AUTHOR: Aeriel Holman

ACTIVITY: Final, In-Class Prose Poem

Words: 219

DATE: June 4, 2012 (created)

NOTES: For our final, we had to write a poem to show our understanding of poetry. I ended up doing a prose poem (a form I have fallen in love with!) and I ended up liking this so much that I rewrote my poem onto another piece of paper to take home and upload on Fictionpress. I hope you like it!


Good fiction is like good wine: It's smooth and liquid and comes in two basic colors—red and white. Red is normally likened to blood, but this wine-red is more rust-colored. This is an old red. Likewise, white is likened to snow. To tell the truth, white wine is colored more like watered down urine (sort of tastes like it too). Good poetry, though, is like good booze. It's an addiction. You don't want to stop drinking it even if it burns on the way down, especially if it burns on the way down. They say one "drinks away the sorrows"—that's physiologically inaccurate. Booze (read poetry) is a depressant. It makes you think, makes you see foggy and fuzzy until you wake up clearer than ever. You swear you'll stick to wine the next morning. You keep to it for a while, good fiction, good wine… but eventually you come back to the good booze, good poetry. But eventually you end up at a friend's house, maybe in the dark, singing a chaotic chorus about some casket funeral, and suddenly you think about that one time, in that one class, that one good poem like good booze, by Emily Dickenson. You know, that one that starts, "I could not stop for death so he kindly stopped for me"…?