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Chapter Three: Hate and Desire are of the Same Fire


The rude dog sauntered haughtily towards the obstacle course, a crowd forming in a wide radius around the course. One of the training teacher aides emerged with a stopwatch and stood at a distance from Lykos at the beginning of the course. The aid took the watch into his hand and yelled "Go!" as he pressed the button. I could hear a collective gasp from the crowd as Lykos literally flew through the course, taking daring moves in which, if not for his overpowering confidence, a moment's hesitation would leave him majorly injured but saved him time. I was in shock until I heard the thud of his feet across the finishing line just before the aid yelled "Time!" He turned his face towards me, a brilliantly conceited grin spreading across his face as I glared, my face redding slightly as I looked away. He hopped down from the ending pedestal and walked back to me, towering over me as I stood in his shadow, practically cornered to the building behind me.

"So did you take notes, Prince? Because that is how you correctly clear an obstacle course," he said, gesturing behind him. I turned to return his gaze, trying to hide my glare under indifference, as I slowly clapped.

"Wow," I replied with deadbeat sarcasm dripping off every word. "I am impressed." I began to walk away composed and aloof when an arm slammed in front of me. Lykos leaned in close to my ear and said in a low voice "I know you are." A flush of rage and some other emotions came over me. I sharply smacked his hand away and strided away, not before I heard the brief chuckle behind me.

"So how's that outside training going? I bet tapping at your keyboard and sipping your tea is a real sweat." Lykos tailed behind be going down the hall, insulting me left and right. "I'm amazed you can do anything at all, considering you've had others to do everything for you." Since the incident on the obstacle course two days ago, Lykos has been following me, taking every chance he can to imply that I can't train and try to get a rise out of me. At first I believe I did a decent job, keeping him at bay while telling myself that I wasn't going to give him any of what he wants, but my wits were at end and annoyed anger bubbled up inside me.

"You must not train in public since you are so infinitely weak, even the school's training regimens are too much for the tired little prince." I walked on. "Aww just admit it, the reason you won't tell me anything is because the prince is losing his throne and control and is scared to relinquish his alpha dog status." I stopped abruptly in the hallway and immediately turned around to glare at his smug grin. That was it.

"You are so interested in pathetic tests of strength to boost your insecure ego and prove yourself alpha. You've never had a competitor before and now all you can think to do is show everyone who's top dog. You can stick to your little obstacle course races and endurance challenges and have all the fun in the world by yourself. I, on the other hand, am not so weak as to need such petty methods to establish myself." Fire caught into his eyes, the fire of challenge.

"Fine," he said. "And just what methods do you use?"

"Ones that are practical. And just what could be more practical that a one-on-one fight to establish exactly who is in charge?"


Getting under the prince's skin was the most entertaining thing I'd ever done. The rest of the school may have well not existed as far as I was concerned. Not that I would ever let the snob know that. Jabbing at his pride seemed the best way to get his attention. Plus, I wanted him angry. Despite his princely attitude there was no doubting there was attraction there. He's the first person whose attention I'd actually wanted, despite how infuriating he could be. I could ignore the attraction better than he could, but that didn't mean I couldn't have a little extra fun...

"So if you're not weak, prove it." I challenged. Stopping him in the hallway. Our auras had been clashing and rising the whole way down the hall, and it was now deserted because of it.

His deep black eyes narrowed at me. "And how do you suggest I do that?" He bit off, and my reply was instant.

"Sparing match. Hand-to-hand only. 4 am at the gym when it's empty." I said simply. He gritted his teeth, but there was challenge in his eyes.


I leaned down while he was too furious to notice, and whispered in his ear again. "I look forward to it." And then I was gone.

The gym was quiet and somewhat dark, perfect for the eyes and ears of creatures of the night. I was already in the gym when Lucius entered, wearing training pants and his long sleeve white button up. Half for comfort, half for maneuverability, I was a pair of dark sweatpants and a black tank top. As he entered and settled himself a few feet away from me, I pulled my hands from where they'd been resting in my pockets and dropped into a somewhat lazy fighting stance.

"Ready when you are."

The battle started out with a roundhouse kick aimed at my face. I dodged and moved to counter but Lucius was fast and was able to dance out of my reach just in time. I attacked with a quick blow and he countered this time, but he'd miscalculated the force and the hit glanced off his cheekbone. The fight got more and more heated as we became more accustomed to one another's fighting style, I was stronger physically, and agile, but he was faster and just as agile as I was, making for a nearly even match. Sometimes we would land the occasional blow on each other, but most of the battle was countering and dodging. We were flying around the room and speeds the normal human eye couldn't comprehend, close but never too close, always at each other's throat. At one point the fight devolved into a wrestling match, rolling across the floor and trying to get inside each other's defenses. A quick blow of his caught me in the chin, sending me reeling. We rolled another time, and when we stopped, he was bent over me, pinning me down.

We took the moment to catch our breath, and Lucius smiled. Coy and mocking. "Weak, am I?"

I just smiled to his mild bewilderment. "I must say you are quite the amazing fighter. A shame though. I took all that pestering just to get one little sparring match out of you..." I leaned up to his neck, mouth poised for a bite. He hesitated, and that was when I struck. I used my strength and weight to roll us, pinning him under me. He gasped when his back hit the ground and the air escaped his lungs, making a very appealing picture. He glared at me with half anger... half something else. I couldn't have told you how long we stood there staring at each other. It could have been minutes or hours, I wasn't sure. But we suddenly seemed to realize just how close we were.

Mind blank, heart racing, I dipped my head down and kissed him. He met me halfway, turning the kiss hot and fierce. I pressed him down against the floor, devouring his mouth and sucking away his breath. His hand clutched my neck, pulling me closer, and for minutes we just devoured each other. We broke apart to breathe, and as I waited for him to regain his breath I moved to gnawing at his neck. But Lucius shook his head. I froze, but he didn't say what I expected him too.

"Not... here." He whispered.

That rule I could live with.