In the darkness I stood once again, feeling alone.

I looked around, but nothing to see, not even a small piece of light.

Like being in the starless night sky, I thought.

Laughter came out from my mouth. I don't know why (must be crazy), it just did, but not a single sound come out.

I wanted to laugh….


I wanted to cry….

But what is the point if you are the last human standing even if this is just a black dream.

I have to be strong; nobody else can help me here in the darkness.

I felt something like silk going down my chin.

A single tear…. No. I reached my hand to my chin. There was no water, it was gone.

The color red caught my eye and I looked up towards the sky…. I think it was the sky, everything is the same. Don't know which way is up or down .

It's raining the color red. It's raining blood.

I caught one drop with my right hand.

The color red filled my hand, the liquid was still warm. where did it come from and why is it still warm? the thought ran in my head.

While I gazed, the drop shaped into a beautiful rose petal.

My head was filled with maze, I AM GOING CRAZY. That is not possible. Blood to change to a rose petal, but if this is a dream then everything I possible, I hope this is just a bad dream….

More of the color red caught my eye. Roses, red roses were falling down the sky.

It was a beautiful sight.

Soon the black floor was colored red by all the flowers.

The flowers stopped falling from the sky, and the beautiful event had stopped.

The sound of splashing not far away got my muscles to tense up and sweat to run down my spine.

I turned around towards the sound. Black hair hitting in my eye of the sudden turning, stupid hair, should clip it shorter.

The only thing there was roses on the floor… and then I heard it again closer this time. Too close.

I felt the water drops (sweat) go down from my neck and continued to run down my muscular spine.

Black, all I should see was black and then to yellow eyes met mine, gazing at me from the darkness hungrily.

The roses turned to red liquid near ^the thing, whatever it was^.

When it had gotten into my sight, I should see it was just a wolf. Or not just a wolf, it's bad to meet a wolf here alone

The wolf was very big and almost black in the fur.

It growled. I swallowed hard. I hope this is just a dream or I am doomed.

The wolf drooled blood. The blood dropped down from the wolf`s mouth to the floor, which was now just a sea of blood.

The wolf took a leap and ran towards me over the blood and jumped for my exposed bare neck.

I slipped on the wet floor from the fright and right before the wolf got it`s the fangs in my neck, I woke up.

tch, another dream of that damn wolf

I sat up in my now sweat filled bed and let my head in my left hand that was supported by my left knee.

My eyes were tired and red from the dream. The blue color that filled them before I got to sleep you should no longer see.

I was not in a good mood. It must be a curse, dreaming about the same bloody fucking wolf. It must mean something. This dream… I let my tense body lay down on the bed once again and closed my eyes.

Yes the wolf has a life changing meaning to me; I just have yet to find out what it is.