Ah, there we go. Midnight again with our awesome new werewolf story :] This is another one between me and ObsessAndBeyond, and therefore happens to be full of lemony goodness. I currently play Lykos, and my dear insane friend here is Lucius. Enjoy.

Chapter One: The Moon Plays Favorites


I wandered the campus grounds as the sun was setting over the wall. Usually I prefer to enjoy this view from the window of my room but the air around Knox Academy was a bit different right now. Though gossip was nothing unusual, the students seemed to be more chatty than usual. As I walked along the side of the building towards the grand front gate, I noticed a small crowd of people forming. Curious, I silently approached the mob. "It sounds like Mr. Bard found something outside the wall."

"I don't know what he found. The faculty members are hiding it."

"It must be kinda big if they're making such a fuss about it." I overheard some human girls on the outskirts. "Ah! Master Varu!" One of them noticed me, blushing furiously, and moved out of my way, causing other students to realize and do the same. I slowly moved through the crowd till I broke into the inner circle, a strong aura holding everyone back. The security and disciplinary head, Miss Rina looked over her shoulder at me.

"Ah, how are you Lucius?" she smiled. Her curly red hair was tightly pinned back, some curls escaping, and her glasses covered her sharp eyes. Miss Rina spoke with strength and power gained entirely through her personality and dedication.

"What's going on, Miss Rina? I heard Bard found something outside the wall."

"That he did. Gah! How troublesome! Maybe you can help," She shoved me toward the guard and marched off to direct the students back to their dorms. Walking past the slightly ajar gate, I followed the familiar scent of Bard the gate keeper. The large man with brown hair hanging in his face was standing a fair ways back from what was causing such a big fuss. Stepping aside I approach the figure. It was a person, covered in dried blood, cuts, and dirt. I bent down over him to figure out if he was still breathing, the scent of filth, blood and something else filling my nose. How could a man survive such, wait...he is one of us.

"A wolfe! Who would have thought we'd find one of our kind nearing death on our doorstep," Dr. Eanin, the school doctor exclaimed, running his hand through his short white hair, exposing his scarred left eye. I had Bard lay him down on the bed. Dr. Eanin sat in his chair, rolling up to the injured wolfe. He pushed up his glasses and begun treating his wounds. "I'll dress his wounds. Come back in the morning." I nodded and left. As I laid down on my own bed, I was surprised to find myself still thinking about him. I closed my eyes, it must just be because he was something interesting.

Usually the infirmary was a social hub in the mornings, Dr. Eanin being such a pleasant person to chat with and be around. But this morning, the closer I got, the less students there were. When I reached the office, I found the door shut, which was extremely peculiar. As I walked in, an aura clashed with mine, equally as strong. The wounded wolfe turned on the cot, obviously having a not-so-pleasant sleep. I noticed the doctor sitting hunched at his desk, fidgeting with nervousness.

"What's wrong?" I asked at his peculiar actions.

"The one we found last night, his aura is just a bit too much for me," Dr. Eanin responded, his voice a bit uneven. I heard a grumbling behind me.

He groggily sat up and stared at me "Where am I? Who are you?" he growled.

"You are the one imposing. I believe we should ask who are you first," I said curtly. He paused, still glaring at me. "Do you know who you are?"

I could feel him thinking up a snide remark when the headmaster came in. "You are in Knox Academy and Lucius here is going to be your roommate and guide," he said all too happily. We both looked at him incredulously. "We have no extra rooms in the special dorms and you've got a suite all to yourself. Besides all the other students are instinctually terrified of his strong presence. Anyway, get along you two!" Just as he appeared he was gone in a flash.



This was all getting a bit strange for me. I knew who I was, when my birthday was, all the personal info was there, but everything else...blank. Now I was supposed to be staying with this guy, this Lucius character, who sounded like a stuck up snob. Or at least he did at first. After the odd happy-go-lucky principle had designated exactly who I'd be staying with, he seemed to get his good graces.

He sat down on the cot beside me, and the guy who looked like a doc was eyeing us cautiously.

"How do you feel?" he asked, and I shrugged, rolling my muscles to try and assess the damage.

"Not too bad physically I guess, but I still have no idea how I got here, so that could be a problem." I said coolly. It actually didn't bother me very much that I was missing something, so maybe it wasn't all that important.

"Do you at least know your name?" he asked, and I nodded.

"Ya, everything else seems to be in tact. I know who I am just not where I've been." Lucius nodded, digesting this information.

"Alright then. If you're feeling well enough to walk, I'll show you around."

"This is the moon dormitory. The wolves on campus all stay here. The sun dormitories are for human and the two are not allowed to mingle unless directed in class..." Lucius went on, But I was only barely listening at this point. We'd passed both the Dian dorms and the Nyxus dorms, and now a crowd was beginning to form a few yards away from where Lucius had stopped to explain things to me. The crowd consisted of both males and females, wolf and human alike. Some were eying me with hostility, some with wariness, and some with adoration. All of them jumped when I turned my gaze their way. My eyes narrowed, and then slid back to Lucius, who was finishing his speech.

I realized that I had not fully looked him over since I'd woken up, so I decided to give him a quick once over while he was speaking and wouldn't notice. A 'once over' was not enough. Lucius was striking. He had long hair colored a silky silver-white, tied back in a braid down past his shoulder blades. His eyes were a deep obsidian, reflective in the light spilling from the Nyxus dorm windows.

He looked back at me, having failed to notice my mental catalog of his face. No wonder there was a crowd.

"So. Would you like to see where you'll be staying or not?" He asked coolly.

I tossed my hair to one side and crossed my arms. "Che. It's about damned time."