slowly sliding into her.

The first thrust felt like fire….when they had first entered the cabin Shyla had been so cold but now she felt warm all over. With each thrust with each kiss Shyla moaned out moving her head around. She dragged her nails on Liam's shoulders as he made love to her. She could here his groans in her ear as he moved close to her and she wrapped her legs around him.

Liam looked at her kissing her….and caressing her as he said… "I love you…I love you Shyla…"

Shyla flipped Liam so she was on top and she sunk quickly back down on him looking deep into his eyes. She said, "I love you too,"

Shyla ran her fingers over his lips and bucked her hips before letting her head fall back. Her hair fell all around her as her breast thrust forward in ecstasy. She felt alive she felt as if he heart beat as it had never beat before… She grinded her hips over Liam and he ran his hands over her breast landing on her hips as he grasped her tight cumming inside her. Shyla cried out feeling him slowly fill her. She rocked slower and gentler coming down to rest on Liam's chest…She wanted to fall asleep like this…

However they both knew why they were there. They were silent together panting from the exertion of their sex for a few minute but Liam slowly moved to the side sitting up he reached for his pants putting them on. Shyla slowly sat up a chill filled her as her sweat became cold. There was a large window in the loft and she could see the front on it as they had fogged up the glass.

Shyla slowly put on her shirt and Liam heard his cell phone ring beep. Someone had left him a message. Shyla looked at Liam as he dug his cell phone out of his pocket turning it on. She wondered if it would be his wife, she looked for her pants but realized they'd fallen to the ground.

Liam opened his phone as he slid his shirt on over him wondering if it was Becka…Shyla pointed to her pants down below and he nodded beginning to climb down the latter. He pushed to pay his message getting down the latter. He bent down to pick up Shyla's pants and froze seeing the message was a video sent.

Liam recognized his living room. He saw Becka on her knees. Her face was red with tears. Her body shook as she looked scared there were several cuts over her body….her hands tied behind her back…Liam's eyes went wide as he saw someone with a gun set into the video. The camera was angled so he couldn't see who was holding the gun. He could only see a gloved hand pointed the gun at his wife. Liam's eyes went wide as he began to breath fast.

Shyla looked down at Shyla she could hear the audio from his cell phone it was someone crying. Concerned Shyla asked "Liam…what is that?"

Liam didn't hear a word Shyla said his eyes glued to the scream. His wife shook violently as the gun raised and she screamed. "Liam! Don't…don't do this…."

Liam's mouth dropped he didn't understand what was this was. Was it a ransom video? Did Rotham want to trade Shyla for…Before Liam could finish his thoughts his phone's speakers let out too popping sounds. Before his eyes Liam watched as Becka was shot two times once in the chest and then in the head before she slumped down… the video went blank then…

Liam dropped his phone….his eyes wide with shock at what he had just seen he fell to his knees. Shyla heard what sounded like screaming someone calling Liam's name before she heard popping and Liam fell to his knees. "Liam…Liam what is it," shouted Shyla she we went to the latter to try and climb down but before she could the front door burst open…

Shyla looked to see Rotham standing in the doorway. He was dressed in a black turtle neck sweater and thick pants with black boots he wore a long black coat. His glasses fogged up slight as he stepped into the house pointing the gun at Liam as he was on his knees on the ground. He didn't even look up at Rotham as Shyla screamed backing away from the latter.

Rotham quickly took in the situation around him…He had chosen his moment to burst into the room not quiet perfectly. After Rotham had, had Brittan shoot Becka…on video the plan was to send it to him and when he was watching it come in and kill him… He could see now the video should have been sent earlier….Shyla's pants were on the floor and she screamed seeing him up in the loft…. They had obviously just finished having sex as Rotham could smell it in the air. He scrunched his nose up in disgust.

Rotham saw the gun on the table and quickly stepped forward taking advantage that his brother was still in shock. He took the gun from the table opening it and letting the bullets fall onto the floor before he pocketed the gun… "Going to kill me with this….not very bright to leave it laying out….then again it wasn't very bright to leave your wife laying out either was it…"

"What…" said Shyla confused at what Rotham was talking about, "What is he talking about,"

Rotham looked at Shyla only for a second to scowl.. "If you can't keep your legs shut at least keep your mouth shut….I'll be up there in a few minute to deal with you but for now….this doesn't concern you…."

Liam was still kneeled on the floor as he clenched his fist his mind finally coming back to him. The shock…was still there are the images played over and over again but Liam could look at Rotham his eyes were unfocused as his voice trembled…He grabbed his cell phone…"What is….this…..WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ROTHAM,"

Rotham had the gun pointed on Liam he smiled…happy with his reaction he could see the pain and disbelief in his eyes… "That…that was you killing your wife a few hours ago…right before you drove up here to end your own life"

"What." said Shyla moving toward the latter….

"Oh what you didn't get to see the video," said Rotham, "What was it…No Liam …don'…one to the chest one to the head,"

"YOU BASTARD," said Liam realizing it was really true. The video was real Becka was dead.

"What…I did her a favor…."said Rotham, "Obviously you didn't love her…Why it would have broken her heart if it still beat to know you lied to her FUCKING another woman,"

Liam shook…."You….you killed her…"

"No…You killed her the minute you took what was mine…and as far as the courts will see you killed her with your gun…or should I say this gun…" said Rotham waving around the gun, "It is after all yours taken from your safe… you really need to get more creative with your combination…Halle's birthday….honestly….Brittan got it open in less then three minutes…"

Liam stood up and Rotham cocked the gun, "Ah ah ah…little brother….I wouldn't try anything rash…there are still your girls to think about…. If you're a good boy and take a bullet in the mouth I'll let them grow up…and you can see your wife again so you can explain what a piece of shit you were to her. Then again what was she really excepting I mean you have to be the worlds biggest idiot… Everything with Shyla and me…Do you know how many times I fucked her while you just sitting in the car….or right next door…and you didn't even see…When I lied right to your face you just ate it up even called the cops when I set everything up…..Brittan and Petra loved that ….

"You bastard…" said Liam taking a step forward…

"Ah ah….I wouldn't….remember if you want you're little brats to live it has to look like you took your life…hmmm….then again I could go to town and they could just never find the body…"

"No!" screamed Shyla…

"Shh…" said Rotham putting his finger to his lips as he looked up at Shyla madly. "You really do have to wait your turn my dear…so SHUT THE FUCK UP…"

Shyla quivered but she tried to be brave moving to climb down… Liam shook with everything that was going on. He was sick with all the lies Rotham had told, all the lives he hurt and was going to destroy. He wouldn't let him get away with killing Becka; he wouldn't let him kill his children.

Liam's raged built up inside him everything that Rotham had done everything that could do. Liam didn't doubt for a second he was lying about his daughters for all Liam knew they were already dead.. He didn't care what happened to him anymore as long as Rotham was stop… Liam he ran at his brother full steam. He wasn't going to let Rotham hurt anyone every again.

Rotham was caught of guard he had been watching Shyla as she tried to climb down the ladder with nothing but a shirt on. He swallowed hard seeing her naked ass in the firelight even in all his rage and planning he wanted her…

Rotham wanted to rip her down from the ladder and have her right then and there until she couldn't walk anymore and then he would have her again. His eyes filled with desperation as his member pulsed. He didn't get how one woman could have such control over him even in a moment such as this when he needed to focus now more then ever in his entire life. Rotham heard Liam's shout as his brother ran the few steps that separated them.

Rotham pulled the trigger on his gun shooting at Liam as he came. It happened so fast. Liam got shot in the shoulder as he tackled Rotham. The two men struggled with the gun it went off shooting Rotham in the leg before they again struggled once more. The gun went off hitting the wall off the cabin and then the ceiling as they turned and struggled before it went off and Shyla fell from the latter to the floor…

The gun was empty as both brothers struggled and stopped when they saw Shyla hit the ground… They both shouted her name but she didn't answer… Liam couldn't lose her not after he lost his wife. Rotham didn't even hesitate to think he kicked Liam away from him even with his leg gushing blood he went to Shyla grabbing her up in her arms. She looked out of it her eyes rolled back and when he pulled his hand from her head there was blood…

Rotham's hand trembled as he saw his beloved ….his most precious objects blood on his hands. Liam rushed over and Rotham glared at him enraged, "Damn you Liam, just like when he were kids you always broke all my favorite toys,"

"Shyla's not a toy!" Yelled Liam clutching his shoulder, "She's not some object to be owned she's a human being. Now take your fucking hands off her!

Rotham let Shyla fall to the floor of the cabin as he lunged at Liam. The two struggled on the floor both were hurt blood coming from their gun shot wounds. At one point Liam got on top of Rotham and punched him over and over again beating the living snot out of him. Liam didn't care if he had to kill his brother with his own bare hands.

Rotham struggled gasping for air as blood filled up in his mouth and nose from Liam's attacks. Liam had always been physically stronger than Rotham however Liam was weakened by a gun shot to the shoulder… Rotham reached for the iron poker that was used to stir the fire. He swung it as hard as he could at Liam injuring him. It gave Rotham just enough leverage to flip them so that Rotham was on top and Liam was on bottom.

Rotham pressed the iron rod to Liam's throat trying to choke him to death. Liam held the iron rod back but he could not stop it forever as all off Rotham's strength was weighing down on the rod. It shook in the brothers hands getting closer and closer to killing Liam. Rotham laughed madly knowing he was going to win in the end even if he died out here.

In his madness and passion to kill his brother he only saw the shadow for a second as it moved on the floor to warn him that someone had stepped up behind him. Rotham looked at the shadow and though for a second who else was in the room surely…without another thought something hard and sharp hit the back of Rotham's head hard. It felt cold as Rotham stopped pressing on the car and stumbled forward…Blood trickled down his neck as he stumbled forward and Liam rolled out from underneath him…

Rotham turned his mouth open and his eyes full of shock as he looked to see her. More stunning then ever the light of the cabin made her glow as her body shook and her eyes looked at him with such hatred…Hatred he found beautiful as all her emotions were beautiful he smiled for a second before falling to the ground….

Shyla…breathed hard as she shook falling to the ground her head bleeding from the bullet that had grazed her making her slip from the latter and fall to the floor. She had been shaken for a bit as Rotham had lifted her in her arms. When he set her down she heard the two brothers fighting and when Rotham grabbed the hot poker getting on top of Liam she knew she had to do something.

Shyla got to her feet and saw it there beside the fire the ax that Liam had used to cut the wood. Without hesitation she picked it up. Shyla knew she didn't have much time. She also knew she would only get one chance to do this. She lifted the axe up over Rotham's head as he had his back to her.

The fire light showed Shyla's shadow as she raised the axe up high before bringing it down hard on the back of Rotham's head. He stumbled off Liam who was able to roll out. Shyla glared at Rotham her eyes burning with all the hate she had for him and all the pain he'd caused her over the years. Her head pounded with her heart…thinking "DIE….DIE….DIE…."and Rotham just smiled at her like he was happy or something. Shyla fell to the ground crying and screaming

Liam sat up from the ground clutched his shoulder. He looked to his brother dead on the floor…Shyla had killed him with an axe to the head. Liam had seen it coming but Rotham had been so focused on killing Liam that he didn't notice Shyla was behind him until it was too late.

Liam looked away from his brother and then to Shyla. When he had seen her standing over his brother with and axe he had barely believed his eyes. When Liam had thought Shyla was dead his heart had nearly stopped. He went to her now as she cried on the floor, "Shyla, you're alive…"

"I…I…think it grazed me and I slipped," said Shyla trying to pull herself together. She knew there were thing to be done. She looked at Liam's shoulder and stood up without saying another word she ran to the first aid kits they bought just in case something had gone wrong.

She grabbed one rushing to Liam knowing she didn't have time to freak out she didn't have time to fall apart. Not when they needed to clean up and get out of here…She kept thinking they needed to stick to the plan…

Shyla bandaged Liam up cleaning his wound as best she could until they could get to the hospital. There was an exit wound and she didn't know if that was good or bad…Liam looked like he was in shock he picked up his phone and placed the video when Shyla saw him doing that she took it away, "We'll deal with that later…we just need to stick to the plan,"

Liam shook his head…."No….Shyla…its….the plan…there is no plan anymore…Becka's dead…and if I know Rotham he framed me for it…

"No Liam you can't think like that we'll tell the police…."

"My girls…" said Liam, "All I care about now is making sure they're safe…I don't care if I got to jail or whatever I need to go to them,"

"Liam," said Shyla grabbing the sides of Liam's head she made him look at her, "I promise…we will get your girls back but right now….we need to clean up and get the fuck out of here. You need to go to the hospital,"

Liam looked at her and then to his brother he got to his feet he went into the kitchen trying to think they had planned to take Rotham's body chop it up burn it and bury it…Liam looked at the envelope sitting on the table and had an idea.. "Shyla…go outside"

"What…" said Shyla…

"Get your clothes on and get out side," said Liam making sure he had the keys to the car.

Shyla wasn't sure what Liam was planning to do but she didn't argue with him. She grabbed her jeans putting them on before running outside it was nearly morning. Liam grabbed the package he threw it into the fireplace. Then he grabbed the extra gas they had to burn the body and started pouring it around the cabin… He grabbed the first aid kit holding it under his arm.

Outside Shyla waited for Liam she could see her breath on the night air as she felt her skin chill once more. What she had done still played across her mind raising the axe…the look on Rotham's face. She tried not to think of it just now… She waited watching for Liam wondering what they were going to do once they got out of here…

She was so focused on what was happening inside the cabin that she didn't hear someone come up behind her until it was too late. Someone hit Shyla over the head hard and she fell down passing out… As she fell to the ground Petra stood over her with a gun…


She was dressed in a fur coat and warm hat. Hours ago when Rotham had left the apartment she had followed him. Petra knew that Brittan was on a job and that Rotham wanted to take care of his brother on his own but she couldn't help but worry something might go wrong.

Call it instinct or the fact that Rotham hadn't quiet been himself lately she thought she'd better be safe then sorry. When they got off the main road and onto the dirt path of the woods Petra nearly got lost turning off her lights but somehow she managed to find her way. Up to the cabin. She parked and waited as Rotham went in.
She had expected to hear gun fire although she didn't expect that much she could imagine Rotham being so upset at seeing Shyla and Liam together that he might have emptied the entire gun out on him…or maybe Petra would be lucky and Rotham killed them both.

She popped a few of her favorite pills and sat back waiting for him to come out. Once he drove off she'd go home take a hot bath and tell him if he asked that she was out doing some late night decorating… However when Shyla came out by herself Petra knew something was wrong.

Shyla looked barely dressed rushing to stand outside. She looked upset staring back at the cabin in the moonlight Petra could see her. But she couldn't see Rotham. Petra doubted Rotham would have just let Shyla wander out on her own after getting her back. Petra grabbed her purse and from it her own personal hand gun. She got out quietly then and slowly made her way up behind Shyla.

As much as she wanted to shoot her Petra knew if she did Rotham would shoot her. So instead she settled with knocking her over the head with her gun. Of course once Shyla was on the ground Petra couldn't resist a few good kicks.

Slightly satisfied Petra moved slowly into the cabin the door slightly ajar she could see a fire flickering in the distance as she slowly pushed on the door. Her gun ready to go at the slightest sign of danger..

However what she saw when she got inside the cabin took her by surprise. Liam looked injured. He had something under his arm and what looked like a gas can in the other. He was slowly pouring it over the cabin. Working his way over to someone laying on the floor.

Petra had her gun trained on Liam but her eyes were on the floor…She quickly realized it was her Rotham… An axe sticking out of his head she put her hand to her mouth and was unable to keep quiet she let out a sob….It alarmed Liam and he froze looking to see Petra..

She looked at Liam tears feeling her eyes rage building up inside her…"WHAT DID YOU DO…..WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!"

Liam was sure she was going to shoot him…But Petra quickly rushed to her husband without thinking… She went to him still holding her gun she tried to touch him to see where the axe had entered like maybe he was okay…Maybe it hadn't entered deep enough…if she called someone if she got Brittan he could fly out with the helicopter…the best surgeons they could put him back together…because because he couldn't be dead…Rotham couldn't die…not her beloved…not her soul mate…her one true friend….she shook…..refusing to except what she saw her hand rushing to her cell phone to dial Brittan…

When he picked up her words…."BRITTAN…Rotham…he's hurt so…so…so bad.."

"What…" said Brittan…

"There's…an axe.. His…head….I…think…I think…he's dead…"

"WHERE ARE YOU!" demanded Brittan, "Where are you!"

Jade looked all around her brain racing and falling with all the thoughts that filled it. All the memories all the love she had for Rotham when she knew he couldn't be alive nothing could save him she wanted to die…Jade had the gun in her hand but didn't turn it on herself…no she would kill Liam…and that bitch Shyla before she killed herself and only after…after the doctors did everything….they could…The cabin…Liam's cabin in…"

Petra froze…she realized Liam wasn't in front of her anymore…She turned trying to find him and saw him right beside her the gun pointed to her head…


Liam stood tall the fire light beating against his face…When he had first seen Petra come into the room with the gun he was sure he was done for he nearly saw his life flash before his eyes.. However in all her greif and shock to see Rotham dead on the floor she had let her guard down.

Liam managed to dropped the can slowly when she was fishing for her phone. When she dialed he grabbed Rotham's gun that had been thrown in the fight… He moved slowly so very slowly as she whimpered on the phone. Rotham had taken Liam's gun and emptied the bullets onto the floor. One of them was a few steps away. Liam took it and slowly loaded it into the chamber of Rotham's gun.

He was sure with all the sounds and clicks she'd hear him but she didn't. He stepped up to her getting as close as he could knowing he'd get one shot and one shot only. Petra realized he was gone and she turned the gun pointed at her head. Before she could do a damn thing Liam pulled the trigger. The bullet left the chamber and the sound shook within the room as Petra fell over onto the floor…

Liam didn't check to see if she was dead or alive as the phone blared with Brittan screaming for Petra. Liam picked up his first aide kit and then the gas can. He threw some gas on Petra. Then he went to his brother Rotham. Even with the adrenaline going through him it was still hard for Rotham to throw the gas onto his own brother.

He took a second to look at him laying there on the floor he hadn't moved since he slumped down from Shyla's attack. Liam looked at his brother and for a second and though he saw Rotham blink. However when stared looked at him for several seconds he didn't see him move…

Liam threw gasoline on him and then made a trail outside the house. When he got outside he threw the can on the floor rushing to Shyla. She was laying passed out. He checked her pulse not having head a gun shot he hoped she was already. It hadn't accured to him that Petra could have killed her. Her held Shyla too him trying to wake her up. He shook her and she opened her eyes.. "What are you doing?" she moaned.

Liam kissed her deeply pulling her into him. Tears were in his eyes as he said. "Cleaning up…"

Liam helped Shyla up and then he took one of the lanterns and threw it down where the gas stopped it set fire and he yanked Shyla away as it led up to the house. Within second a fire began to rage as the gasoline ignited… Shyla looked and watched as the fire ripped through the cabin. Her head hurt like mad as she thought this really wasn't exactly what they had planned but then again the plan hadn't gone like it was suppose to in the first place.

After it was clear the fire was going to take the cabin Liam took Shyla's hand in his. Together, they walked down from the cabin where Liam had hid the car. Shyla helped Liam in and the got into the drivers side. Liam gave her the keys and she started the car pulling out onto the dirt road Shyla could see the smoke rising up over the trees.

As she turned the car and drove away from the cabin Shyla could see at last, after all the years of lies and torment, it was finally over. Rotham would no longer haunt either of them. The lies and betrayals that had shaped their lives for so long were finally gone. He could no longer hurt them, or anyone else. Just like that life had changed once more and this time Shyla knew it would be better because they would face whatever life held for them, at long last, together.


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