(Were) wolf

At first I thought it was a dog track.

Then it struck me that there was no trace of man in the vicinity, and it is not common for stray dogs roaming the wilderness. A slight chills went through my body when I realized that it probably was about wolves; What I saw around me in the snow was fresh wolf tracks, or worse, werewolf track.

I tried rubbing the hands together to remove the chill that had settled in my body about past experiences, when I was face to face with a wolf or that I believe was a wolf. At the time I went home one evening later than this, I got a wound that began to bleed at the foot of an animal that walked on all fours. The only thing I saw of it was a black shadow, and two yellow eyes. Since the wound was not so serious I said it to no one. It's completely healed now and no marks are visible.

While I tried to get heat in my body, I remembered the rumor that had gone around town a while ago when I was injured. Rumors about the werewolf. As rumor has it that the werewolf a mixture of wolf and man, and there are more witnesses who described it as a great beast that walks on all fours, but that can also go on two legs like humans. It is also said that there is a werewolf who can decide when it will replace form. They say if this form changer dies, then it is transformed into the beast it has inside. This is just a legend and no one has proven that it exists.

Since rumor had been going on so long that had an old newspaper boss, got hold of a witness who survived one of the attacks and posted the story about the incident, but the story does not fit exactly to the rumor going around. The witness also described how the wolf or werewolf looked like, which also does not match the rumor. He tells it just a lone wolf, trying to survive.

The newspaper is trying to reassure readers that it is only a big wolf and nothing else and that everything is taken care of. At least it makes them want us to believe. They also described what to do if you met one. Can we believe them? Many people have been attacked late at night.

Although it says that everything is taken care of, I do not feel very safe among the fresh wolf tracks. While I was concerned to think back on the article and what was best to do if you came across a wolf in the wilderness, sudden rustling in one of the bushes near where the footprints had disappeared.

I stiffened and the cold I had been given away by rubbing my hands came back and did get ahold of me again. This time it won't disappear before I had gone through this forest, which was the only way home. It rattled again, this time it was behind me. I showed that there was something or someone coming closer. I heard the light footsteps as they dug down into the snow and walked slowly towards me. I would not turn around, but had to see what it was. I could not do it; I was too terrified to move. I began to feel panic, I had stopped breathing at one point, and longed for the cold winter air that could fill my longing lungs with air.

By panic I lifted my head to the sky and breathed deep into the winter air. It was the first time I saw that it had darkened. Straighter act I've been here quite a while in my own thoughts. I have always been the type who thinks a lot, but I never knew that I was going to get hurt for it. Here I stood, head lifted against the cloudless sky. I could see all the stars so clearly that it was scary and the big full moon that lit up the forest.

The weird noises behind me had disappeared. Maybe I had been so quiet that the wolf thought I was a tree. That's what I hoped for, not that it was true. I had not heard that it had gone, so I stood quietly for a while. Finally I got enough courage in me (no idea from where) to move the head to one side so I could see if something or someone stood behind me. I closed my eyes. And opened them slowly when I turned my head. There was something there. What were there were footsteps. I stood frozen and followed the footsteps with my eyes. They disappeared into the bush on the other side of the road where the tracks first came from. I thought that it does not come back now since it has gone back the same way it came. I sighed. I went to the footsteps and studied them carefully. To be wolf tracks saw them quite large. I crouched beside one of the tracks; I saw something sticking out of the footsteps which I thought was the trail of the forepaw of the animal. It looked like a piece of paper with something written on an old machine. They use to... before I got to see what it was, I heard something sinister.

If I have to number the most frightening events that have happened to me, when the ten most and one is not. When the number was eleven at this time. What I heard was one of the worst sounds I had heard in my whole life and perhaps the last. It made the hair on the body to rise and the blood to freeze. It was a sound that only those who have not long to live got too heard. By sheer horror and reflex I turned around, without wanting to see what made that awful sound.

There, in front of me on the road was it and howled his death cry. It stood on two legs with the arms hanging down and his face stretched to the stars and moon. Just as I stood not so long ago, lining it inside my head. The creature had a large, muscular hairy body with a curved back. I had sat down in the snow of horror and stared wide-eyed at it with fear and wonder. The howling stopped and began staring at me as if it had looked at me with equality. A friend or meal, I bet on the last. That was what was most obvious. This creature had been watching me since I set foot on the path. It's certainly what I thought. Since it took some time studying me from head to toe. Mistook me for it something else perhaps?

The creature would not budge it just stared at me with big yellow eyes that could light up the forest if it needed it. I sat motionless for several minutes and just stared at the werewolf and examined it. It looked like it did the same with me. I jumped and made a sound I never heard come from my throat when the animal put down his front paws in front of me, which I should not have done. The animal changed. It licked its lips with such a red tongue that looked like it had dipped the tongue in the blood bank on the way here. At the same time I noticed it, I saw a glimpse of a row of white fangs so white like the snow which lay on the ground. They were as sharp as the world's sharpest knife, which is quite sharp.

The creature growled, at least I think so. It was the sound from the back of the throat somewhere, sounded almost like it gargled blood. The yellow eyes shone as the lightning which it went on all fours in against me. It circled around me as if it were afraid that the meal would run from the fright. Although I had with all my power would like to run. I could not. If you ever have become so afraid that you cannot do something, you know what I mean. But most will never experience it and here I sit and thinking about unnecessary things again, while the werewolf circle began to decrease at each step it took. I held my breath again.

The last three seconds of my life, it started to rain otherwise it was a last tear fell from my cheek down on the new falling snow that I had looked forward so to. When everything was so white and magical. The werewolf stood before me and the last thing I thought when I saw it with such speed that even the naked eye could not see, was that the picture in the newspaper was not the same as the real threat that walked around in the woods under the full moon's light in the evenings, that lit up the forest's secrets.

Next day there was an apartment in the city on the other side of the wilderness that did not take in today's newspaper.

In today's paper was about the wolf that had mysteriously got killed by a bite in the neck, a large predator on the only road on the way to the next town through the wilderness. It had been found by two people from the other town on the way home later the next day. They had seen that there were more footsteps and studied carefully the wolf. It was something that did not fit with this wolf. Because wolves cannot cry or can they?

So no need to fear the wolf more and not this large predator since the footsteps of that is mysterious if, has disappeared into the man's tracks on the way over to the next town. At least the newspaper would have us believe. Several people were taken late in the full moon nights, but it was covered over by the newspaper.

Figured you the secret behind the story?

There are hints in the text.