Dear Alley,
Even though in fifth grade we were best friends, we lost touch and you probably don't remember me. So first, let me tell you who I am and what this is about. My name is Mortis Anther and I am 19 years old, just out of high school (FINALLY). In case you made a little connection there, yes, Mortis does mean 'death' in Latin. Let's just say my parents were weird. Anyways. What else can I say about myself...I guess you should know what I look like, right? I look a lot different than I used to. I dyed my ridiculously platinum blonde hair. And, get ready for this, as of now it's violet. You probably remember my freakish one-eye-one-color-other-eye-different-color thing I've got going on, if you remember anything. Still one blue and one grey. My skin is still painfully fair and, I am, well, still psychotically short compared to the other girls at my old school.

So this is about Auro. You must remember him, even if you don't remember me. He was that kid that everybody hated, even us, but I sort of...kinda...maybe a little bit...fell in love with him. Before you freak out, let me just tell you that after his awkward hardcore puberty crap that everyone goes through in middle school, he actually got kind of nice. Well, I thought he did. Anyway, I think that this is going to be a hell of a long email so just brace yourself. Oh, and I guess I should talk in present tense to make it more "realistic" or whatever.

Chapter One [I failed her again]

It all started on the Friday before school began. My alarm clock wheezed annoyingly until I finally woke up and slammed the thing to shut up. Practically falling out of bed, I grappled for my glasses. I shoved them on and walked into the bathroom. It was nice living in my own apartment, even if I was only 18 at the time. I took out my contacts and, as usual, put one in that was colored blue over my grey eye. Even if I am a freak, doesn't mean I can't hide it. With the usual crap I do to get ready in the morning, (makeup, hair, braces cleaning etc.) my phone's familiar chat tone interrupted me while I was hooking the rubber band in on the left side of my mouth. It snapped on my lip smacking the still-hurting-because-of-new-piercing lip ring I had recently gotten. I picked up my phone to see the message was from Auro.
xXBlackButlerXx: I love the way you smile at nothing and hate the times when I can't bear to think for once that you won't smile at me.
MortisKnight87: Well good morning to you too. Haha.
xXBlackButlerXx: Still on for tonight? No rain checks?
MortisKnight87: Yep. :) See you soon!
xXBlackButlerXx: See you, deathly girl. Haha.
We joked about my name a lot, in case you were wondering. I threw on my regular clothes, black jeans and any non-pastel colored t-shirt, and headed out to Jecca's. You probably don't remember Jecca because she used to be called Jessica but for some reason once she hit high school the nickname just stuck. Since I paid for my apartment on my own, I couldn't get a car so I had to walk to Jecca's. Great.

I took a drag on my cigarette and - oh my God it was great. I haven't smoked all summer. Ah, relief. I pounded on Jecca's window for her to get her ass out here. I had been sitting on her roof for like ten minutes and she still hasn't noticed. I craned my neck around to see if she was even in her room. She usually was, so I pulled the window up and climbed in to see what was up. She wasn't in her room at all and her parents weren't home so she wouldn't be anywhere else in the house...I thought she wasn't here until I heard the pitiful noise. The sobbing coming from the bathroom. I slammed the door because it was locked.
"Jecca, let me in. Come on, talk to me!" I was freaking out just a little bit because I just couldn't get through to her. I kicked the door so hard it was giving in the middle but she still wouldn't unlock it. Finally I hit the damn thing so hard it slammed open. I saw Jecca sitting in her tub with a bottle of diet pills in her hand and her dad's whisky. She was fumbling with the cap on the pills. "Damn it, Jecca!" I yelled as I grabbed the whisky from her hand.
"No! Give it up! It's my life, and I can end it if I want!" she and I fought over it for a minute until I yanked it out of her hands and ran to the sink. I threw the bottle in and it smashed on the porcelain, the alcohol circling the drain. She lobbed the pills toward me and, damn her great aim, it hit me smack in the temple. I was disoriented long enough for her to grab a razor out of the medicine cabinet. I scrambled to my feet, even though I still was dizzy. She sat down and cried and screamed preparing to make the cut. I grabbed both her wrists in my hands.
"Jecca, look at me, you're my best friend, what the hell is wrong?!" I screamed as her tears slowed.
"He...he..." she stammered. 'He' was Jaxon Whistler. The current love of her life. "...he said that I was...I was so ugly and skinny th-that...he couldn't look another minute at me!" she screamed the last sentence and fought to get the razor closer to her wrist. With the wrist she was going to cut she punched me in the shoulder and I fell to the ground as she slid the razor across her paper white skin. The dark red blood seeped out of her wrist like a dam had just exploded. Immediately I snatched the razor from her hand and threw it in the trash - at least, I was aiming for the trash, but I had more important things to worry about at the moment. I tore off a strip of my t-shirt and wrapped it around her wrist. Thank God she didn't cut too deep. I might be able to save her. As soon as I tied the fabric around her wrist and it was tight enough I called 911. "Hello, what is your emergency?" said the operator. "My friend just tried to commit suicide, she cut her wrist and I have some pressure on the wound right now, my address is 37 Oak Street, Orlando Florida." I spit it all out in one second. "Thank you for calling we have sent an ambulance and squad cars your way." I dropped the phone practically and ran back to Jecca's side. She was slipping from consciousness. I smacked her to keep her on earth. "Look at me! Damn it Jecca look me! Say something." I, however, saw something I hadn't earlier. A razor in her bath tub, a regular one that you, y'know, shave with. But it was in her hand. And there was blood on it. "Jessica!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. She spastically swirled her own blood with her fingers. It pooled and stained the bath tub. Then I saw it. In her blood she had written, I'm only human. "Mortis," she choked out "tell Jaxon to go screw himself." "I will as soon as your inside an ambulance." I muttered. She was about the same weight as I, so as it was no ease it wasn't impossible to carry her. I hauled her up in my arms and carried her princess-style down the stairs and out the front door when I heard the sirens. They sealed up the ambulance doors with her inside and drove off. Now all I could do was wait.

I sat under the cherry tree and twirled a blossom in my hand. At that point I was thinking about literally nothing. I just sat with my head on Auro's shoulder and his arm around me. I breathed in his smell; the pine wood, mint chewing gum and leather. I smiled at the way his dark brown hair fell perfectly covering his face just enough to show his chocolate eyes and perfect white skin. His soft, peachy lips shaped as in the way of perfection, smooth and begging for a kiss. And when the look of concern fell on his face, I snapped out of my daydream and found myself crying. At first, I thought, how pathetic, you're crying over just the way he looks. But when he took my face in his hands and held up my neck supporting all my weight I knew for a fact why I was crying. I had read the text on my phone while thinking of Auro and I dismissed it thoughtfully. But I let him hold me. I was at my most vulnerable now. He hugged me and kept whispering, I'm so sorry, placing light kisses on my forehead. Jecca didn't make it.

I kicked the walls and screamed out the window.
"It's all my fault! Ah! How could I let Jecca go like this!" I yelled at myself. Auro placed his hands on my shoulders and spoke in a calm, alluring voice.
"Mortis it wasn't your fault. It was Jecca's choice so you can't blame yourself." he was right. I knew it.
"But, if I called the ambulance sooner, noticed the razor in her shower, came into her room faster...I could have done something!" I slammed my knee into the drywall. "Ow..." I murmured. He scooped me up in his arms and laid me on the bed. Pause, Alley, just to clear something up, yes, at this point I AM a virgin. Just letting you know. Play. He took off my heavy raincoat and sneakers and placed them in the closet and then placed himself next to me. By now I didn't bother fighting his kindness; I, although will never admit so, actually yearned for it. I laid with my head propped on his chest and his arm around me protectively. I closed my eyes again and this time, I just let myself fall asleep. When I woke up from my nightmares Auro had left. I clutched the blankets, for they still were of him; the warmth of him laying on, the smell of him...everything I knew about Auro was something I loved. He left a message on my phone. It read, "Mortis, sorry I left before you woke up. I will be waiting by the Willow at 10:45. Love you, see you soon." I looked at the clock; crap! It was 10:15 and I hadn't even put my contacts in yet. I sped around my apartment getting ready and what not. And at 10:30 I sprinted to the park, again regretting not purchasing a car.

I ran to see him already perched twenty feet up the willow tree. I passed through the thin curtain of branches that swayed with every step I took. The thin, vine-like veins made a beautiful blanket for concealing us. If you didn't know precisely what you were looking for, Auro and I were invisible. I loved every second. I started the ascent up and saw the love in his eyes the second they met mine. I flew over to him and locked my lips to his. We kissed for a minute, but honestly Alley I don't think you care that much, or even want to hear about the details. Anyway.
"We have to talk about this, about what happened. The police are going to question you because you were the only one there."
"I sure as hell would rather talk to you than the police."
"Talk then," a hint of smug was in his voice. Finally cracked me, h'm.
"Auro, don't you understand that when I'm with you I want to ESCAPE the rest of the world?" I cocked an eyebrow at him jokingly.
"Whatever you say, Mortcicia." I rolled my eyes and hugged him. I clenched the fabric of his t-shirt in my fingers and stroked his hand in mine in an effort to keep him from ever slipping away. Pause, Alley, brief warning: the following events are rated PG-13. Play. He ran his fingers down my spine to find the hem of my sweater and I unbuttoned part of his shirt. In seconds I was in just my undershirt and he was topless, although this wasn't too unusual for a guy. We kissed and sat in that tree for a while. I threw my sweater back on and began lacing up my shoes. "You know what," I started. "We have two days. Then it's back to hell! Think about it, when-" he silenced me with another kiss. I leaned into him and didn't fight when his tongue danced across my lips. I just wanted all the pleasure I could get at the moment, no matter what form I receive it in. I sat on top of him and held tightly around him. Every part of me molded perfectly to him, as though we were two puzzle pieces made to fit with each other. He briefly brushed his tongue against mine, not moving quickly at all. The only thing we had in the world right now was time, so why rush anything? I seriously doubt that the only thing he wanted to do was get in my pants. I disconnected my mouth for a moment to one: breathe and two: say, "I love you so much...". I fell backwards and clutched my knees to my chest. My warm tears made tracks across my skin. He ran his finger under my jawline and tilted my head up to meet his gaze. "Mortis Anther, I love you more than the air I breathe. Jecca's death-"
"Passing." I interrupted. "-passing was not your fault. Just close your eyes and breathe." so I did. I closed my eyes. But the only thing I saw was that damn red pooling from her wrist. I saw what she had written while swirling her blood. And then, Alley, right then I knew that I was only human too. "Kiss me. Just kiss me." I said. He not only mended my request, but he pulled me up in his arms and embraced me. He made me feel like I was floating. And when I closed my eyes now, I saw only one thing now. I'm only human