Walking back to the table alone, I feared for my friend`s life.

Both Anas and Conor was eating their food in joy, both with a smile on their face.

Anas a friendly smile and Conor an evil smirk.

With Anas in the dark about Conor`s thirsty side, I ate my food in silence beside him.

~Few minutes later~

The silence was killing me from the inside.

I almost felt the trigged gun at my temporal waiting for the right moment to go off, killing me in an instant.

I looked up at Conor, which was now finishing with his food.

Our eyes met, and my mind went blank.

I felt a cold gust go in my entire body, freezing the soul, when the golden eyes observed me.

It only lasted a moment, but it felt like hours in an empty place far away in another universe.

Then the golden was gone and I heard a chair creak.

Some lullaby whispered some far away, in a strange language and then the cold was gone.

I was once again alone with Anas.

Conor had gone home.


Well, Anas was doing all the talking the way home.

I tried to be nice and smile and listening, but my mind was on other things.

We said our goodbyes and walked home.

~Later at home~

The apartment felt big and empty.

Like a haunted house, where you could hear every sound that came in with the wind that pressed the windows to the point where you could hear the glass brake.

It didn't feel like home, more like a stranger's house.

Going up to my room in silence, I felt my tired eyes drift away to dream world.

Stumbling into my room, I felt the dreams take over.

I fell asleep before my head had hit the pillow.

~Some hours later~

I felt my whole body going up in a dramatic move, like when you wake up from a terrible nightmare.

My body was trembling like crazy and I felt cold sweat drops on my neck and front of my head, making my hair cling to my skin.

what did I dream? I don`t remember! , I feel so scared

Looking around in my room, I got a glimpse of the color red, feeling scared I walked slowly up.

Making my way over to the light, I got a better look at it.

It was my amulet, which I got from my parents one week before they passed away.

Taking it on around my neck I immediately felt better.

It always made me feel better; I feel that I am close to my parents somehow.

Going back to bed, I fell asleep thinking about my family smiling and nothing else.

Today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow, don`t need to think about what happens tomorrow today.