I am a planet; a big ball of mass and materials floating around the vastness of space as I slowly, but steadily developed. Out of all the other planets in my system, only I was the fortunate one to experience the privileges of life. They called me unique, yet I felt tiny and insignificant compared to the billions of stars that shamelessly shine their illuminating light. I wondered if there were others out there like me; planets that shared similarities with me. So alike, yet very independent in in our own manners. Sol assured me that I am not the only one of my kind. Sol; my parent star, constantly radiating my horizon. I welcome the source of light with eagerness, happy to bask in the comfort it brings. In my early years, I enjoyed the stories Sol would tell me about the universe and what we imagined our roles were. What shocked me the most was that as bright and majestic as it was, Sol was not the most magnificent compared to the rest. It too was small in the vast cosmos, just like me. There were brighter and more enormous stars out there, creating their marks and paths. Later on, I soon realized that no matter where I went, danger was always lurking around the darkness of the unknown. Gamma rays, harsh solar flares and even black holes were always seeking a target to consume and destroy. As sensitive and vulnerable as I was to these ruthless hazards, Sol was powerless to protect me. I've been attacked in the past, and every encounter has left me heavily damaged and scarred for life. As dramatic as they were, I was strong enough to survive to continue my endless struggle for existence. Many millennia's later, another figure came into my life; one I would eventually come to appreciate. Luna literally popped into my life; a spunky small piece of rock with a hyperactive personality. At first, I didn't know what to make of it. The closer it was to me, the more affected I became. My emotions were all over the place, and I felt like I was losing control. Luna acted normally for itself; as if it was normal for me to react the way I did. Eventually it went further and further away, leaving me relieved and alone to gather my thoughts. Once again, the universe threw another danger at me: this time a rather huge asteroid. I could only watch as it gradually came towards me. I was certain that it would impact me, but then Luna came into the picture and took the collision for me. I was shocked and worried about Luna's wellbeing, but it just looked at me and smiled. More situations like this one occurred. Each time left me speechless, but my respect for Luna grew. We became the best of friends, as our lives orbited around each other. I never felt more completed then with Luna; my stable rock, my object of trust. Besides, without Luna, I can't imagine who would keep me in check. Sol was very happy for me, and I realized that I too am happy and more complete then I have ever been for the past 4.5 billion years.