Long, long time ago, before the time before time, between the universes was a forest that had been forgotten by time itself.

In this timeless forest was a little white swallow which had been pushed out of its nest when the time had stopped.

Now she sat alone on the forest floor completely helpless. She was too small to fly and too afraid to walk alone into the dark deserted forest in search of other souls.

She knew she had been left alone and began to sing sad. She looked up at the three tops and noticed a lone star in the night sky.

The star flashed so beautiful against the dark sky. Suddenly the swallow did not feel so alone anymore and began to sing to the single star.

The longer she sang the stronger the light got of the star. With the beaks high, she flapped her wings and relieved oddly enough with a little luck from the springs.

She flew high above the treetops that had been her home and turned her eyes towards the star that flashed welcome to her.

Now she was finally free and nor alone anymore.