I have been locked away here for almost as long as I can remember. In this dark, shadowy prison. I have no emotions, except one. Hatred. I have no love, or sorrow, or even pain. But it wasn't always that way. Once I loved. Now I am feared.

When I was younger, I was loved. I had a name. Nobody called me freak of nature, or monstrosity, or even different. I don't even remember what they called me. But it was a real name. Not a taunt meant to hurt me.

I also remember that I had parents, and an older brother. They loved me, and never had planned for this to happen. But somehow it did. Somehow I was taken away from them. But someone took me away from them. Someone turned me from Jekyll to Hyde. After that I was just another failed experiment that was no use to anyone. Something that the world could do without. I was nothing.

It all started one day when a group of so called scientist's had asked for volunteers for some lab testing. Being scientist's themselves my parents had signed my brother and I up for it. Once I saw the so called lab and the so called scientist's I knew that nothing good would come of this. I have always been able to tell if someone's intentions were good or bad, even before the mutation. Even when I was normal.

At first the testing was just things like mind puzzles, and physical exercises. All of the children in the lab test were put in to one of three groups, below average, average, and above average. All of the below average children and most of the average children were expelled from the test. They were the lucky ones.

My brother and I were both still in the lab test. Both our minds and our bodies were very strong, or so they said.

From that point on out the tests were more painful. Blood test after blood test, Injection after injection. The pain was overwhelming and I thought it could never get worse. But I was wrong. I was never more wrong.

One day my older brother collapsed for no clear reason, and was rushed to the hospital. At the hospital the doctor said that he had been injected with too many different substances in a short time and had a dangerous reaction. He died that night.

My parents tried to protect me by never taking me back to that horrible place. But I was kidnaped and brought to a different lab, far more terrifying than the first. There were other children there. Survivors, the ones who aced all of the tests, the ones closest to immortals.

Once I heard what one of the scientist's had said, I was petrified. It was a man, probably in his late thirties or forties, and he said something like, "Children this strong are very rare. We have tested thousands, and only 38 of them have passed. Look at that girl," he pointed to me. "Her brother didn't survive the injections, but she is probably the best specimen we have."

That's all I was to them. Some lab rat that was breed to experimented on.

I was mutated till the point that I was barely human. The only thing I was happy about was that I wouldn't be the only mutant. There would be 37 more. That is until I found out that I was the only specimen left. All of the others were dead. I escaped

I escaped in to a nearby forest. Eventually someone found me. He was a warrior from a lost tribe and with my cat-like claws, my bird-like wings and my sapphire hair, I guess I looked like there goddess or something, for they worshiped me.

Some American couple, whom were studying the tribe that I was saved by, seized me from the tribes grasp and brought me back to America.

I was miserable there. "Ew, what is that thing?" People would exclaim as I passed. And since my DNA had been changed, it would be impossible to reunite me with my parents. Sometimes I wish I was there instead of where I am now.

Eventually the ones who mutated me, regained custody of me. I was theirs once again. Their precious pet had been found.

They put me in this dungeon, where they chained my wings, and filed down my claws. They constantly perform tests on me, and all they feed me is some weird, green goop.

If I ever find a way a way to escape, I will create an army of mutants and wreak havoc on the ones who have destroyed my life. They must feel my pain. My suffering.