Don't touch me

I'll break

I am glass

So close to shattering

If you touch me

Even lightly

I'll cease to exist

Don't hold me

I'm too fragile

I can't take your love

I can't handle the hope

That you may care

Only to have it crushed

By the demons in my head

Don't come near me

Please don't come near

If you come near

I'll feel your warmth

In this icy world

And it will only act to show

How cold I am

How frozen I am

I am ice

Like glass

But your warmth will melt me

And your touch will break me

So don't come near

Don't touch me

Though I reach for you

Don't touch me

Though I beg for you

Don't hold me

Though I long for warmth

Leave me be

For if you don't

It will only make things worse

When I decide to go