Scream all you want

Nobody will hear your moans

Dream you're not here

That you're not all alone

Go on tell yourself

That you're not about to die

That you're face isn't bloody

That you still have both eyes.

Go ahead and beg me

To not disembowel

I slice you wide open

Just to listen to you howl

As you drop to the floor

Loose skin clinging to your face

I bite off a little chunk,

I just want a little taste.

Your flesh is just so chewy

You dirty little whore

I grab a claw hammer

To tenderize a little more

The echoes of bones breaking

Is driving me insane

I grab a surgical knife

And I stab into your brain

The blood from your wounds

Are flowing down like water

I take my shiny blade

And carve into your daughter

Do you remember when

You asked if I felt it kick?

I'd have to answer, NO

As my lips I would lick.

My hands I plunge into your stomach

And pull your fetus out.

Blood and guts and lots of pus

And stick them in my mouth.

I turn my rage upon you now

And with a sudden crash

I grab the hammer on the floor

And your fucking face I smash

Blood splatters the walls

My face included

I smash your spine

Into fluid…

My anger quelled for a moment

I now feel appeased

My hunger is dying

Your life signs have ceased.

The gag falls out of your mouth

You don't breath anymore

As I gnaw upon your sockets,

Your eye rolls out the door.