Chronicles of the Regal Knights

First Tome : Legend of the Aquamirror

"In a city by the sea,

The heavens above watch over me,

As waves of blue crash the shore,

The silent deep calls me fore.

Heeding an alluring feral cry,

I launch my prayers toward the sky,

And watch the answers rain down hard,

The Almighty above is my ward.

But in the night alone and dark,

The Aquamirror makes its mark,

And forever cursed is the boy

That the devil himself seeks to destroy.

But if the powers grant my will,

Another three will fight to kill

That which blights the tragic youth

And finally reveal the truth

Hidden ages by a veil of terror:

'Tis the Legend of the Aquamirror."

Chapter 1 : Contract

"In an age of many generations past, in a land of magic and mystery now lost to us, the story of four heroic knights that have brought peace to us begins. The first chronicle is regarding Theo Morris, the Knight of Aqua and the Legend of the Aquamirror"

(Even if there will be some elements of magic/fantasy not everything will be explained on the spot since for the characters they are considered normalities, however descriptions will come when the time is deemed appropriate, by yours truly, Mr. Narrator)

Here I am again running away from what I should be doing, instead spending my time reminiscing the past. Most days I could be found lounging on a stack of hay behind the closed doors of the barn between the horses and the pigs. Great big stallions to my right and loud, obnoxious boars to my left. It may not be the most fragrant place, but at least I have peace of mind. And besides no one in the Pen - as they call it - smells any good. Like other kids from the Pen, my parents were gone.

When the Conscriptors came around, 7 years ago to the day, there was a great big sea of people in the center square, and my parents were among that human sea. I still remember the tension in the air, the uneasy murmurings of the gathered, and the imposing white figures of the Conscriptors. I was 10, only a week away from my eleventh birthday, I didn't understand what was going on. Why the elderly and the young and the cripples were cast to the side. But what I did know for sure was that the coming of the Conscriptors usually spelled something bad.

Then, suddenly, there was a great big roaring sound and a gale force wind beating us down and stirring up the dust on the ground into our eyes. When at last we could cast our eyes up, fearfully, towards the source of the deafening roar a general gasp could be heard. There it was: an ancient beast that still commanded awe and terror by pure instinct toward the onlookers. And above it, a Valkyrie. I guess blinding heavenly light turned out to be just dust after all.

'It' was dressed in a full set of rippling armor, 'its' head adorned with the feathers of many mythical beasts, showing to all the power 'it' commanded: enough to tame even a dragon. In 'its' right hand, a lance made fully of dragon tooth and in 'its' left a shield so sturdy it's said to even fend off harpy cries. And adorned across 'its' breastplate the seal of the king Atilian. This was not just any Valkyrie, but the royal Valkyrie: the assimilation of a hundred heroes from all over the Empire all in one body. Hence the 'it'. It was the goddess Athena in all its glory.

What happened next was the most amazing feat that I would ever see. Like the angels of old it raised it raised its hand towards the Heavens, parted the sky and in a flash of blinding light it was gone. Along with all the people assembled in the center square. It was the last I saw of my parents.

Right. But that's enough of the past. I mentioned that I was running from something I should be doing and as soon as I remember what that wa-

"Theo!", a booming voice shook me from my half-sleep, "get out of there right now, we still have class!"

It was my closest friend, since I have known her since the tender age of 6. I say tender because my life was better before I met her. Ok, so not really, but I like to think that way. The next thing I know, the doors to the barn are smashed open in an explosion of splinters shimmering almost gracefully in the afternoon sun. Almost. If it weren't for the irate look on Teresa. Next to her stood my other two close friends Levi and Cassian.

(The narrator will be making several appearances through-out the story to point out things that would otherwise be impossible to with the in-story characters, it's simply a matter of convenience. Btw it's the same guy that reads the poem in the beginning, since it's a legend it's bound to be told after the facts, if indeed facts they were.)

Oh, that's right I haven't introduced them yet. Theodore Morris, aka Theo, five foot eleven, sapphire hair in a messy fluff adorning his head, born March the 16th, slightly on the thin side but that just means that people won't notice how fast he runs. He isn't strong but he is fit and although he doesn't like to admit it, for a boy from the Pen, he is rather handsome and obtained the affections of many a member of the fairer sex. Slick and smooth his is the epitome of fluidity.

Next up is Teresa Smythe, aka Reese, five foot five, rather athletic, her fiery personality makes her very popular among the younger girls and admired by boys of the same age, even if they are somewhat intimidated by her brashness. She isn't beautiful or alluring but could be categorized as a striking and homely gal. She is born on the 27th of July and we will see her many a time through-out this story punching some unlucky person/object with her burning fist of justice. She is passion pure and unbound, wild flowing mid-back length of fiery mane in tow.

Standing slightly appalled at Teresa's violent behavior is five foot tall, light as air, and absolutely adorable Olivia Brams, aka Levi, loved by all, old and young, the air-headed pint-sized ball of cute is somewhat the mascot of the Pen, born May 2nd. Her emerald-colored hair that blows serenely in the wind despite of her small stature makes her have the authority of a quasi-saint within the confines of the Pen. That and the fact that her full pout is something no amount of emotional shielding could resist. With seemingly impossibly long limbs on such a miniscule body, her demeanor is the essence of grace.

And last but not least is Cassian Hildebrand, aka Cass. His amused face does not betray the fact that he is by far the most mature of the four born November the 20th, a solid six foot two frame and steel mind, he is wizened by reality, although still quick to joke and tease. His curved brown hair with eternally wild strands and surprised eyes make him look slightly clueless. Even though he is the same age as the others, due to his perpetual calm, soft manners and leaderships skills he is viewed as a pillar of strength.

(If you haven't noticed yet each character has their own element, Theo is water, Reese is fire, Levi is wind and Cass is Earth. If you're having trouble imagining them try looking up Ephraim from Fire Emblem for Theo, Naru Narusegawa for Reese, Caam, Serenity of Gusto for Levi and Suzaku Kururugi for Cass, although their personalities are from different characters and real life people. Also the birth months are for birthstones… interesting stuff! This story will mainly be in the point of view of Theo although I have plans for 3 more where we will see the world through the eyes of Reese, Levi and Cass… but all in good time. And now back to Theo)

Right now I'm thinking that I shouldn't be admiring wood splinters WHILE THE BARN DOOR IS FLYING TOWARDS MY FACE!

As soon as the door hit Theo, he flew backwards and landed on a mirror hidden beneath two stray stack of hay, breaking it into several dozen shards, all the while opening up a nasty gash across his palm and sliding on his back all the way into the horses pen, unbeknownst to all the mirror reformed right into his pocket as a rasping voice declared "I have your blood now!". It was drowned out in the sharp cry of pain coming Theo as the mirror continued his maniacal laugh until the bleeding boy fell unconscious to the pain.

It would be a restless sleep plagued by nightmares, every one of them worst then the last, while the nameless voice continued to whisper "It's too late now! You've sealed your fate by signing the contract with the Aquamirror".

(ok part 1 finally done, now I just have to explain all of the magic references and set up the kingdom, introduce the king, maybe add some romance/drama/tragedy/character background… damn… oh well, I'll listen to whatever ideas you guys have)

"" + italics or third person in normal text= narrator

1st person in normal text = Theo

() + italics = Authors note

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