She stared at her reflection in the hallway mirror. She felt horrible. Spring break was over and she stole her best friend's crush. She just knew Ashley, the cheerful, adorable, and innocent friend would be crushed.

"Martha! It's time to leave!"

"Alright, mom!" she ran out the door to the car. Her dad was driving her today.

"So, Martha. You excited for school today?"

Martha laughed nervously. "Yeah, dad."

They arrived a little too quickly. She wasn't ready. Not to crush the heart of her best friend. She quickly sat down on a cafeteria seat to wait to start the day...and Ashley entered from the bus riders' entrance. Ashley spotted her and waved eagerly. "Hi, Martha!"

Martha gave a small smile and a short wave. "Hey, Ashley." Fortunately, Ashley sat down far away. That didn't stop the little girl from showing her love and trust for Martha."Martha! Martha!" she made a huge heart with her arms.

Martha laughed, but remembered how her happiness would diminish. Suddenly, her table was called. Martha got up and started walking.

"Martha! Wait for me!" Martha was swallowed into the crowd and went along with it. She needed to avoid Ashley as much as possible.

Ashley finally got to the area where she told Martha to wait...and she wasn't there. Ah, of course not. She needs to get ready for first period. Ashley skipped to band. She sat in third chair and set up her clarinet.

Periods and periods got on by slowly, and Martha was grateful for that. But she couldn't avoid Ashley forever. Ashley got to the lunch table second, which wasn't unusual. But what was unusual was Martha. She was acting careful of her every move.

"Hey Ashley, I read this online article about best friends taking crushes. Would you be mad if your best friend stole your crush?"

Ashley was aroused, but answered with a smile. "No, why should a boy ruin a friendship?"

Martha gave a little smile. "Oh, guess what?I got a new boyfriend, and he plays an instrument!"

Ashley looked at Martha with caution. I don't like where this is going..."Oooo, who is it?"


"Is it Ben?"

Damn it! On the first try! "Nope."



After several guesses, Ashley guessed Ben again, to try to receive a reaction. The lunch dismissal bell rang and they went to PE together.

They sat on the bleachers as Ashley kept guessing. And finally, she got her answer.