The vision of fame was finally so clear. So near. With the castle on the horizon, he marched forth. He didn't know where to search for the treacherous person, but luck shined upon him. Tlustoprd was in the streets, torturing his fellow citizens.

"Huh? Who laughs? Huh? Tell me! Are you hungry? Are you?" he shouted as he waved a candy above a whole family that was desperately reaching out for the treat, but unable to grab it.

"I'll tell you who laughs. It's me! Me, ha ha! I am the one who shows you this time! The tables have turned! How does it feel, huh? How is it? This is how it feels!" he yelled like mad as he ate the sweet in front of them mercilessly.

"Tlustprd! Your time of tyranny is at an end! I'm aware of everything!" Bolag addressed his adversary. Without hesitation, he charged towards the plump man.

The fat individual was overtaken by terror and tried to take to his heels, but his overweight figure prevented him from escaping. He tripped over his own flab and tumbled to the ground.

"Ouch," Tlustoprd cried in pain as he attempted to recollect, but it was to no avail. The woodcutter's son had already got to him, his axe cutting through the skull deep into the brain. The evil wizard in disguise was dead immediately.

It was done. He saved the kingdom. He left the axe lodged in the head of his enemy, rejoicing that he was a hero. People instantly began reverting to their old selves and he saw it. He witnessed it with his own eyes.

He had never been so happy in his life. He had succeeded. He had become a somebody. He would be remembered forever!

There was something wrong, however. He could feel the change affecting even him. His body was suddenly twisting and becoming thin. It was unbelievable. Unthinkable. His skin withered, his muscles disappeared. He became a frail man. Basically bones. The walking zombie.

That fate met everyone. No citizen was spared. They were weak and but a simple blow of wind could knock them down. It was a nightmare from which there was no waking up. Worse still, Bolag was no longer the hero capable of saving the day. He had unwittingly helped put this hell to motion.

But how was it possible? Who in heavens was responsible for this despicable treachery? The answer was obvious. From the topmost point of the tower, an insane laughter echoed. "Ha ha! Who laughs now, stickmen?! Nobody will make fun of me again!"