A little idea I want to plant in people's heads about Dead Rising. In case you missed that, this ties in with D.R. and is kind of a spoiler to the characters. But only if you put two and two together and come up with a logical answer. Definitely read Dead Rising, if you haven't already. The characters are already known. Hahaha


You disappear for long periods of time, and we panic when we can't find you. We need you, though none of us will admit it. Without you, we would be like a shark with no teeth. It just wouldn't be right. It would be retarded.

I find you on the roof, looking out over the city consumed by the dead, and I see the guilt on your face. The pain. Knowing these were all people with lives, lives that you say you ruined, lives you say you ended, and took away for absolutely no reason other than the fact that you could.

But that's a lie.

We ruined these lives, took them and crumpled them up and threw them away like a high school student would throw away last year's homework. They were inconsequential to us, we the gods among men, untouchable and unstoppable, brought this upon this city just to prove that we could. But gods don't cough blood or cry crimson diamonds, do they? We pushed our children into this hell, and for what? To make them join us so we wouldn't suffer alone? Misery does love company.

I find you on the roof, standing tall and looking out over the city, the hell we have created. They told us we would be angels, but now we lurk among the demons. Everyone down there has come to equally hate and fear us and we know that if Sherri, and Travis, and Sparky, and Yuri and Nicholai decide to march against us, the other survivors in the city will march, too, turning their hatred into flames to burn away the fear. We could just kill them all, the government would allow it. Us over them, we would be chosen.

You hear me, but you don't turn to face me. So anguished is your tone as you say my name that I feel sick, and I want to hold you and say everything will be okay, but I promised you I would never lie to you. So instead I touch your shoulder. I know what you have done from how you cradle your wrists. The usually present bandages are gone and blood drips onto the concrete below your feet. You want to die, you whisper, but not like this. You want to end it yourself.

I grab you and force the blade from your hands. There is no contest, you don't even bother to fight me. I kick the blade away and pull you against my chest and you cry. You cry those damned tears of blood and no matter what I say, you won't stop sobbing. You hate yourself just as much as he hates you, and nothing I tell you can stop the flood that has begun.

You just wanted to give him the life you never had, give him a future, and give him a world full of hope. You want to give him the universe even though he deserves so much more. You were always there, but never able to interact with him. Watching him grow up was the worst part, because you couldn't be there. You hate yourself for believing them but most of all you hate yourself for abandoning him. All these things and more, words he will never hear, fall from your trembling lips. You want to crawl to him on your knees and beg him to forgive you, and let him kill you if he so pleases.

I tell you that you can't do that if you are dead. As I carry you, quite against your will, to the infirmary, I tell you that he needs you, deserves to know you, and I tell you that you should give him every day you have left, however many that will be. I tell you how much we need you, how much we would suffer if you were gone. I tell you these things and more as I march down the halls, promising death with my eyes to anyone who slows me down because I know you are bleeding to death and slipping away with every step.

You are still crying when I set you on a gurney.

I want to kiss you and hug you and hold you and tell you everything is going to be okay.

And that is the biggest lie I could ever tell.


What do you guys think?

Any guesses on who this is about? For now I end it here, but I may continue once I get more into Dead Rising.