This story is set in kind of medieval times...It's not modern, anyway.

It was all his. For years he had been sharing this land with that imbecile William, but now it all belonged to him. Planning the war, losing all that money, risking his own kingdom—it didn't matter anymore, now that William's kingdom was his. The casualties were meaningless.

"Are you sure that this is a good idea?"

The king of Faven turned around to face his trembling advisor. "Why wouldn't it be?"

"I'm just saying it's difficult to imprison twenty thousand people. The cost would just be unreasonable. It's ridiculous."

"Do you suggest we kill them all off now? I need more people in my army. This battle wiped out more than half our soldiers. We. Need. More. People." He brought down his fist on the table for emphasis.

"I understand this, but we need to kill them off—they were civilians, sir. They can't help you in your army."

"They can be trained," the king hissed, leaning in scarily close to the advisors face. "Women and children can be trained. Although," he said, leaning back again, "If the men never became soldiers, they won't become soldiers now. We shall kill them off. How many of these prisoners are men?"

"I reckon about half of the total amount—ten thousand."

"You reckon. You don't do any reckoning. You are going to count each and every one of them," he said, emphasising all the syllables.

"All right—yes—but..." the advisor stumbled

"Well and good. I shall pick out the women and children who I think can be trained as soldiers. And then all the rest shall be killed." The king waved his hand and turned his back to the advisor, dismissing him. The advisor quickly hurried out.

Vixen was outside the room, listening.

It was rather dark outside, but that didn't matter. If anything, that was a blessing—she could spy on them in peace. She just needed to figure out what they were going to do with all their prisoners. She should have been one of them, but she had hidden off in the woods once the soldiers came. It had saved her. She knew the woods so well—they led to another nearby kingdom, Vywin. It was pretty much unknown, due to the fact that it was in the part of town where you weren't allowed to go. The graveyard. The king from many centuries ago had said that it was a battlefield, and that they couldn't go there because it would be disrespectful. Or something like that. People had just forgotten about it after then. In Vywin, the forest was incredibly thick, and it seemed like nobody had bothered to cut it down before. If someone attempted to, it would be quite easy, it seemed.

Vixen sighed. It was cold, and she was shivering. I have to think of some kind of plan.

She left the window after the advisor had hurried out the door. She kept low and dashed towards the forest, where she wouldn't be found. The wind whipped her face and she felt even colder. As she ran, she thought. Think back to the talk between that demon king and his advisor. Anything that can help can't just be me that hates him. Maybe I can convince his army to help kill him. Then we can join our kingdoms together. This way we won't be imprisoned. I'm sure being imprisoned was his idea and his alone...We were all friends; it was just him and William who were at each other's throats. She got to the graveyard and she had a sinking feeling in her stomach as she realised that soon, her friends might be buried there. I need more time. What can I do to get more time? How can I get them to listen to me?

She then realised what she could do. And she set off into the forest, heading for Vywin.

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