Silence was to be enjoyed, in such a late night like this.

But also silence is to be broken with beautiful sounds of life.

The dark Abigeel forest, full of life, but also full of silence.

The Abigeel forest was old, it was formed long before you were born and it will stand long after your death.

The trees in the old forest were formed like the wind that was blowing from the land in South, which made the forest look magical in anyone's eyes.

If you looked close at the rots of the trees, you could see forest guardians that light up for those poor souls that got lost under the way to the other word.

They look like small dragons in different light nature colors and no teeth's.

They have some light dots on their skin that seems like stars.

It is those that light up the forest ground, in different beautiful colors that doesn't exist in the real word.

Up and above the trees you can see stars.

Millions of beautiful stars, that shines above you.

You can hear an owl call for the night to fall dark enough for him to go hunting.

He is not the only one hunting.

The forest has a legend.

A legend so old that maybe you don't even have heard it.

The legend of the great white wolf.

He is hunting in the great forest Abigeel, for lost spirits that have nowhere to go.

We don`t have real proof that he exist, we can just feel it in our core.

Some people claim that they have heard him and someone even say they have seen him.

Those who have, says he is a beautiful creature that even God is proud of.

His fur is like the finest white silk that lights him up and make him magical and his eyes higher than the blue sky above the clouds, making him close to the God.

He runs as light as a feather and fast as a lightning bolt.

On silence night like this you can hear his lullaby whispering you in the ear.

Making you dizzy with sleep and your heart stop a beat.

This is the legend of the spirit of the great white wolf.