(Monday February 21)

My name is Amirt lujan, I'm fifteen years old, but I'll be turning sixteen this coming up wedesday. Im different than other people...I'm a hybrid. My kind isn't known that much. There hasn't been a hybrid in over two thousand years. My genes consist of vampire, werewolf, and witch. I got my vampire from my father, werewolf from my mother, and witch from my grandmother, my brother is a vampire and my sister is a werewolf.

I woke up and got dressed in a black tank top, my lucky pair of black faded skinny jeans, and a pair of black converse's. I rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and brush my wavy black tangled hair. I went back into my room to get my backpack, I glanced at my clock I had on my night stand. It said seven-fifty. I only had ten minutes to get to school, and to my locker to grab my first period books. I rushed down the stairs and found myself only inches away from the door when I heard my sister's voice stop me in my tracks.

"You want some breakfast?" My sister said catching up to me at the door. I opened the door, my body half way through.

"No thanks, Im late for school. I'll get something there." I shouted as I was closing the door. I ran mostly the whole way there. I stopped in front of the doors to the school. The school was called Lincoln high school home of the Trogans.

I got my breathing under control as I opened the wide door. I went straight for my locker, not stopping to talk to anyone. I was on a mission to crack open my lock, get my books and maybe get something to eat. I got to my locker, lock in hand. Right thirty-six..left twenty-two..right twenty-eight. I reached in and grabbed my biology binder and book.

I felt a crowd around me, their eyes watching my every move. I closed my locker and turned around. The crowd were my friends: Irene, Midnight, Harmony, Danika, and Artemis.

"Hey" I told them.

"Hey" they said.

Danika was holding a plate of eggs and bacon. "Here you go, my mom made this and I knew you were going to be late that you wouldn't had time to eat that's why I brought it". She said handing me the plate of food. I ate the food while walking side by side my group of friends to our first class which was biology. My friends and me walked into class and sitting at our seats we were signed to. Midnight and Harmony sat at a table in front of me, Irene and Artemis sat at a table in back of me , and Danika sat with me.

Mr. Harris walked in through the and announced to the class, "Theres a new transfer student here today." He looked out into the hallway and motioned for someone to come in. The new kid came in with books in hand. I was shocked to what my eyes were seeing. It was the guy that was helping out yesterday. Danika elboed me on the arm, bringing me back from all thoughts of the new really cute guy.

"His name is James." He said to the class. "Pull up a seat next to Amirt." He motioned toward me. "Raise your hand Amirt."

James pulled up a seat on my right. I could feel all my friends starring and giving me big huge grins. I was trying to concentrate on writing a poem but I couldn't. I could see from the corner of my eye that he was pulling the chair out so he could sit down. I looked up at him, I was memerized by his honey brown eyes. How it made it seem you could see into his soul just by looking in his eyes. I inhaled a weird scent I haven't smelled in my life. Humans have a sweet candy like smell, werewolves have a earthy kind of smell, vampires have a perfume smell, witches have a crimson smell, angels have a heavenly smell while this smell smelled nothing like the others. It smelled more of a combination of an angel and a werewolf but I would be able to tell if he was either or both.

He caught me starring at him and gave me a cocky grin. "Hey you live right next door right? Amirt right?"

"Yeah. So you're the guy that moved in next door?"

"Yeah, I live next door."

"You live by yourself?"

"Yeah all by myself."

"Wont you get lonely in that big house?"

"Well im not alone. I have someone to talk to next door."

Thirty minutes later the bell rang for second period. I only had five minutes to go back my locker and grab my religion books. "Hey", I heard someone call behind me as I got to my locker. I looked back at the person who called out.

"Oh hey, do you need help with something?"

"Yeah, can you show me to my next class? Im kind of lost."

"Sure, let me see your classes. You have geometry in room 200." We started to walk down the hall to his next class.