There was a rustling in the bushes in the great dark forest.

The wind whistled under the pressure of the big beast that ran to the lungs screamed for air.

The big beast slowed down and sniffed with the long hairy snout to the ground.

It was so quiet you could hear small stones give under the paws of the animal.

The claws scraped along the ground where the pray had been not too long ago.

The predator picked up the scent of the pray, and let the instinct take over.

The animal ran smoothly between trees and shrubs.

Paws were as silent as a feather hitting the ground.

It had been strangely quiet in the deserted forest.

The ears of the predator picked up the sound of heavy breath taking from the prey not far away.

The predator slowed down and went up on a shelf slope covered by moonlight.

From here you could see the dark woods and a big bright full moon.

Below the shelf slope you could see an animal that walked on two legs.

The animal held the one arm that was bleeding terribly by a large bite, which could not be more than a few minutes old.

Two terrified eyes met carnivore, you could see that his eyes screamed for help, even if his mouth did not.

He knew he was doomed. There was no help to get before miles away.

The predator could smell the fear and taste the blood that explodes in the mouth when the fangs dig into the skin.

The elegant animal raised his head and howled.

The man below began to run as if his life were at stake, which it was.

The predator stopped howling and jumped gracefully down from the hill and started the hunt again.