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Chapter Four: Kiss with a Fist


I slowly came into consciousness, the afternoon sun burning my eyes. I pushed myself up off my crumpled jacket, looking out the window of an empty classroom-turned-storeroom, my current favorite ditch spot. "Crap I slept through fifth again." I stood and walked toward the door. "Judging by the lack of activity I'd say its midway through sixth now," I mumbled leaving the room and walking down one of the walking bridges. As I stretched, I noticed Wing on the next bridge through the holographic landscape. Taking a few steps in his direction, I saw that he was talking to Kiss, a small phantom blond kid with big magenta eyes. A cute idol of the boys with a bubbly personality, he had been particularly annoying lately, finding pointless reasons to talk and cling to Wing. I ducked at the end of the bridge, hiding myself as I watched them. I couldn't hear what they were saying but judging by Kiss's face past Wing's back, I could tell what was happening. Kiss played a cute flirty facade, looking up at Wing through his translucent bangs and lashes, his cheeks a slight pink as he tried to lure Wing into a relationship. I couldn't see Wing's face but the slight frown on Kiss's face told me that Wing wasn't reacting as Kiss wanted him to. I felt a jerk in my stomach when a grin crossed Kiss's face. He closed the distance between him and Wing, stretching up to kiss him. "It's fine," I told myself, "it means nothing to Wing. He'll push Kiss away and walk away." I waited and waited, but instead of Wing pushing Kiss away, Kiss reached his hand up to touch Wing's neck, pulling him down a bit more. Kiss was totally getting into it but Wing had yet to do anything to stop him. As the seconds ticked, my jealous anger boiled hotter. Refraining myself from shouting and running to beat the ever living shit out of the boy kissing my boyfriend, I turned away, gritting my teeth as I punched the metallic wall, leaving a large dent. It released enough of my anger for me to turn the other way and dash toward my last period.

I spent my last period quietly maintaining control with difficulty, my constant tapping and nasty gnawing on my pencil. When school ended I headed downtown rather than toward my apartment. Wing would definitely find me there. I didn't want to see that bastard's face which wouldn't pull away from a kiss aside my own. I stomped down to the arcade, planning to release more of my frustrations on a video game, but my distracted mind only lead me to failure in the game. "Fuck it all!" I found myself crouched in a dark alley, breathing out a stream of smoke, contemplating the scene I had seen for the millionth time today. I don't normally smoke, Wing hates it with a fiery passion when I do, but I was so pissed I didn't care. I smashed my fist against the wall behind me, cigarette in hand, my anger melting into a feeling of hurt and betrayal. I covered my eyes with my hand. "Why the hell didn't he pull away? Why did he accept that kiss? Do I no longer satisfy you, asshole?" I felt heat in my eyes, sinking my head into my arms. "Dammit, bastard. Now I'm scared."~


Why the hell would this kid not leave me alone?

I walked through one of the holobridges connecting the buildings, attempting to ignore the over ambitious girly-boy tailing me. He was still talking about some recent breakup of some other such nonsense, and I was getting real sick of trying to play nice. So when the kid cornered me in the hall juncture, I wasn't in the best mood.

And by the time the kid kissed me, I was downright pissed.

As usual, it didn't show through, but it was a calm, rational kind of anger. So I let the kid kiss away until he was finished, looked down at him, raised an eyebrow, and walked away.

I didn't pay him anymore thought after that. Great, now I felt like I needed to go home and take a shower. Maybe even find Raze and cleanse the nasty taste in my mouth.

I turned on the cool water in the shower of my apartment, my head running in circles. Raze had run out somewhere, but it didn't look like anything serious was going down. On the other hand, he was gone, and that in itself was a problem. I really needed to get this taste out of my mouth, and there was one specific mouth that could help with that. I was still thinking about it when Raze stepped into the shower room.


I stood in front of Wing's door motionless. I could hear the faint sound of the shower from inside the apartment. My nerves began to pop. "Bastard didn't even bother to look for me." I stomped into the apartment, stripping my clothes down the hallway. I entered the bathroom and slipped up behind Wing in the warm rush of water. He glanced at me over his shoulder, looking irritated.

"Where have you been?"

"Obviously not on your mind," I growled as I slid my arms around his wet body, one to cover his mouth as the other caressed his chest. I didn't want to hear anything he had to say, excuse, downplay, or otherwise. I bit down hard where his neck met his shoulder. I left a trail of hard bites down his back. His breath grew hot and heavy against my hand. Sliding my hand down the slick hard surface of his abs I found his growing length. "Is it good enough for you?"

Keeping my hand on his mouth, I shoved his back into the wall. Pumping his length rigorously, I continued my violent marking down his front. Sliding down the wall, my free hand snaked down to his opening. I teased the ring of muscle, slowly penetrating with my finger. I felt Wing's face twist under my hand. "Damn tight. But I'll soon help that." I bent down, swallowing his length as I massaged his entrance. Wing's faint sounds passed through my fingers. I skillfully licked the tip of Wing's swollen length, moving three fingers inside him. I felt his hot wet tongue lick my fingers. I claimed his mouth hard, Wing responding ferociously in return. Time felt as if it slowed as our lips fused together and tongues explored the well-known territory of each other's mouths. After an indeterminable amount of time we just slightly parted, our breaths still brushing the other's lips. "You're looking awfully exhilarated considering I can't satisfy you anymore," I commented, my words laced with poison and hurt. With my hands on the floor to either side I pushed into him, stealing his breath before he could utter a response. As I forcefully thrust into him, his head rolled back to the wall as I hunched into him, nibbling on his collarbone. As I felt both our climaxes swell I glanced up at Wing's sexy face, the face that has brought me joy and pleasure for years. My heart squeezed as our climaxes pulsated through us. In the aftermath, I could feel my eyes stinging.

"Why? You let him touch you, let him fucking kiss you. Why am I not good enough?" I growled, tears streaming down my face.

There was a moment of silence where Wing's quick mind put the pieces together. He readjusted our positions and I let him, pulling off me in the process.

Wing gently placed a hand on my cheek, pulling my lips to meet his. He happily forced his way to my mouth, my frustration dimming with the tantalizing kiss. My arms slid around his neck into his wet onyx hair, his settling in their favorite spot on my hips. I felt us both slip into our ecstasy. We parted leaving me breathless.

"Kiss sure as hell didn't make me feel like that. Every other kiss tastes bland if its not yours. I need you to disinfect me afterward," he smiled. I turned my head.

"But that still means you'll kiss others."

"You let others leave marks on you when you fight." Wing replied bluntly, stabbing my conscious. He pressed his lips to my temple. "Only you can make me drown in the heat of desire, Raze." I paused, my face turning a bit red. "If you're gonna kiss me, kiss me right. You still have to remove Kiss's taste."

Pulling me onto his lap, he kissed me hard once again.

"Can I mark you a bit more? I want to claim you completely." I asked tugging at his hair. He smirked.

"I have to be able to go to school tomorrow."

"I can't comply with your condition," I said, leaving an obvious hickey above where his shirt could reach.

"Hey Wing, if you can kiss someone other than me," I said bending down to meet Wing's eyes, pulling him closer to me with my arm around his shoulder. "Does that mean you would have sex with someone besides me?" Wing paused the thrashing together of our hips before forcing me down deep on him. I gasped.

"Can't you feel me in you? I told you no one can heat my body like you can." My chest heating, I kissed him and hugged him to my chest, both of us resuming our violent movement, him leaning over me now on the slick floor. "On a similar topic, I'm more concerned about you."

I moaned in pleasure, leaning back on one hand.

"Why?" I asked through gasps.

"Because," he pushed me over on my back, enveloping me in his body as he thrust harder into me. "You get excited over the littlest things, I fear you might seek another if I cannot satisfy you." When I opened my hazy eyes I met Wing's intense gaze, searching for a bit of certainty as I was earlier.

"Where else could I find a guy who knows me like you do, will come find me when I fight, and give me this just the right way?" I responded, pulling his hips into me hard.

"That is true. Doing this would probably kill someone else," Wing replied repeating the motion.

"As long as I don't kill you. If I did I'm afraid things would get ugly. I wouldn't be sane without you."

"You can't even know what you do for me, Raze. You can't even fathom." Our climaxes shuddered through us brilliantly, fusing our love even further in the night.