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Chapter One: Sour to Spicy to Sweet


I left the cafe, french fries and a soda at hand, mingling into the bustling populous of Lepht. As people and androids carried on with their business around me, I huffed.

"Damn it! It's no fun to ditch alone!" All my friends were freaking whimpazoids and Wing had refused to ditch with me! I could have stayed, but there's no way I could've sat through Ulid's lecture on the pre-Neogenation era. I paused as I approached the VRcade. On the gaming screen, the current "Bush" game was playing. Watching the two combat players battle it out made my arms itch for a fight. As I turned to start walking, someone rammed into my shoulder, causing me to drop my fries.

"Watch where you're walking asshole," the guy glared at me. I saw he and his followers were wearing the Blud High uniform.

"I believe I should say that to you, jackass," I growled. He whipped around as his groupies grabbed the collar of my jacket.

"You wanna die, f*cker?"

I grinned, I found something to sate my fists.

With a final kick to the stomach, the last of the followers dropped to the ground in pain. Turning around, the leader held himself up with the wall. "W-what the hell, you green-haired freak?" he huffed.

"It's not polite to cause someone to drop their food then call them an asshole." I said, kneeing him in the stomach. I tisked, turning to limp out of the alleyway. Shit, I have to walk this off before Wing sees... I was thinking, then I heard the asshole mumble then shut his cell. As I turned around, I was ambushed. Two guys jumped behind me, binding my mouth and hands as another punched me in the stomach. The gag around my mouth turned red as I collapsed. The kid who I had beaten up was now standing above me, his face bruised, head and mouth bleeding.

"You chose the wrong opponent to fight today." He smiled, blood staining his teeth, as he clicked out a blade. He kicked and sliced me out of revenge. As they tossed me in the car, I felt my phone shift in my back pocket. I thought I heard a tone before voices drowned it out.

"Take him to the outskirts. We'll ditch him out by the bridge," the annoying heir to the Blacberd gang demanded as if he were the greater man. My thoughts grew hazier as the pain throbbed all over my body, eventually blacking out due to blood loss.



It was around four when I began to worry about Raze. He had ditched Past Studies, like he normally did, so that hadn't risen any red flags, but he wasn't where he usually was after classes ended. At first I'd assumed he'd gotten himself into a fight, another thing he did regularly, but an hour or so after that I started wondering if he had gotten himself into some kind of trouble.

Raze and I had been friends since we were little. And I mean really little. We'd both been dumped at the same orphanage all our lives so we knew each other better that anyone knew us. And I knew Raze would answer if I called him. I leaned up against the wall of a small shop and pulled out my video phone (of my own design, I refused to use anything mass produced) and scrolled through the faces on the touch screen until Raze in all his irritable glory showed up in the center. I tapped it and selected call. I waited as it rang, and rang...and then went to vid mail. I switched the phone to voice command.

"Track Raze's cell."

I strode quickly into the garage, pushing right past the guard at the door despite his angry protests. Rack was buried under the hood of a car, where he normally was, but looked up when he heard Brute yelling.

"Yo big guy! It's fine, he's a regular." Rack assured him, wiping the grease off his hands with an old cloth.

"Hey Wing, what can I do ya for?"

"I need my bike." I stated brusquely. "Now."

"Alright alright, you want your beauty back, I got it." Rack quickly tapped a command into the screen on the wall and one of the many platforms near the ceiling began to lower itself to the ground.

Rack looked up proudly as it descended, dusting off his hands in an accomplished gesture. "She really is a pretty one. The only Draco 27 Wolf I've ever seen. Sure you won't let me take her off your hands?" I shook my head as I mounted, the black and silver finish glinting in the light from the opening garage door.

"Not in a million years."

I floored it out of the garage, hitting the street at sixty and revving to eighty as I hit the fast way.

That idiot. He never did know how to pick his fights. But then again...I supposed that was just another thing I loved about him.

Really? An outskirts warehouse? Couldn't they be a little more creative than that?

The sound of shouting and banging was clearly emanating from inside, and among the sounds was the distinct defiant sound of Raze's voice, faint as it was.

However, all of it stopped when I promptly kicked down the flimsy metal door.

Raze was tied to the concrete floor, his blood staining the old concrete. Dark bruises and the occasional slash covered his body. I froze. So did everyone else.

I had never been one to get angry easily. In fact the only one who had ever seen me truly angry was the man chained to the ground in front of me. The next several minutes were a blur. I remember angry shouting, then screams, then silence. The broken bodies of Razes kidnappers littered the ground around me, alive-but only barely. Raze leaned up against the wall and looked at me in that way he did when he knew he'd screwed up and he accepted it, but he wasn't going to apologize or say thank you. He was too prideful for that.

"That didn't take you very long." he remarked. I said nothing, just untied his bindings and helped him to his feet.

I pushed Raze forcefully into the wall as soon as we were inside the confines of the apartment, kissing him hard as I pressed up against him. I was still angry from before, and my anger needed an outlet. I found sex alleviated that stress very quickly. Raze smiled playfully against my mouth, kissing me back hungrily. It had been a while since we'd done it, and it seemed like both of us had been waiting for a trigger. For some reason violence always tended to put Raze in heat. I thrust my tongue into his mouth, sliding it sensually across his as he returned the favor. I grabbed one of his knees and pulled it up my side as my lips scorched down his throat, making him gasp and laugh in almost the same instant.

"Doing it hard today are we? Good..." he murmured, kissing up my jaw before biting at my ear.
"I like it when you're rough..." I shuddered softly, taking a moment to lock the door before tearing the shirt from Raze's body, ripping a seam in my haste.

"Hey, I liked that shirt... Ah!" his complaint was cut short by a gasp as I bit down hard on one sensitive collarbone, my hands ravenously exploring his chest. I couldn't wait any longer. I quickly pushed Raze's pants down his hips and sought out his already swollen length, stroking it firmly as I kissed his breath away. He moaned into the kiss and pushed my jacket off my shoulders and shredded my shirt in a similar manner to how I had torn his apart. The flimsy fabric stood little chance against his kind of strength. The thought to prep him crossed my mind, but only briefly. Usually, when Raze wanted it rough, he wanted it rough-and he didn't care if he missed class the next day.

I was already so hard it was almost painful, but apparently I wasn't the only impatient one at the moment. By the time I had myself positioned at his entrance he was growling at me to hurry up, his fingers undoing the complex knot of my short braid with practiced skill and running through my dark hair.

"Careful what you wish for..." I murmured huskily in his ear, and the penetrated him in one swift movement.

"Ah!" he cried out, his fingers knotting in my hair and pulling my lips to his. I thrust in further, forcing my way into the hilt. By the time I was completely buried he was gasping and moaning every time I moved, his erection digging into my stomach as I thrust in and out slowly. His legs wrapped more fully around my waist at my urgings and our hips were now so flush together we were almost one.

I paused to give him a moment to catch his breath, but apparently he was having none of that this time.

"Move dammit..." he ordered, rolling his hips impatiently. I grinned, trailing kisses up his neck to his ear.

"As you wish."

I thrust hard into him, pushing him into the wall as I thrust back and forth, in search of that one place that would make him writhe in pleasure and shut that mouth of his for a while.

"Uhn...Ah! Ah!"

Found it.

I quickly pulled him from the wall and pushed him onto the bed, one hand curling behind his back to take hold of his shoulder for purchase, the other slipping between Raze's thighs to stroke his needy flesh as I slammed into his sweet spot with every thrust. He screamed aloud as I claimed him deep and hard, his body thrashing in pleasure on the mattress as I took him the way he obviously craved. It didn't take long for him to come, and I followed a few thrusts after, the constriction around me causing me to tumble after him.

As we came down from the sweet high, Raze reached up and tugged at the wrappings that hid my tattoos, a smug smile on his face.

"Done already?"

I snorted and gave the wicked half smile I knew he loved.

"You wish... I'm not letting you go until the sun comes up." My favorite playful twinkle appeared in his eyes.

"I was counting on that."



I have the tendency to take to violence a little quickly. I know that. Usually it's fine since I win, but sometimes I get a little too arrogant, like this time. At times like this Wing has to swoop in an save my ass. He hates me fighting, the chance of me getting hurt. But I can't admit that I'm in the wrong or that I'm sorry. If I apologized, Wing would keep me from fighting completely, and I just can't give it up for...reasons. I glanced at Wing as he drove us back home on the Wolf. His face was stern and angry. Feeling guilty I hid my face on his back again. I really am thankful that he saves me when I get in over my head, but I can't tell him that. "You will tend to your wounds immediately when we get back, got it Raze?"

"Fine, but..." I clung closer to him as my body got hotter and my face burned. Wing remained silent till we got home. I quietly headed for my and Kane's apartment, my head hung slightly, when suddenly Wing dragged me into his place next door, forcing his lips onto mine as soon as the door shut. I smiled, he was angry, but he was angry because he loves me. Plus I wanted him. Now. We've been busy and haven't done anything in awhile, which was part of my irritation earlier today. And the fight earlier, despite the outcome, still got me excited...in more ways than one. As he forced his tongue into my throat he lifted my leg to wrap around him. As he kissed my neck, I almost laughed in anticipation.

"Doing it hard today are we? Good..." I nipped at the sensitive part of his ear. "I like it when you're rough..." He shuddered at my bite. I love Wing when he's like this; he gets excitingly intense when he's angry. He tore off my shirt, ripping it in his urgency. "Hey I liked that shirt..." I replied playfully, gasping as he bit me in a good spot and ran his hands up my torso. He pushed my pants down, exposing my excitement, and began stroking me without even bothering to get my second leg out of the pants. His excellent kiss spread through my entire body. I couldn't get his jacket and shirt off soon enough. I needed him in me. The pain of my wounds was already drowning in the heat, but I needed more. Wing could burn the pain away all together. I needed him now.

"Hurry up," I demanded, undoing the braid holding back Wing's gorgeous locks. He looked so much sexier, wilder with it falling over his flushed face.

"Careful what you wish for..." he breathed into my ear as he entered me hard. I moaned, grasping his hair to bring his lips to mine hungrily. As he forced his entire length into me, moans continued to escape my lips into his mouth with every movement. I could feel the erotic feeling of his stomach against my erection. I wrapped my legs tighter around him to bring him closer, till we were almost melded together by the heat. As I waited to dive into the darkest depths, he paused. Irritated I shifted around to urge him as I spat out,

"Move dammit..." He kissed up my neck.

"As you wish." All at once, ecstasy flooded over me, my back hitting the wall hard. I was drowning in pleasure until I suddenly screamed out, I felt so good. The pressure on my back changed from the firmness of the wall to the softness of the bed, the change in gravity almost unnoticeable in my pleasure. Wing pulled me closer as my mind went blank with every well-placed hard thrust. My climax came over me hot and heavy, causing me to tighten around him. He followed not long after. As I slowly came down to earth, I tugged the wrappings around Wings tattoos. As they slid off, I asked teasingly

"Done already?" He grinned his devious half smile that set me aflame. As the wildness in Wing surfaced, he replied.

"You wish...I'm not letting you go until the sun comes up." My desire burned.

"I was counting on that."~


Only Raze. Only Raze could make me like this, could set a fire in me so feral that I threw all caution and rationalities to the wind. I was quickly heating back up again despite my recent release, and I flipped Raze onto his back under me and trust back into him without warning, making him gasp and moan again. I was going to smother him in a sea of pleasure so deep he wouldn't know which end was up. I kept one arm under his shoulder to insure I was able take him as hard and deep as I could, and thrust into him again, trailing my tongue down his spine and over the small healing wounds that marred his back. He cried out each time I struck all the right places inside him. He came again, but I left him no time to recover as flipped him back over, and thrust into him again. He inhaled sharply as I pounded into him again and again, rubbing his arousal skillfully between our stomachs. He came again, and I heard my name on his voice as I pushed him over the edge again. But it wasn't over yet. Far from it. Raze wrapped his arms around my neck, panting raggedly against my neck as I allowed him a moment to clear his thoughts. He laughed breathlessly, garnet eyes playful as he looked up at me seductively.

"Ahh, I need to get you angry more often.."

I grinned back wolfishly "You won't be saying that when you try to walk tomorrow morning..." I murmured, sucking and nipping lightly at the juncture between his jaw and neck that I knew was sensitive. He purred in a approval, running his fingers over the freshly exposed tattoos on my neck.

My tattoos were not normal ink tattoos, mine were genetic dye tattoos that are made by changing the chemical makeup in the pigment of skin cells in a certain area, which made them completely permanent and very sensitive. A fact that Raze was now using to his advantage. His fingertips, teeth, tongue, and lips were removing my wrappings and making my skin crawl with pleasure and arousal.

In return I began to kiss, nip, and lick my way down Raze's heaving chest until I was low enough to dip my tongue into his naval. The fingers of one hand threaded in my hair as I pushed his thighs apart, licking languidly down one side of his arousal and up the other. I spread his thighs further and pinned them to the bed as I finally took all of him in at once, deep-throating him and swallowing around his shaft. Raze cried out again, his hips spasming upwards. He released once more and swallowed, licking my lips before placing a kiss on his inner thigh as I crawled back on top of him.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and back, pulling himself up so he was flush against me. That glint in his eye was back again when he murmured in my ear.

"I want to ride you. Let me?"

I moaned and flipped us over willing to let him have it any way he wanted it as long as I could give it to him.

He lowered himself down onto me in one smooth motion, his passage now slick enough that it was an easy motion. He moaned as pushed at the way down, the head of my arousal pressing into his sweet spot. I thrust up into him and he threw his head back, a picture of ecstasy as he moaned and cried out with every thrust until we both came again.

He collapsed down beside me and I withdrew from him, kissing and licking every inch of his face I could get to while he eased down from his climax. I kissed him softly, tenderly, letting my tongue trail up from the corner of his mouth up his cheek to trail across a gash there.

"Hmmm... Wing?" Raze murmured sleepily as he began to nod off, eyes glassy with exhaustion.

"Yes?" I whispered between kisses.

"Never leave." he breathed, sleep already taking him prisoner. I smiled and curled around his slightly smaller form.

"Humph. Not even if you paid me."



I rolled over as the sun burned through my eyelids. As my eyes fluttered open, the first thing to come into focus was Wing's sleeping face, the best way to wake up after a night of hard love. As I ran my fingers through his hair, he turned his head deeper into his pillow like a contented cat. Panther more like it. I sat up, glancing past Wing's face at the hologram clock on his side table. I glanced behind me to find the sun was actually there. "Shit, its morning! We have school and...shit, Kane's gonna kill me for not telling him where I am!" I cursed tiredly. Wing moaned, wrapping one arm around my hips.

"We'll just skip school today, you can't go in your condition anyway. And if Kane was at your place last night, I can guarantee he knows exactly where you were and what you were doing," he said groggily. My cheeks burned slightly as I scratched the back of my head. I felt Wing's hand slide up the back of my neck into my sea green hair. He pulled my lips down to meet his in a sweet kiss. "Let's go back to bed," Wing smirked at me. Returning it, I slid back under the covers, wrapping my arms around his torso and cradling my head between his arm and neck, leaving a red kiss mark very visibly below his jaw.

"Now you really can't go to class today," I teased.

"Then I guess I'll have to spend the day here," he licked my lower lip before kissing me. I'd take whatever Kane dished out when I got back, this was worth it.