She was shaken awake by J.J.

"Ashley," he san. "wake up, Ashley!"

She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and looked at the time. It read 8:08 am. "Oh god, I'm going to be late! Jayyyyy!"

"Sorry. You were peaceful."

"I'm gonna miss tutorials!"

"That's why I woke you up now."

"7 minutes before tutorials start?"

Ashley hopped off the bed and grabbed a t-shirt and jeans. She ran into the restroom and brushed her teeth while changing her clothes. She shimmied into her jeans with ease and spit into the sink. She rinsed her mouth an slips into her t-shirt while running down to the kitchen and grabbing a granola bar.

"J.J.!" She screamed in between the chews of her granola bar.

"What?" J.J. answered in the doorway half-dressed.

"One, put on your shirt, and two, let's get to school."

J.J. did just that, yet they were still late. "I missed tutorials, and probably have to wait until first period starts. Thanks a lot, J.J."

He kissed her cheek. "You're welcome, lovely little love."

She pouted. "I'm gonna see if I can still get in."

She showed the counselor her pass and walked up the stairs to Ms. Maddox's room. "Ms. Maddox? Can I still come in and work?

She smiled. "Of course, love!"

Ashley smiled. She could finish her work.

She sat at a desk in the classroom and did her make up work. It was not soon after she finished her work that the bell rang.

"Thank you Ms. Maddox, that really helped me to use time efficiently."

"No prob., Ashley."

She started walking to her locker and getting things for her first period class. She went to that class and found that today was just study hall.

The kids that were already inside the classroom were talking. She sat down and saved a seat for Cassi. Ashley sighed as the volume of the classroom increased as the time went on.

She started to talk to Cassi as she walked in, even as the volume progressed.

Ashley stood up as she could stand the volume no longer. "Guys, quiet down! Do you want the teacher to give us all write-ups?!" The volume did not lower and Ashley heard a rustle in her pocket. She took out a handwritten note and started to read it aloud. "Ashley, I l-" She immediately stopped and looked at the giver of the note. Hudson. He smiled shyly and Ashley blushed. She tried to keep calm and not let her composure break down as she nagged him. "You have sloppy handwriting."

The bell rang and Ashley was the last person in class, packing up her stuff. She quickly went to her locker, and to her "good" luck, Hudson was there and when his gaze fell on her, he ran away. She shrugged it off and spun the dial to her combination. She opened it and out flew a note-much like the one Hudson gave-and it fluttered to her feet. She stuffed it into her messenger bag and took out her stuff for the next class.

The minute bell rang and she ran to her next class. She got there just before the tardy bell rang, panting in the doorway. It just turns out that Hudson was tardy. He was running and he ran into Ashley, causing them to be in a huge tangle in front of the class.

Hudson got up and struck a hand out. "I'll help you,"

Ashley bit her lip and sighed. "It's fine." She started to pick up her stuff, Hudson trying to help.

As they stood up, the last two seats in the classroom were in the back and next to each other.

"Sorry for the interruption, Mr. Drew."

He nodded, satisfied for the apology and gestured for them to go to the back of the room. They sat next to each other.

He smiled sheepishly, as Ashley looked down shyly.

He used his forefinger and thumb to push up Ashley's chin. "Put your head up, princess, your tiara is falling down."

Ashley's eyes widened and she blushed.

"And Steven will pass it out." Mr. Drew said.

"Um, Hudson, did you hear what Mr. Drew said?"

"No, I was mesmerized by your beauty."

Her eyebrows furrowed. "How many girls do you way that to?"

"Only to those that deserve it."

"And how many is that?"


"I'm listening."


Ashley smiled and thanked Steven for giving them the assignment.

Steven blushed and mumbled, "You're welcome," to her and continued passing out assignments.

"See, you're gorgeous," Hudson breathed.

Ashley's cheeks blossomed with red. She looked down at her work and started on it.

"Oh come on, Ashley. It's a partner assignment," Hudson said as he scooted his chair closer to Ashley.

"I know it is, Hudson."

"Well, let's partner," He said, trying to make Ashley smile.

She rolled her eyes at him and started to work. He tried all his pick up lines and it didn't even make her smile a bit. She finished the assignment and gave it to the teacher.

"Ashleeeyyyyy, it was partner-work," Hudson whined.

"Why didn't you help me instead of trying to charm me when I'm obviously not interested."

Hudson was baffled. "Y-you're not?" He looked like a helpless puppy. "Oh, sorry then."

She felt guilty and looked at his paper. She poked his cheek to get his attention. He smiled and blushed slightly. "Yes?"

Ashley pointed down at the paper. "Number 5 is no because protons have a positive charge, not a negative."

Hudson bit his lip as he wrote it down. "So uh-"

"Number 6 is yes because the left side is the reactant side and the right side is the product side."


"Number 7 is no because nonmetals cannot conduct electricity."

"Ashley. Listen to me."

"Number 8 is yes because-"


She looked up at him. "Do you not want the answers?"

"No, no, I want them, but-"

"OK, then. Number 8 is yes because-"

"But listen to me."

Ashley looked up, clearly frustrated. "What is it?"

"I-" The bell rang, interrupting him.

"Well, you could have finished if you hadn't kept talking." Ashley gave a small smile at Hudson. "Maybe next time."

She grabbed her bag and walked out. Hudson sighed, giving himself a small smile for getting the courage to talk to her, packed his things, and left the empty classroom.

Meanwhile, Ashley opened her locker and the note was sticking out of the bag. She opened it and read it.

Hey Ashley,

Please meet me at the bottom of the staircase.

Xx Your Secret Admirer xX

She shrugged it off and decided to go since it was lunchtime anyways.

She slung her bag over her shoulder and walked to the staircase. She sat down at the bottom step. She then took the bag off of her shoulder and set it down, then hugged her knees. Her head was placed against her thighs, and she sighed.

She was suddenly picked up off the ground. "What the-"

"You actually came!" A voice called out.

"H-Hudson?" Ashley blushed.


"W-why did y-you need me?" She stuttered, looking down.

"Because I wanted to ask you something, and it's very important."

"What is it?" The small girl asked quietly, but feeling very curious.

"Ahem," he cleared his throat.

She hit his chest, laughing. "Hudson, get on with it, you weirdo!"

He laughed, shaking his head. "Ashley, will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?"